Leisure time activities are very different and various. It is the free time from any necessary work, the time you spend on your humor and for your relatives and friends. You do not think about homework or housework. We call it hobbies. People like watching TV, playing many games, taking part in events and parties and, of course, they adore doing sports. Outdoor occupations are preferred by young and old. Among all well-known kind of sports as football, basketball, tennis, or golf, one remains very glorious and at the same time, it is unusual to consider it as a sport.

It is called tug-of-war, a very simple but funny competition. No one can imagine a school or camp without this contest. Moreover, the US citizens have to know โ€“ there is a whole holiday honoring the professionals and amateurs of the distraction. Do you want to discover when is National Tug-of-War Day in 2022? Let us find out some interesting facts and traditions for better understanding this feast and its role in social and sportive life.

The meaning of the day

What does National Tug-of-War Day mean for Americans? Frankly speaking, one may discuss a lot about the significance and say it is not useful to celebrate it, but the struggle is officially recognized as a sport itself all over the world. The game was a kind of physical activity to enjoy oneself during a break some time ago. Nevertheless, nowadays, there are even international exercise championships that united nations and generations. The event has its rules and obligations, people join it at national and regional levels. For short, it is worth to get acquainted when is International Tug-of-War Day in 2022 and be sure this day off will become an integral part of your weekend or a vacation.

National Tug-of-War Day

The festival has many aims to achieve. These are:

  • To promote the development of the play day
  • To increase humanโ€™s good mood (remember those sportsmen fighting in mud that is very comic and diverting)
  • To improve the health because it contributes to the muscle and cardiovascular system advancement
  • To unite families, relatives, and friends in an amusing party time
  • To make citizens go out and have fun in open air areas
  • To share the worldwide activity and to spread it more and more between the population of the Earth
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The definition of the holiday

There are many denominations of the festival as tug rope, pulling cable, or tugging cord. All you need is a long piece of cloth and two teams of participants. The rules are very simple: unite into two bands with an equal number of players (it can vary from two to twelve). Take a big rope marked in its middle and start pulling it together simultaneous to your side. It is very important to collaborate and do not miss any second. Choose a captain, a person who will control all gang. The competition is designated to teach people how to work in one team, to help, support and encourage each other. The tournament finishes when one team passes a cord under a certain ยซdeadlineยป.

The US calendar honors August, 27thย being a time of this holiday. Well, if somebody asks you when is National Tug-of-War Day in 2022 or invites you to play it, do not hesitate any second and take a dare. One could also play with pet animals, for example, with cats or dogs, or organize a children fest. One may set it too at work โ€“ the play is perfect to enjoy free time even in office!

The history of the celebration

Origins of the sportive quiz are immemorial. Its traces are found in Ancient Greece, China, and Egypt. Those nations believed in some legends and superstitions. One of them was telling about the battle between Sun and Moon, two biggest Gods contesting on who would conduct the Universe โ€“ light or darkness. They competed in tug-of-war so primarily the sport was a martial art.

In VIII century in China soldiers trained for a tournament. That is how they experienced their skills.

In Greece, men exercised this activity and they practiced their perseverance and force.

Scandinavian and German cultures knew this event as a big heroic battle. The participants were the most powerful and the strongest representatives of each tribe.

In XVII century, the recreation gained popularity in France. There the occupation was held at courts and served as an amusement for noble and rich.

Its big recognition the feast obtained in XX century. Both man and women liked the game and started to engage in competitions. The game became the part of the Olympic Games from 1900 but this time, it was not yet introduced as an official pastime. In 1958, in Britain, The Tug of War Association was created. It organizes International Championships with the support of the Scottish Federation. The last one was established in 1980 and from this year, the competition flourished all the world round. In the USA of America, the USATOWA drives the contests in all American continent.

So, in conclusion, if you do not want to miss the challenge, remember what is the date of National Tug-of-War Day in 2022 that is August, 27th. You may visit official websites and find additional information about the schedule of competitions.

National Tug-of-War Day

What are National Tug-of-War Day facts and traditions?

In the present time, the games of tug-for-war are held annually and even every month some organizations invite all to take part in it. Each country or region possesses its own sports characteristics and features. In Peru, for example, the contest is especially for children. The teenagers greatly enjoy it because there is a TV show with their participation! The specialty of the Peruvian variant is that the members are battling in the water what makes laugh all the spectators.

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This event is famous in Indonesia. Local people adore passing it in all big country festivals, school reunions andโ€ฆ at the Indonesian Independence Day.

Korean inhabitants prefer it at their agricultural anniversaries. Japanese tradition honors the day out at harvest time.

In Australia, the UK, and the USA, people enjoy the glorious version of TV series Gladiators and the Battle of Network Stars โ€“ both dedicated to this physical tournament. Moreover, in some US states, especially in California, this holiday is commemorated on July 4th but the Californians take profit of the beach party variation. They love sea, sand, sun and the contest gathers thousands of followers every year.

How can we join the celebration? It is obvious โ€“ find local tournaments and make a shot in it. Introduce the game and your championship to the friends and family โ€“ be sure that everyone will be surprised but at the same time, interested in it. Initialize the game at your place of work, notably if you work in an office and do not have enough time to practice some sports. The time spent on health improving is never wasted. Make the work and rest more colorful, gather your co-workers at the bank of the river or in the woods, make some barbecues and just keep playing weird but amusing play.

If somebody does not yet know about the holiday, assure him the full informative report what day is National Tug-of-War Day in 2022. The entertainment presents a wonderful possibility to have a spare time out of life tasks and it guarantees a warm atmosphere! Share your own experience with other.

Happy celebration!


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