International Cake Day

On July 20 every year, sweets from all over the planet are celebrated International Cake Day. The delicious event arose in 2011, the initiative of creation belongs to the international community of creative people called “Milan Club” of the Kingdom of Love.

The purpose of International Cake Day

International Cake Day aims to attract humanity to peaceful and friendly coexistence, spread this idea through culture. A separate theme of the event is chosen annually.

  • It was during this sweet holiday that confectioners from different countries united to bake the first multinational cake in history. After all, this confectionery product symbolizes the friendship of peoples.

How to spend this day deliciously?

Until July 20, they prepare themed cakes, organize sweet fairs, competitions, flash mobs, tea parties, auctions, etc.

Interesting facts about the cake

  • The first cakes appeared 2 thousand years ago.
  • The heaviest cake on the planet weighed 50 tons, it was made in the USA.
  • The longest cake in the world reached 246 meters.
  • The tallest is 30 meters high, also from the United States.

Postcards for International Cake Day

Good day!  |  Greeting card - Card for International Cake Day

Have a sweet day!  |  Greeting card - Card for International Cake Day

Bon appetit!  |  Greeting card - Card for International Cake Day

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International Cake Day

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