It is one of the most important holidays for Christians from all over the world. Each year Easter comes to different date due to lunar calendar. To plan your holidays, better to find out when is Easter in 2022.

Easter 2017

Date and day

Easter is a movable feast, as it does not fall on curtain date fixed in any – Julian or Gregorian – calendars both of them are following sun and seasonal circle. Instead, exact Easter date of each year was calculated on the base of lunar calendar, which is very much similar to Hebrew.

In 325 year First Council of Nicaea established two rules about Easter, but none of that rule contained details about date calculation and none specify that Easter shall necessary come to Sunday. It was later on worked out by over thousand years practice.

Generally, Easter celebrated in first Sunday after spring full moon, though it usually comes between 22th of March and 25th of April. Indeed, it is a very complicated calculation process.

What day is Easter in 2022 is obvious – it’s Sunday and this year it’s same date for Orthodox and Catholic Churches – 12th of April.

History background

Easter is the day of Jesus resurrection on the third day after his death due to crucifixion. He was crucified in Good Friday by Romans and died on the cross. After his body was taken down from the cross and buried in the tomb. The place was surrounded by Roman soldiers and huge rock was placed to the entrance, so it was impossible to get in.

In Sunday Marie Magdalene together with some followers of  Christ, came to the tomb and found out that stone is moved away and body is gone. Later same day Mary saw Jesus and after forty days many people saw him as well. And people realized that Christ rose from the dead. And believed that he really is the Son of God. Since that very day and up till now this day is called Easter, Pascha or Resurrection. And the whole week before this Sunday is named Holly Week.

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Jesus' Resurrection


Each Christian country has its own traditions in celebrating Easter Day. They might be very different from each other, but they have one thing which is same for each country – the Easter eggs. And they always pained.

One of the most known legend say, that Marie Magdalene came to the Emperor of Rome greeting him with the words “Christ has risen”. And he answered: “He is no more risen, than the egg is red”, pointing on cooked egg on his table. And egg turned red.

So since than till now colored egg is the symbol of Jesus Christ rising from the dead and promising eternity to all, who believed in him.

So find out when is Easter day 2022 to spend the Saturday coloring eggs or following the traditions of some countries from all over the world.

  • English speaking countries spent their Saturday in decorating Easter eggs, which mysteriously getting hidden in houses and gardens, so it is good deal to spend Sunday morning looking for them. Other tradition include telling stories about Easter Bunny delivering in Easter Basket chocolate eggs and rabbits as well as other treats, which children are finding that morning beside their beds. And of course, whole family morning Church visit is a must.

Easter Eggs

  • Continental Europe, including Baltic States, EU, Russians, Ukrainian and Belarusians – decorate eggs before Easter. Usually they do it on Thursday or on Saturday. In some countries any work, including cooking, is forbidden on Friday – in remembrance of Jesus Christ sacrifice and his death on the cross.
    • In Germany colorful eggs people are hanging on bushes, making Easter Egg Tree.
    • In Bosnia and Herzegovina food is prepared in small basket, covered with handmade material, to be taken to church for blessings.
    • In Hungarian speaking places on Monday after Easter men are visiting families with women and girls and sprinkle them with water or perfume. In exchange they receive an Easter egg.
    • Netherlands, Belgium and France few days before Easter stay in full silence. They say that church bells are flying to the Rome to bring Easter eggs and chocolate rabbits exact on Easter morning. And on Sunday the three countries are being awake with strong and triumphant bell sound.
    • In Finland and Sweden small children in witchy dress collect candies from door-to-door and adults are painting eggs.
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Guests are very welcome on Easter day. Remember the date when is Easter day 2022, calendar shall be marked before with reminders of presents and names of dear once. This is the day shall not be missed, as everybody are paying visits and welcoming visitors. It is the day to spend with family within community.


All over the world people are celebrating beautiful, warm spring-welcoming festival. Even non-believers are encouraged by the celebration mood and joy.

Taking a trip and celebrate Easter somewhere else means to see and participate in very different events, taken place all over the world.

Each country is getting prepared to meet the tourist from all over the world to share with them great joy of Christ Resurrection and spring coming.

  • Egg hunt. Who said it is children game? US, Australia, England – all of those countries invite visitors and tourists come and participate. Traditionally children are looking for the hidden eggs outdoors or indoors and collecting them in baskets. The one, who collected more, is the winner. But prizes usually were shared between all participants. Now this game is has no age or place limits. It can be played in city park, or in downtown – almost everywhere. And participant may be of any age and even any religion. Travel companies have special offers for the egg hunt game with choice of a country, place to play and prize one may get.
  • Carnival in Brazil. Magnificent, brilliant, unforgettable show takes place 40 days before Easter. So to attend the world famous event you need to find out what is the date of Easter 2022.
  • Almost any country provides street food festivals and dancing parties.
  • New York Easter Parade is yearly event that starts spontaneous over a hundred year ago and unlike Brazilian Carnival is not very much religious. But it is held on Easter Sunday and draw over million people each year.

Does not matter where to celebrate and celebration itself does not matter at all. What really matter is – new hope for the better life. Easter is coming, spring is coming. Which means that there will be fall and harvest. And after long and hungry winter spring and Easter shall come again. Everlasting circle – life wins.


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