Feast of Saint Martin, which is also known by several different names in numerous countries all around the globe, is an annual religious observance that commemorates the memory of Saint Martin himself as well as promotes modesty and graciousness. These valuable features are usually bound to the very picture of saint person and vastly appreciated by people of any nation and confession.

As Saint Martin was known by the image of good friend of children and protector of those who suffer from poverty, this day is mostly celebrated by young and poor demographics. In many countries, such as Germany, Ireland and Britain, this holiday is so popular that it almost catches up to Christmas. That shows in the very name Martinmas, which is one of the many various names for this observance.

Now then, it’s time to raise some vastly important questions. When is St. Martin’s Day in 2022? This observance takes place on the eleventh of November every year, so this year it will be the same date for sure. So, on November, 11th everyone will feel joyful and cozy atmosphere of clemency and altruism. On this date anyone can have a chance to make this world a little better and to help those who in need of help.

St. Martin's Day 2017

Tolerance and charity are one of the most important features of modern society. And Feast of Saint Martin promotes those values and helps people to show compassion and mercy, while also allowing them to have some fun and spend their time with enjoyment.

Celebration in Germany

Although this day is not a federal holiday in Germany, the observance is really huge and includes various social activities, such as lantern-holding parades and bonfires. Almost every single one of German citizens does attend to celebration and major part of them, especially children, participate in parade.

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Now let’s take a closer look at the parade itself. Thousands of people march through the streets, led by an actor who impersonates the great Martin of Tours himself. They hold lanterns in their hands. A lot of these candles are made by hands of those who participate in parade. For children it is kind of a challenge to make their own lanterns and show them to others, comparing and weighing them.

As this date is not an official holiday in Germany, everything works as usual. That means that libraries, bookstores, gas stations and public transport and postal systems are working by their usual schedules. That minimizes troubles for busy people. So, the question of what day St. Martin’s Day in 2022 is never associated with problems. The only possible trouble is traffic problems caused by parades, but these are not awful.

Celebration also includes eating sweets and drinking wine, so the atmosphere of this holiday is purely joyful and happy. And while adults can pour themselves a glass or couple of some fine wine sort, kids and youth eat candies, chocolate and drink a lot of soda.

Celebration in other countries

Of course, Germany is not only country that celebrates Saint Martin’s Day. So, not only German people are willing to know when St. Martin’s Day 2022 is. The list of countries that observe this date is pretty long, so we selected a few most interesting of them. There are some traditions and local customs of celebrating this holiday in Great Britain and Ireland.

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Let’s start with Great Britain. The name Martinmas originated from here. In some regions, such as Scotland, this day even considered official public holiday. Major part of celebrations focused around schools, as not only numerous activities are held in educational institutes on that date, but some of them even called after Saint Martin of Tours.

Despite the fact that there is another well-known observance that falls on the same date, traditions of celebrating Martinmas spread wide among British people, even if they do not forget about Remembrance Day, too . They prepare special food for winter, called Martlemass beef, and believe that there is time right before winter when weather is warm and cozy, just like it is actual summer. By the way, same beliefs exist in America and Russia. In United States of America this time bears the name of “Indian Summer”, while Russians call it something like “Mollycoddle’s summer”.

In Ireland people offer sacrifices on the day of Martinmas. They bleed rooster to death and sprinkle his blood all over their houses. Another interesting Irish feature of this date is forbiddance of using wheels. That forbiddance originates from tragic death of Martin, as he was thrown into windmill and died through crushing by its wheels. So, to honor the memory of this Saint, people avoid any contact with wheels for one day.

St. Martin's Day

Saint Martin of Tours

The question of what is the date of St. Martin’s Day 2022 makes sense only due to the numerous deeds of Saint Martin himself. So, for those who appreciate and honor the way of life that he chose, this whole observance is perfect opportunity to study his biography and to gather important knowledge through someone else’s experience. Let’s take a closer look on this experience ourselves.

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This story begins with the birth of Sanctus Martinus Turonesis, which came to the world on the glorious date of November, eighth in the year 316. He settled popular stopping-point for travelers and pilgrims from all over the world. This stopping-point was placed in one of the churches in France, where Martin of Tours worked as bishop.

As time went by, Martin became one of the most popular and famous saints in Christianity, which was often depicted as brave and merciful warrior. He is commonly referred as military saint, who protects and supports those who spend their life fighting for safety and freedom.

During his eventful life he travelled through numerous European countries. Martin lived and worked in France, although he was born in another country. As he was travelling almost all his life, he in a way became some kind of spiritual bridge that connects and unites different parts of Europe.

He served as a soldier in Roman cohort, but soon realized that this activity goes against his Christian beliefs, so he refused to continue it and was brutally punished.

So, when is St. Martin’s Day in 2022 according to Gregorian calendar? For the last time we will point that out. This annual observance always takes place on November, 11th.


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