International Cancer Survivors Day

International Cancer Survivors Day, celebrated in different countries of the world on the first Sunday of June. This day is for those who have overcome a terrible disease, managed to overcome mortal danger and get on the road to recovery after cancer. In honor of this event, actions are held with the participation of representatives of health care organizations and volunteers.

The purpose of International Cancer Survivors Day

For the first time International Cancer Survivors Day, began to celebrate in the USA. The goal of the event was an acute global problem related to the rise and rapid spread of deadly diseases such as oncology. In this way, medical organizations and unions are trying to urge humanity to protect themselves and their relatives, because in 30-50% of cases cancer can be avoided.

  • The name “cancer” refers to more than a hundred dangerous diseases. In the last stages of oncology, few manage to overcome the disease. But it is possible to prevent an increase in the number of cases of diseases if people are informed about the effectiveness of preventive measures and timely examinations.

International Cancer Survivors Day


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