Previously, the working cabinet was just a necessity (and at the same time – a privilege) only for those who were engaged in mental work and very responsibly related to their activities, having the habit of taking some tasks home. Since computers came to almost every house, we have started to spend a lot of time in achair, so a small home office has turned to be an integral part of the modern interior. And at the same time we shouldnโ€™t forget about the fact that more people are now working at home or combining ordinary and remote types of earning money. Everything seems to be correct, however are you able to answer the question โ€œWhen is National Organize Your Home Office Day in 2020?โ€ without our prompts? We are almost sure that after a portion of hesitation, you will answer negatively. And, frankly speaking, that is the explanation, why we have decided to investigate this matter in details.


We are sure that the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Organize Your Home Office Day 2020?โ€ needs the explanation of the historical background of this event. But, unfortunately, we havenโ€™t been able to find any information available for the clarification of the holiday past.

We canโ€™t discuss with you the importance to discuss the date of March 13th chosen for this holiday either.

Home Office


What does National Organize Your Home Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, we are not ready to answer this question instead of you. Why? The explanation is quite simple in fact. That it because we donโ€™t know whether you have one in general as well as there is no information available how you prefer to work at home or in the office.

Before the start of the holiday:

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Nowadays modern people are busy not only in the official working place, but in their apartments and private houses aw well, so a home office for many of us has become a real necessity.

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You can organize your home office in a separate room, on a heated balcony or attic. It is not recommended to arrange this premise near the living room and the nursery. The explanation is quite simple indeed. โ€“ The matter is that extraneous sounds will interfere with the work.

The one thing is for sure, the home cabinet should be comfortable, otherwise, the person will get tired quickly.

In accordance with specialistsโ€™ points of view, in a small room it is advisable to place the workplace, but it is necessary to mind that the chair is not turned back to the doors and window. The monitor should not get glare.

It is important to think over the lighting. There must be a chandelier, which will illuminate the entire cabinet and a wall lamp near the table.

If it is arranged a spacious room, then it is worth breaking it into a couple of zones. In a corner of rest it is advised to put a sofa, various flowerpots and a coffee table. Perhaps you will want to relax and to lie down. In the work area you need a table, curbstones, shelves and an armchair. The designers usually advise to divide the cabinet into zones by means of modular partitions and various racks.


Investigating the subject concerning, what day World Organize Your Home Office Day in 2020 is, we should give our readers some important pieces of information as to the proper design of this premise.

Psychologists advise to decorate the office in light colors, bright accents should be a table and chair.

All in all for this part of your home color is considered to be a very important aspect. You see dark tones will give a grim mood, saturated bright can distract from work. Cold and neutral colors help to focus, warm colors fit creative personalities.

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If the cabinet windows go to the south, it is preferable to choose green and blue colors, if to the north – apricot, peach and coffee.

Great value has a so called working surface. – It is desirable that it is equipped with a footrest and several boxes. Nowadays there are models with multiple shelves and compartments, but such models are too complicated and sometimes it may interfere with the concentration of attention.

For work, you should choose a comfortable stool or the chair. Mind that your back shouldnโ€™t be tired, when you are working. The best variant is when you will be able to change the angle of the backrest. A headrest and armrests are also rather requested.


When is Organize Your Home Office Day in 2020, calendar will help you to find out. It is not difficult in fact. You can get this information without any difficulties. However, are you really ready to celebrate March 12th in a proper way alone or together with a warm company?

We recommend you to make something different at home. For example, what about the popular nowadays Nordic style? Are you ready to have one in your house or apartment?

A beautiful workplace competently combines aesthetics and functionality. For this direction minimalism and simplicity are characteristic, as well as the presence of white color. Such a design can easily fit into the overall design of all housing.

Scandinavian style in the interior is perfectly combined with any modern decor, if desired, light colors can be diluted with vivid impregnations. If you like monotonous colors, then choose the combination of white and black, this solution is optimal.

When choosing a Nordic direction in the design of the office, you have the opportunity to focus on the minimum of things necessary for work. Excessive things can be distracting, so to arrange a working space, it is better to create a calm and ergonomic environment.

Organize Your Home Office

If you want to make the atmosphere more cheerful and joyful, you can use bright pictures, photographs and office accessories as decor. A large amount of white color will make the space visually larger and will fill the room with light and air. For such an environment, flowers are perfect.

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An inalienable attribute of the Scandinavian style is the tree. Natural wood has a beautiful and textured appearance. It will be adjusted to the desired mode, positive energy of the tree will help.

The home office must contain: cabinets or shelves, roomy table and chair. Furniture should contain all the necessary documents and working materials. A competent small office will help you to perform tasks in a high-quality and fruitful manner.

International Organize Your Home Day Facts

Discussing the matter โ€œWhat is the date of National Organize Your Home Office Day 2020?โ€ we shouldnโ€™t forget about the item, which make this premise cozier and more comfortable as well.

If you want to keep your mini-cabinet in order, you need at least a few closable lockers (in the table, standing next to the chest or in the suspended structure). The presence of only open shelves is not too comfortable and creates a sense of clutter.

The chair should be ergonomic. It is very desirable to have armrests. The back should be comfortable for you, so when choosing it, do not hesitate to “try it on” yourself in the store. Ideally, the backrest inclination and seat height should be adjusted with a slight hand movement. If you often get tired of the back, shoulders and neck, be sure to buy a chair with a headrest.

Its upholstery can be bright, even with a pattern – for example, in a flower or as an imitation of the color of a zebra. For a cabinet in the style of minimalism, get a one-colored armchair in white or black. For the classic style, the best choice is an office chair with leather upholstery.

In the home office, it is not at all superfluous to have a small sofa or additional comfortable chairs for the living room, so that you can relax yourself and take the visitor. Also in the office you can place a TV and a mirror.


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