Earlier through the history, all countries in the world had conflicts not only inside the country but with each other. And it is understandable that many people suffered and died during those conflicts. Every country treats all those people, remember them and commemorate. That is why there are so many holidays in the world, which are dedicated to the victims of wars in different countries and victims of other armed conflicts. In this article, we would like to speak about Canada and its Remembrance day, which is dedicated to the reason, we spoke about above. We will talk about the holiday and know, when is Remembrance Day in 2022.

Remembrance Day 2017

How has the day appeared

As many of us know, one of the most horrible and wide conflicts in the world became World War I. It took many lives of millions of families in all parts of our planet. Canada suffered from it too and its effects bothered people many years after and they are felt even nowadays. Those, who lost their relatives and close people, will ever forget those times and what that event made to their families. That is why it is important for the whole country to remember that times, those people and what all that made to the history of all us.

Thought Canada didnโ€™t take part in the conflict at its own territory, this country helped other nations to survive and win the enemy on their territory. It is a huge step, which shows that we all must be together at difficult times. All countries, which took part in that war commemorate its victims and never forget about those people, who gave their lives for others and for the bright and easy future f further generations. They struggled till death, which was millions and people of different ages died and were injured, but now the generations, which live after them, have an opportunity to live in the free and happy world.

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Those countries, which also took part in that war, also have similar holidays. Usually, everywhere this is one day in a year when people remember all the victims of war, their families, go to churches and cemeteries to think about those soldiers and those horrible times. In different countries, this holiday may be called in a different way and the dates of it also may change. Particularly in Canada, as we speak about it in this article, people know, what day Remembrance Day in 2022 is. Here it is celebrated in autumn as I many other countries too.

Holiday traditions and celebrations throughout the country

It is one well-known and interesting fact, concerning this holiday. Remembrance Day is characterized by such a symbol, as a red poppy. Throughout the day people take these flowers in big numbers to cemeteries, different memorials, dedicated to the war, place them at home and even wear clothes with the pictures of poppies. Such a symbol goes from recent times and it has an interesting history.

A man, who was a doctor at the times of war, wrote a poem one day. The poem described fields, which were full of poppies in blossom. At that places, killed soldiers were buried. The main thing is that poppies grow really well in such type of soil and also it is a usual thing that places, where battles took place, are also full of these flowers. People compare the color of the flowers on the places of battle with the blood, which has been spilled there by thousands or millions of soldiers. That is why a red poppy became such an important symbol of the holiday and thousands of people remember to bring them at the day, when is Remembrance Day 2022.

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Also, there is one more symbol, which is well known for all people in many countries around the globe. This is a memorial, which got the name โ€œA Tomb of an Unknown Soldierโ€. Such a memorial is situated in all big cities, not depending on the country itself. The sense of it is that the memorial is dedicated to all the soldiers or just usual people, who died or missed during the times of war. It is hard to name all those people, that is why one common memorial is made to remember them all.

Remembrance Day

On this day people often go to churches, where special services are made. For many people it a very important thing. Churches prepare and held special signings and reading of special prayers, dedicated to the events of that time. Also after playing usually, people keep silence for two minutes. This is an important part and it usually begins at the same time โ€“ at 11 in the morning. So, people usually know what to do and what is the date of Remembrance Day 2022.

As it is usually made of such type of holidays, an official part takes place in the first part of the day in big cities. It includes singing special hymns and laying wreaths to the biggest memorials of the cities by military people. The rest of the people also have an opportunity to lay wreaths or flowers to these memorials. They bring many different things โ€“ not only flowers, as a usual, but eve photos or some things, which they associate with these people and this holiday. After the official part, big cities also held various parades, symbolizing the remembrance of the nation about that times and peopleโ€™s efforts to win their future lives.

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So, all in all, it is a very important day for us all and we mustnโ€™t forget about what happened so many years ago, as it influenced our lives in all senses. This holiday is celebrated annually on November 11th. So, if you forget the concrete date, when is Remembrance Day in 2022, calendar will help you to know this information. Such an important day and such important though horrible events canโ€™t be forgotten.


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