The pedagogical value of games in physical education of children and youth, their full impact on the development of physical qualities and the psyche cannot be overestimated. Softball in this regard is no exception; it is one of the brightest representatives of sport games. Having a huge popularity in America (North and South), Western Europe and East Asia, softball is gaining popularity in other countries all over the world.ย  It should be noted when is National Softball day in 2022. This day is observed annually on June 14th. Despite the festive and light atmosphere, among the people accompanying this wonderful holiday yearly, for young baseball players it is a great opportunity to introduce their friends to the sport, for parents – to understand what their children are interested in; and for everyone else to try something new, to reveal their sports talents.

Since our time is characterized by the development and emergence of new sports, among them a worthy place is occupied by softball. Since softball was included in the program of the Olympic Games and being a very trendy sport in many countries, it is increasingly attracts peopleโ€™s attention.

Softball Day


In different countries of the world this kind of sport is cultivated for over a century. One of the versions is connected with the name of George Hancock and it says in November 1887 a group of friends met in the gym not far from the Chicago Lake Park to wait for the outcome of the soccer match between the teams of the university. To pass the time, they started throwing each other an old glove, used for packing, stuffed with a piece of rope, giving it the shape of a ball. At the beginning players split into pairs, and then two teams were organized and the game was similar to baseball. However, as far as we know, we do not play baseball in closed spaces that is why they put into practice a new game – “baseball in the ceiling” (baseball in the gym). In this game they tried to play outdoors and in the beginning they called it mashball or kittenball. In October 1889, in Chicago, a separate book with the rules of the game was published which was a little bit later officially approved by the Chicago winter internal baseball league. They said the ball should be stuffed with a soft substance, its weight and size were confirmed, requirements for a protective inventory were introduced, the size of the site and its equipment were set. The rules of this game were standardized in 1926 and, simultaneously, the modern name “softball” was born.

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This active game has more than one version of its origin and in order to sort out what day World National Softball Day is andhow it appeared it is necessary to notice all of them. Softball came out along with baseball more than 200 years ago, when the settlers from different countries came and brought their own culture in America.

Furthermore, it is also believed that such activity has become like an adaptation of baseball for women. Initially, softball was played exclusively by men, but gradually the game became more popular with women, mainly after the establishment in 1933 of the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA), although, according to some sources, the first women’s team was formed – was established in 1895 in Chicago.


In consideration of what does National Softball Day mean, it is appropriate to say that everyone chooses for himself the importance of any sport in his life.

This entertainment has won the hearts of many Americans and in addition many individuals around the globe. It was quite weighty reason for the International Softball Federation (ISF) to report June 14 as World Softball Day which has been praised yearly by softball sweethearts and devotees all around the globe in their own specific manners.

This diversion supports all its national alliances and people of any age, capacities, and foundations to take an interest in softball action as a major aspect of a worldwide activity. The idea was to make a softball as a lever of motivation for society with the aim to advance health, physical action, social combination and universal soul, and to rouse future ages of young men and ladies to seek excellence and become empowered through sport.

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Softball is a team sport, which is the closest relative of baseball and is popular among the girls. In fact, softball is a lighter version of baseball. The ball for the game is soft. However, it is slightly larger than a baseball, which makes it easier to hit it.

This game was even included in the Olympic program but then was excluded from it and at the 2012 Olympics was already out. It is noteworthy that to save the softball in the Olympic program, only one vote was not enough. This was the first case in 70 years of excluding a sport from the Olympic program.

So, National Softball Day is something unusually unique charging with positive energy and emotions. On this day, you can get as many feelings as you want to feel close to active life. Also, this day means a holiday for all sport fans all over the world. So, keep in mind what is the date of National Softball Day 2022 to be trendy and take part in the most grandiose celebration of the year.



For unknown reasons, individuals love to take after customs that have been passed down from past ages. For a few, they do not understand how the tradition started, yet they simply know it is a convention and they intend to proceed with it. Others have intensive learning of how the custom began, why it proceeds and are eager to keep the convention pushing ahead. Spots devotees have their own particular conventions with regards to their most loved groups. This is one thing that unites fans and lifts bolster for the home group.

“World Softball Day will be a period of festivity to encourage anyone on the planet that exactly he can be active in any kind of sport and that softball can serve as an attractive option for sport because it can be delighted in anyplace and can played by youngsters as youthful as two years old to those who past their eighties.”

Regardless of what your most loved game is or which group you are pulling for, odds are there is a convention related with it. This is the reason such huge numbers of groups and donning occasions have customs that have been passed down from age to age. It makes the game all the more fascinating and energizing for the numerous who take an interest and watch from the stands. So keep in mind what exactly the day in calendar distinguishes when is Softball Day in 2022.

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International Softball Day facts

  • In Moscow, a games occasion called “little Spartakiad” was held for 6-7 year-old child with the plan to assist get kids acclimated with the round of softball.
  • In Zimbabwe, a softball instructing program was held at one educators preparing school with the expectation that the game could be acquainted with various schools all through the nation.
  • In Pakistan, the softball federation chose to make it more fun by holding recreations, training centers, and courses among schools.
  • In the Republic of Georgia, another softball field and another softball school have been propelled beside different diversions and club group competitions which they have arranged out for that day.


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