Can you remember what face gesture or movement may rise your mood and feelings greatly? What expression can one see when a young mother sees her born baby for the first time the very primary seconds after his birth, or when someone graduates from school, or two just-married fiances bound, and so on and so forth. Smile! Sure, it is the smile, the tiny or the huge physical action, which reflects the whole variety of emotions. There is nothing better to see and feel this act of kindness after a long and difficult working day or some bad lifetimes. Simple but powerful, this human action of joy is very important in the everyday world. It raises our humor, brightens heavy clouds around us and gives the message that nothing is too bad, all is going on and terrible period of life will quickly turn into the happiest one. For those who are always disappointed, there is an unusual day, which can totally change the situation. Let us see when is National Smile Day in 2022. Is it a unique time for smiling or the beginning of happy duration in our lives?

The meaning of the celebration

What does National Smile Day mean for Americans? How many times a day do you enjoy life? How often do you say nice words not for flattering a person but to show your support? Being closed in their problems, men have almost lost the art of beaming. The world is cruel and unfair, some people are so angry with it that they have forgotten about simple joys and kindness.

National Smile Day

Do you know what day is World Smile Day in 2022? It may look strange but we are totally losing the feelings, the warmth, true sentiments. Day by day, the inhabitants of the Earth show more indifference each to other, they avoid the real conversation, gathering, and little chats drinking a bowl of hot chocolate. This holiday must become the starting point for all desperate, disappointed, sad, and angry people who are tired of difficult existence. The most important purpose of this feast is to celebrate the life, to smile and to appreciate its very moment. You cannot change the reality, but your own can renew. The celebration of this day is always funny and joyful because this day your smile will lead thousands of others. It opens another world vision and makes us a bit optimistic.

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The history of the feast

It as celebrates annually the first Friday of October. In 2022 it will be on 2ndย of October. Its creation was funny and unusual. Thanks to Harvey Bell, the unknown painter from the USA, the world received this wonderful celebration. This man could live the ordinary life but the destiny had another plan for him. In 1963, one of the American companies, especially State Mutual Life Company of America, asked him to draw a slogan or a promo picture for it. Harvey did not even think a minute and painted a funny face that we call smiled icons today. The success of the invention was enormous. It quickly gained a big popularity and the organization became one of the most promoted in the American continent. The image was printed everywhere – on T-shirts, badges, and match boxes, and cups. Harvey Bell earned thousands of dollar.

Bell thought his invention was not anymore the commercial sign but presented the international symbol of good mood and made everybody happy. Thus, he set up a new global world day for commemorating happiness and kindness of everyone. If you want to imitate Harvey’s example, memorize โ€“ this year the first Friday if October is the time when is International World Smile Day in 2022. It is honored in every part of the Globe. This day you are not allowed to be crushed, to be sad or to have bad mood โ€“ the Universe will be trying to change your sadness into the joy. Moreover, Bell established the Foundation of Smile, which provides events, parties, and meetings. Since 2011, it remains the director of each grin day.

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The definition of the anniversary

In addition to this, thoughts differ concerning the happy holiday. Some men find it foolish and childish, they do not like to laugh and relax and concentrate on life difficulties and troubles. Other greatly accept the chance to enjoy the life with beam and positive life position. These individuals relax, say some nice words, greet one another with the participation of smiling. What is more, scientists accentuate on the fact that laughing is one of the most powerful factors to fight stress and depressive emotions. The beam makes a big influence on the physical, psychological, and spiritual parts on human’s existence. The phenomena is the natural beauty of women and men, children and elderly. It has no limits and attracts people, it charms and gives the proof of the sentiments of closeness.

Science discovered that one happy greeting or a word can encourage the sorrowful and melancholy person. Those who think positively and do not concentrate on problems may defend their body from the internal factors of risks. The main profit of good mood and even a little beam is in followings statements:

  1. It strengthens the immune system
  2. The smile decreases the inevitability of some stress situations
  3. It develops the muscles of the face and the gesture serves as a good gymnastic. In addition to this, while one is smiling, 53 muscles of visage are working which improves the state of the skin and its beauty.
  4. When somebody is laughing, one takes a long breath but expires quickly โ€“ It is very good exercise for our lungs.
  5. The laugh provides the relaxing influence on the whole organism. What is more, it produces endorphins for better well-being of the body.
    Well, as one can see, the time what is the date of National Smile Day in 2022 is not only a possibility for having fun but it is a good chance to improve your health. So, do not miss it.
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National Smile Day

What are the holiday facts and traditions?

As one has already understood, the importance of positive mood and optimistic life behavior is the guarantee of a long and healthy living.

Here are some interesting facts about different cultural traditions and human habits of grins:

  • Kids smile on average 500 times a day. This unconscious action is a testimony of their well-being despite young and mature population do it at least 17 times a day โ€“ is it a huge difference, isn’t it? Why do not adults imitate the manner of happy gestures of the least ones? In this case, their lives would turn into the simplest one.
  • The beam is aย visiting card of every American, English, German, or French. At the first meeting, they hearty welcome you. The same can’t be said of Russians because their comportment at the primary sight is rather hostile.
  • Japanese sales managers use a smile and a bound in order to show politeness.

In a conclusion, the feast of happy movements falls on October 6th this year. Turn it red in your calendars and consider about your living a bit. Do you really enjoy your existence or does it make you exert the force to smile? The day off when is National Smile Day in 2022 gives wonderful freedoms to change your modus vivendi, to open your eyes, to transform yourself into a pessimist to the biggest optimist. Life is not bad as we used to think, every moment even the most difficult have something to teach us and we have to accept the facts as they are. Laugh, smile, and thank God for all He gives to you. Appreciate people who are on your life way and always enlighten their existence with a smiling face!


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