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When is Saint Joseph’s Day 2018

Churches all over the world have a lot of holidays, which are celebrated by those, who strongly believe in all this.  There is a special range of holidays, which are dedicated to saint people, which lived and worked at different times. These people are pictured on the icons and people pray to them. Each of these persons depicts some part of our life. It means that depending on the problem, one has, he or she prays to a particular icon. In this article, we would like to speak about one of such paint people and a holiday, celebrated in his honor. His name is St. Joseph. We will talk further about his person and know, when is Saint Joseph’s Day in 2018.

History and life of the person

So, Saint Joseph is a well-known personage in religion, especially throughout the catholic church. From the very beginning of his life, he came from a simple family and lived a simple life. But further he is better known to people as a husband of Virgin Mary. There are actually a lot of stories, told about him, his life and especially about his private life. But it is hard to define now, which of them are true and which are not. That is why he is usually described by some common facts, which are accepted as truth by the church itself.

Saint Joseph's Day 2018

There exist a lot of paintings, which are dated, for example, by 1600s. He has pictured alone of with Jesus Christ. His life story was as follows. He hasn’t been married to Mary when she became pregnant. The first time Joseph had mixed thought and emotions at this point and could hardly believe that this woman got a baby from the Saint Spirit. But afterward he married her and now he is treated as a foster father of Christ. That is why he is often pictured with the baby in his hands.

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It is an interesting fact, concerning how has Joseph understood that Mary was still a virgin and misconduct hasn’t taken place in their lives. When he thought about it all and doubted, an angel came to him and told a story about the Saint Spirit and his future wife. After that case, Joseph had no more questions and their marriage with Mary was a virgin till the ends of their days.

The holidays of Saint Joseph is celebrated in several churches in a number of countries – Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran. Also, he was made a patron of World Church. A lot of children are named upon his name and people put deep sense into it. They believe that names, connected with Joseph (both men and women) will make the lives of their owner brighter and easier. Moreover, there are a lot of schools and organizations, which also hold the name of this person. A big number of countries know, what day Saint Joseph’s Day in 2018 is. Among them, such countries can be named, as Spain, Italy, Portugal, the USA, etc.

Traditions and beliefs, connected with the holiday

So, depending on the country and particular area, these traditions, certainly may vary. It is so because every nation has their own versions of the life of this person. Let’s name some of them, which may seem more interesting and which are more frequent to meet:

  • The first traditions may seem obvious for many people. As its a religious holiday, to this day people keep to a special fast and visit churches to pray. Afterward, it is a traditional thing to lay the table, full of tasty food. But the main rule is that the dishes must not include meet. In the evening many people spend time with their families, eating, reading prayers and talking. Special bread and cakes are baked to be laid on the table. Also, the tables are decorated with candles and live flowers, which looks really beautiful. Also, people drink wine as at usual religious holidays. It is characterized by the warm atmosphere and good mood.
  • Inside the churches, they also usually decorate the interior with all possible live flowers. It all looks gorgeous and gives the feeling of a big and truly important holiday. The small tables are also laid inside the churches, where the picture of Saint Joseph is put. People can bring there and leave some meals too.
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Saint Joseph's Day

  • There is one more good tradition. We have discussed his life and because of his private life, it became a rule that he protects families, young and elderly couples, keeps peace and well-being of marriages. Also, he is treated as a protector of younger generations, especially children, and teenagers. There are some countries, where during this day people treat all fathers because Joseph lived his life like an example of a good father of all times.
  • A special attitude to this personage is in Belgium. This country treats him as the protector and patron of their country.
  • Some countries, like the USA, for example, held special Feasts, dedicated to the commemoration of this person and whole cities take part in this event.
  • As Joseph was a carpenter during his life and taught other to do this job, he is also treated as a patron of all working people, craftsman, and people of other such like different professions.

So, many countries know well, what is the date of Saint Joseph’s Day 2018. It is a good and kinds holiday, which should be taught ad celebrated by all people of all ages and beliefs. This person is a bright example of how a person should behave, which good traits he or she should own. If every of us will be as kind and pure as possible like that person was, the world will be better. This saint person can’t protect us fully, but if we will do our best while building up our families and bringing up our children with love and care, we will not need any help from outside. Annually Saint Joseph’s Day is celebrated on March 19 in all countries and churches.

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