Nowadays there are a few people who prefer to express their own thoughts and feelings on a sheet of paper. Telephones and other gadgets are always ready to be used for the purpose of communication. Almost nobody is ready to wait for the delivery of a mail. Nevertheless, those persons who like sending letters to their relatives and friends clearly understand the advantages of this kind of delivery. The public has a good chance to use it on a certain date. The worshippers of this method initialized the concrete occasion when everybody can try to express the feelings and thoughts.ย  When is National Letter Writing Day in 2022?


The process of writing letters is considered to be a very old act. The representatives of ancient civilizations used various locally improvised materials to describe the local environment and to pass other people certain messages. The first manuscripts were made by stones, sticks and teeth of ancient animals. Those messages were found on stones, metal, wood. Later people used fabric and leather. Ceramic utensils also preserve the remains of such messages.

National Letter Writing Day

Nowadays these messages are very important for archeologists of the whole world. They use the ancient letters to make a full picture of ancient peopleโ€™s life and being. Letters of famous people can be used to explain the origin of their characters and deeds. Sometimes a letter can change the whole line of a biography of a famous personality.

When the production of paper became massive, people began using it for exchanging messages. Nobody used stones or leather anymore. The chance to communicate with the dearest people and familiar people appeared. It gave lots of advantages.

Despite the easiness of the process, people had to learn how to present ideas and thoughts clearly and cogently. Adults tried to form the culture of letter writing to their children. Skills in this process were valued greatly.

With the development of a new method of communication other ways of sending messages appeared. This method has become less popular than e-mails and SMS. The next stage of communication appeared. The culture of writing letters was almost lost in the modern rapid life. People nowadays prefer to make a phone call or to write two-three words in an SMS without devoting several hours to letter writing.

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The wonder of collecting hand-written letters returned due to Richard Simpkin. The man initiated the tradition of observing the day when people can write letters to the people they like most of all. The main idea of a new day was made after communication with people through hand-written letters. R. Simpkin tried to learn about interesting people and to write them letters to arrange a photo session and an interview.

The idea was caught by other worshippers of this method of communication. It became internationally accepted. If you write in the internet โ€œWhat day National Letter Writing Day in 2022?โ€, youโ€™ll get a certain answer โ€œOn the 7th of December.โ€


What does National Letter Writing Day mean for the majority of people? The day is a great chance to express the feelings through a very sincere method. It is a way to explain the thoughts which canโ€™t be retold in short messages. People usually use this way of communication when they are to find the right words and expressions, when itโ€™s impossible to a short explanation of a situation. Letters arenโ€™t the only means of expressing thoughts and ideas. People can choose the most convenient way of sending messages. But everybody should know that a hand-written message is more frank and heart-to-heart.

The day is the best means to involve the public in reflecting their thoughts and feelings on a sheet of paper. The best way to learn the culture of this method is to follow the event. Elder individuals can teach the youth how to prevent poor illiteracy.

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The day has a great importance for relatives who donโ€™t see each others for a long time, especially elder members of the family. They are eager to communicate with their dear people. A kind letter can initiate a great family tradition. Persons can collect them and reread them on a certain moment. The occasion can be a day of concern and care. When is International Letter Writing Day 2022? Itโ€™s on the 7th of December.


Every person who hears the name of the holiday can understand exactly what he should do during the day. There is no strict rule how to write a letter. Everybody may choose the most convenient way of making a written message. Nevertheless, there is no hesitation in choosing the concrete way of observing the day.

The process of writing letters has its certain aim. It is to send a message to another individual. the community differentiate printed and hand-written messages. According to the certain goal of a message and an addressee, letters can be personal and business. Every kind has its own rules of writing and formalization.

National Letter Writing Day

One of the aims of writing letters is to preserve information and data in a written form and bring individuals together through this means. This way of self-expression has been existing since ancient times. Homer described it in the Iliad. Other ancient Greek poets also wrote about this way of communication, though the word itself began to be used in the 16th century. The word โ€œletterโ€ has also the meaning of a symbol which represents a speech sound. Letters are the parts of the alphabet.


The first way to observe the occasion is to write a letter. An addressee can be a real person or a fictitious character. It can be a person who is far away or an individual who is always near to the writer. It is often difficult to find a person who is to become an addressee. Itโ€™s no matter whether itโ€™s a man or a woman, whether he is elder or of the same age. Itโ€™s important to find the best words to that person and to affect the addressee.

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Many persons prefer to write letters with a feather, not a fountain-pen. This method of writing letters can become a good tradition. The beauty and rareness of such a letter can involve the youth into developing literacy.

Nowadays children donโ€™t receive hand-written letters. It can become a great surprise for them. It can greatly excite them. The majority of children are likely to be involved into the dayโ€™s observation. What is the date of National Letter Writing Day 2022? The occasion is set on the 7th of December. The main importance of the event for children consists in the possibility to collect letters and reread them many years later.

Letter Writing Day Facts

  • Until the 50s of the 19th century there was no industrial way of producing envelopes. The public had to create the envelopes. They used their talents in hand-made art to make an individual variant.
  • Lots of people used a wax seal to glue up a letter.
  • The first envelope is considered to be the Babylonian one. Itโ€™s 5 thousand years old. It was made not of paper, but of baked clay.
  • Before the Renaissance a few individuals could write a letter. The majority of the Europeans were illiterate.
  • The art of calligraphy is used in the Arabic culture, China and Japan.
  • Various letter contests across the world can be found, if a person asks a question โ€œWhen is Letter Writing Day in 2022, calendar of international contests?โ€


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