When is National Three Kings Day in 2020? This is a actual matter, the answer to which is known not to everybody on our bustling planet. Why? โ€“ As you can see, the occasion is celebrated only in some definite countries or by the representatives of special nations.


Of course, it would be quite silly to discover the matter, what day Three Kings Day in 2020 is, without any mentioning of the historical background of this amazing special occasion. Annually in January, all Poland celebrates the ancient special holiday.

Until 1960, January 6th was a day off, but then the date was gradually forgotten. Only in 2011 the locals again returned to the traditions. Today, during the date in Poland, everyone is resting again – this day is thought the very end of the cool Christmas week.

In accordance with well-known tradition, it’s thought that on January 6th the sages from the distant East arrive to holly Bethlehem in order to worship the holy baby. They gave him a gift, represented by precious gold, flavored and some myrrh. By the way, that is an explanation, why presently these things are thought to be an important part of the holiday.

Three Kings Coming

Up to the 7th century it was considered that there were 3 people, which represented the three sides of the world and the three stages of human life: youth, maturity and old age.

  • Balthasar is a black youth of African descent;
  • Melchior is a middle-aged man with a European appearance;
  • Caspar is an elder with oriental features, native to Asia.

For the 1st time the cavalcade in the honor of the Tsar-Magi in Barcelona was organized in 1855. It was a long time ago, wasn’t it?


What does Three Kings Day mean? In the former times on the date eve in some houses determined who would live long. With the seeing of the first evening star, all family members lit candles of the same size. At whom the candle will burn first, then, according to the belief, Morana (the pagan goddess of death) will take it first. If the smoke from the candle went up, and the flame was clear and clean, then the owner of the candle after death had to get to heaven. If the flame burned unevenly, the smoke was heading down, the unfortunate one would be waited for hell.

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This day small boats from walnut shells with lighted candles were put on the water (river, lake, pond or sea).

There was another interesting tradition. Before sunrise girls washed themselves with snow, soย  their skin was clean and white.

The evening of this holiday was thought to be magical, its roots go back to pre-Christian times.

It was believed that everyone, who is on this day jumped into the cold or even icy water, would have a perfect place. For example, in Prague, the people, who are called “winter swimmers” have traditionally jumped into the Vltava. They’re sure that the natural liquid, which has been consecrated in this holy date in the church or local cathedral, will protect them from everything.

Also there’s a belief to consume some water on an empty stomach. Since the Middle Ages, it’sย  been customary to consecrate water, ordinary salt,ย  white (or sometimes colored) chalk and flavored incense, and then used them to sanctify the home. Above the door chalk letters were written.


In our attempts to investigate the subject โ€œWhen is International Three Kings Day 2020?โ€ we’ve to give our readers a lot of interesting facts.

Since the Thirty Years’ War, all the homes in the countryside, have been gone around by the local priest, accompanied by ministers (altarsmen), a sexton, a teacher and pupils. The churchman has prayed and fumigated the house with incense or sprinkled the room with holy and protective water, and the rest sang. On the door or window frame the priest consecrated chalk wrote K (C) + M + B. After that the corresponding year has been added.

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Why do the Three Kings bypass the homes and wish a good new year? What is hidden behind this tradition? – This day, children are dressed in the streets, dressed in white robes, with paper crowns on their heads, and “that black” on the back shows us his soot-smeared face. This symbolizes dark skin color. They will ring us at the door and singing “We, 3ย  kings, go to you, wish you happiness and health …” symbolically bless our home. Recollecting visit memory, the warm company leaves the inscription of letters and year”. The white chalk, by which they write this, must be sanctified.


When is Three Kings Day in 2020, calendar will for any conditions remind you without any difficulties. However, do you know for sure, how to spend January 6th properly and in a good way? Frankly speaking, there’re two main ways official and non-official. And now we are going to discuss both of them.

In Warsaw this day there is a festive prayer at Zamkova Square. You can always take part in it, while you are in Poland. On this occasion in many cities are organized folk festivals. Local residents take to the streets, participate in theatrical performances on the birth of Jesus Christ and sing carols. The procession is devoted to the kings embodies the three continents: ancient Europe, exotic Africa and religious Asia.

Three Kings with Gifts

In Europe, in Spain in particular, the main festive dish of January 6thย  is the pie of the Magi, which is represented by a quite round (or oval) cake with a through hole, arranged in the middle. Usually this bakery is decorated with the help of the candied fruits and stuffed with whipped cream. But its most requested feature is a surprise hidden. It is inside the cake and is introduced by a small Christmas toy, a small bean or a precious coin. By the way, we can’t but mention that the value that is given to the find can also be very different, so do not rush to rejoice if it falls out to you. Sometimes the find can symbolize luck, and sometimes the owner of the figure is charged with paying for a pie or washing dishes.

Traditionally, in Spain, the pages and fairies distribute specially prepared sweets to the spectators. Only in 2015 the participants of the cavalcade in the Catalan capital distributed to spectators 4.6 tons of sweets. The King’s Day is over in Barcelona at 21.30 at the singing fountains on Mount Montjuic. Anyone can take part in the procession from 8 to 99 years old. In order to do this properly, you are required to fill in a special questionnaire on the organizer’s website, take the appropriate instruction and take part in rehearsals. Mind that if you need to travel around the city during the holiday-cavalcade of the Kings-Magi, it is better not to use land transport, but the metro, which operates until 02.00 on January 6.

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National Three Kings Day Facts

Talking about the subject โ€œWhat is the date of Three Kings Day 2020?โ€ we would like to give our precious readers a lot of useful and rather amazing pieces of interesting information.

Everything is set mainly on the Bible. On the 12th day after Jesus’ birth, sages (sorcerers) arrived to his birthplace and brought valuable gifts. According to the world famous legend they gave the baby some gold, fragrant myrrh and some incense. Probably, because of the quantity of the presents and their exceptional value in the 12th century, kings appeared. As we have already known there were three of them.

Many people think that K + M + B are nothing but the first letters of the names of these kings. This is not true, of course. KMB, in Latin, CMB, means “Christus mansionem benedicat:, which can be translated into English like “May The Godย  bless the dwelling for a whole year, “so they write the date. Crosses between letters are not pluses, but crosses as a sign of the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Those people, who open the hearts as well as the homes to the guests, who come, deserve a blessing.


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