Contemporary men and women have many ways to change their appearance beyond recognition. But, in accordance with the modern psychologists the easiest thing is to put on a hat! This idea was somewhat forgotten at the end of the 20th century, but now, it seems, like it is becoming more and more popular. However, are you ready to answer the question โ€œWhen is National Hat Day in 2020?โ€ without out additional prompts? โ€“ It is rather sad to admit, but the most part of our readers usually replies negatively. And, frankly speaking, this is the main explanation, why we have decided to discover the matter in details. You will be really interested in article! So letโ€™s start!


Certainly, investigating the matter what day World Hat Day in 2020 is, we should pay close attention to the past of this event. We understand it, of course. But in practice, it occurred to be rather difficult to find the names of the establishers as well as the historical backgrounds to celebrate this occasion on January 15th annually.

However, the specialists have come to the conclusion that the most unusual time in the history of these things was the 18th century.

Sometimes hats represented huge structures reaching a meter in diameter. In the complex compositions of bows, feathers and laces, even the various mechanisms were mounted, which set in motion, for example, figures of birds of paradise or huge butterflies.

Wear a Hat Day

These clothes were crowned with bouquets of fresh flowers, which remained fresh for a long time, as they stood in water-proof vases that were fastened on the hats. They were also crowned with models of sailboats floating in the pond of swans, castles and other structures.

In the 19thcentury, ladies wore a hood with glued to it curls. A full impression of exquisitely laid hair was created, in fact under the hood the hair did not fit.

In 1942, in England, hats were allowed to be sold only to bald buyers: because of the war, this product ceased to enter the country.

The expression “insane as a hatter” has a real historical basis. In order to process fur or felt, mercury nitrate was used before, and mercury poisoning leads to irreversible brain damage. Accordingly, the masters who made hats suffered from convulsions, dementia, loss of memory and hallucinations.

French designer Louis Mariette, engaged in the manufacture of exclusive hats for world celebrities, created a decoration item, estimated at $ 2.7 million. It is made of platinum and is encrusted with diamonds. The shape of the designer’s masterpiece was inspired by ivy and bells – that’s why the hat got fancy twisty decorative “stems”. To the great displeasure of all the collectors, the thing created by the designer is not intended for sale.


What does National Hat Day mean? Frankly speaking, it would be rather difficult to answer this question instead of you. Why do we think so? โ€“ The explanation is quite easy in fact. We know nothing about you, your character and preferences in fashion style. It simultaneously means that we are not able to find out about the role of this clothe in your life.

All in all the modern word comes from the German language and it can be translated as “a headpiece that keeps a stable shape.”

As a rule it consists of a bottom, a top and a field. For the production of hats, straw, felt, cloth, leather, fur, fabric, etc. are used. Due to the variation in the size of the crown, the field and the bottom, there are many styles of hats. Currently, any male hat can be female.

Headgear, as a rule, is able to report on the social status, profession or beliefs of its owner. For example, in medieval Europe, artists and physicians wore berets, notaries – beaver caps, scientists – caps with a quadrangle crown.

In the Middle Ages, bankrupts were forced to put on green and yellow hats, so that everyone would know about their financial crisis.

However, contemporary fashion designers are sure that picking up the hat we shouldnโ€™t forget about purely practical considerations.

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These items should sit tightly on the head, do not slip when the head is tilted. During fitting, pay attention to the width of the crown. It should not exceed the width of your face. The vertex should rest on the top of the crown. Then we can say that the thing is matched to the size.


Discovering the matter โ€œWhen is International Hat Day 2020?โ€ we would like to tell our readers something really important and amazing at the same time.

First of all we canโ€™t but remind that hats have been appropriate not always and not everywhere. For example, this item with feathers is considered to be only an evening accessory for secular parties.

Women in crazy hats

A girl in a hat with feathers, riding at rush hour in the metro, will certainly attract the attention of other people, of course. – However it is highly doubtful that this attention will have anything in common with admiration.

And there is another very important thing that should be reminded. โ€“ This accessory usually obliges to keep a definite style or to behave in a certain way.

In practice even a simple straw hat will add the appearance of femininity. At the same time, a bottle of beer in the hand, rude speech and even just a wide sweeping step can destroy a sweet and naive image in an instant.

So as you can understand the main rule is the following: you can wear a hat only on a proudly raised head.


When is Hat Day in 2020, calendar will remind you in any case. Here there are no any problems or troubles in fact. But are you sure that you are ready to celebrate January 15th in a proper and at the same time amazing way?

International Hat Day Facts

So you have already got the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Hat Day 2020?โ€ and it sounds like โ€œOn January 15thโ€. But are you able to choose the proper item for your head?

The best variant will be to purchase a new thing for you. However, doing this you should mind the following rules.

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Beautiful hats

Consider the color of your hair.

  • In most cases, blondes do not look attractive in white, yellow and beige, they should choose, for example, gray, blue, black, red, turquoise, brown, and if the complexion is bright, then green.
  • Reddish women need to be afraid of red tones. Their color is gray, green, blue in different shades, as well as cream and black.
  • Dark-haired women can wear hats of any color, of course, given the color of the skin and clothes.

Many people do not wear hats, because they feel uncomfortable in them and are afraid to spoil their hair. Someone avoids these things simply because they do not know how to choose and properly wear them.

Of course, there are no any universal advice, because each of us has a unique appearance and own unique style. Therefore, the best advisor in this matter will be a mirror, but before you start choosing, it is worth remembering a few general recommendations.

According to the color scheme, the hats can be selected either for scarf and gloves, or for boots and a bag. This is a classic, which is not so often followed. However, if you follow this rule, do not forget: hit in the tone should be one hundred percent. Otherwise, the meaning is lost: a bright red hat with pale red boots, or vice versa, is unlikely to be able to get away with the manner of dressing well.

If your entire toilet is in a single color scheme and the individual details differ only in shades, then the headpiece should simply “get” into the general tone.

Another option of color combination is an absolutely contrasting headdress. Especially spectacularly looks very bright hat on the background of the suit in low-key tones. It should be noted that designer things with a variety of decorations in themselves are very active and conspicuous detail, so, in order not to overdo it, let the rest of the outfit be more restrained.

The felt headpiece is always selected to the coat. In this case, this accessory can be bright, unusual, and the coat is restrained and classic. Or, conversely, a calm hat is perfect for an extravagant coat.


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