A human being is a creature that is to set relations to be happy. Itโ€™s a psychological wish to create a family and to have a child. Itโ€™s the natural need. The dearest person is that man who is your companion through the life. Itโ€™s a person that loves, respects and understands you. Wives are personalities who express tender and love to men. They earn being taken care of and loved. There are several days when men can express these feelings to wives. One date is devoted to wives, not all women. When is National Wife Day in 2024?


There are many such days in every country. They honour women, mothers and grandmothers. They also honor love between two people, among women and their children. Later the idea of a special holiday, which would be devoted to the married women, appeared. The holiday had to be the occasion when people could commemorate their beloved women. That idea made this initiative possible. The truth is that different countries have their own celebrations. The USA and Canada observe the tradition devoted to female spouses.ย ย ย 

The observance hasnโ€™t become the official holiday with parades and festivals. Nevertheless, due to its wide acceptance the holiday has become the national US and Canadian holiday. The traditions were presented to other nations. They took the idea with a great interest. People of those countries also started honoring their wives in different ways.

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The day hasnโ€™t got a very long history. There have been several celebrations for the last years. People started celebrating the date in 2006. The holiday has got the second name. It is also called as National Wife Appreciation Day. The day was set on the 3rd Sunday of September. The similar observance also takes place in January, though it is rather the day of a spouse than of a wife. โ€œWhat day National Wife Day in 2024?โ€The observance is set on the 16th of September.ย 


What does National Wife Day mean? There are a few nations which accept a spouse as a self-sufficient person. It is especially concerns women who are housewives. Theyโ€™re regarded as very dependent on their spouses. Thatโ€™s why there is much disrespect to them. This problem concerns not only territories with low economical level but also countries that are thought to be civilized.

The image of wifes is wrong very often. An ordinary spouse has got certain obligations which have been set by the human life itself. They have got such arrangements as housekeeping, children and kitchen. Career and sex arenโ€™t usual topics concerning wives in ordinary families. Such position often raises certain problems.

According to the statistics an ordinary young woman or a girl always wants to stay an independent personality. She usually prefers to be educated, to make a career and her individual plans. It doesnโ€™t mean that she is a bad wife. Nevertheless, she can be very happy and full-hearted.

The โ€œjobโ€ of a statistic spouse is rather difficult. She has to take care of her husband and children. Sheโ€™s to do lots of chores. The obligations are to be performed every day. They are to show happiness though they can be very tired.

The everyday chores can be done by males and females. Husbands must understand that their spouses need a break. They need a rest sometimes. They also can have hobbies and interesting affairs. She adores attention and love. Itโ€™s a need for every wife. She must feel that she isnโ€™t a servant in her family. If itโ€™s very difficult for a man to show his care and love every day, thereโ€™s the day of the calendar when every man can pay attention to his spouse.When is National Wife Day in 2024? The holiday is on the 16th of September.


The holiday has a great role in the familyโ€™s life. Spouses pay great attention to wives. They can hold traditions every year. The best variant is to observe the traditions of this holiday. The name of this observance is familiar to every person who speaks English. Thereโ€™s no doubt as to the observanceโ€™s aim. Residents from many countries understand that the center of this holiday is every married female. Thatโ€™s why when you hear about the day; just make any pleasant surprise to the wife. The definition of this phrase is very obvious. Nevertheless, the traditions of celebrating the holiday can be chosen by every man.

The term is defined as a female partner in a marriage. In comparison to a spouse, a wife is a female only. According to traditions of different nations, wives have various obligations and rights. The term has the Old English origin. At the first time it had meant โ€œwomanโ€ without the identification to a marital status. It transferred to English with several transformations. The first known usage of the word took place during the 9th century.

The definitions of the term are met in many English dictionaries. Thereโ€™s no difficulty in the defining the translation of the phrase. Foreigners can easily understand its meaning. What is National Wife Day in 2024?The holiday is on the 16th of September.


The modern life is so busy and couples often lose their inner connection. This situation interferes into their lives and prevents the following development of their affairs. It is very important to celebrate the days when spouses can adore each other.

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There are many ways to celebrate the holiday:

  1. One of the best ways to celebrate this occasion is to buy flowers to the spouse. Every woman adores flowers. Find the flower that she loves most of all and make her a surprise. If she hasnโ€™t got any special kind, just give her red roses.
  2. Find the best restaurant and order a table for the evening. Let romantic feelings enter your life and free your wife from kitchen and cooking.
  3. Take some household chores into your arms. Make them yourself. Your wife will be relaxed and grateful. The holiday will be great.
  4. Make arrangements for a following trip or go for a trip on the date. If your earnings are great, go to Paris or other famous romantic places. If you donโ€™t have much money, so to the local park and watch stars in the evening sky.
  5. The best way to observe the date is to say the words of love and gratitude to your spouse. Love and tender can be expressed in a kind word.
  6. โ€œWhen is National Wife Day in 2024, calendar of concerts and theatrical performances?โ€ Itโ€™s another way of the observance.

National Wife Day Facts

Thereโ€™re lots interesting facts about marital life and wives. These are the most interesting ones:

  • It can be a strange fact, but several famous wives were born on the 11th of April. They are the wives of Benito Mussolini, Robert Kennedy, Mohandas Gandhi and Henry II of Navarre.
  • In the middle of the 20th century the average age of English wives was 22. Fifty years later the age became 29. Nowadays young women donโ€™t haste to make a family.
  • There are several countries which encourage a great number of wives. One of the most numerous families lives in Nigeria. It consists of one husband and eighty-six wives. Besides, he isnโ€™t very happy.
  • It is said that King Solomon had many spouses. He had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. Besides, the term canโ€™t be in the Song of Solomon.


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