To be healthy a person has to follow all rules of the healthy life. They include rational meals and time for rest. Everybody must sleep not less than 8 hours a day. It is a common rule. Nevertheless, many doctors insist that every person must have a rest for as many hours as he wants and needs. The problem of insomnia is one of the most frequent problems of the modern humanity. Many professionals make various researches to find out the reasons of this phenomenon. When is National Sleep Day in 2020?


The occasion is widely accepted throughout the world. It is celebrated in many countries, though the event is rather young. It has gathered many countries during the last ten years. The start of the observance happened in 2008. The occasion happened due to the Association of Sleep Medicine which proposed a special day for the society.

The association invented the date when the problem of insomnia is paid much attention to. The date was chosen by the organizers very close to the vernal equinox. The observance is always held on Friday. The events are held before the vernal equinox. As the last event is always on the different date, thatโ€™s why the holiday is spent on the different dates, but always on Fridays.

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The event was initiated in order to attract the public attention to the problem with sleeping. Different researches were taken into account to proclaim this theme a very serious trouble in the peopleโ€™s lives. In 2018 almost 300 delegates from different countries joined the event. Various organizations provided more than 150 different activities. More than 50 countries announced their will to participate in the observance. Many media corporations and other organizations joined the event. โ€œWhat day World Sleep Day?โ€ Itโ€™s set on the 15th of March.


What does National Sleep Day mean? The importance of the process of sleeping is known everywhere. Itโ€™s one of the main parts of the bodyโ€™s rhythm. A person has got an ability to preserve his health and strong physical abilities due to three keystones. They are physical activity, healthy diet and appropriate time of sleeping.

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Scientists admit that every person should rest not less than 7 hours. Some people need almost 9 hours of sleeping to feel well. The data of different researches show that the majority of adults donโ€™t have much time for rest.

All people have a circadian rhythm. Scientists use this term to define a โ€œbody clockโ€. It influences lots of parameters which are utterly important for our living. If a person have a rest in bed less than 7 hours a day, his metabolism is less than normal. Hormone levels also have certain problems. Body temperature also lessens which leads to certain problems with a personโ€™s health.

The main goal is to show the benefit of the strong and healthy sleeping. It is also a great chance to examine sleep disorders.

The observance is provided to ensure the community to follow the rules and recommendations. Organizers usually provide many lectures about the importance of the process itself and the environment which is to surround a sleepy person. It means that no phones and TVs are to be near a person who wants to have a rest. When is International Sleep Day 2020? The occasion is on the 15th of March.


The observance doesnโ€™t lead to misunderstanding. It is clearly understood what the participants should do. The word isnโ€™t international. Nevertheless it has got similar forms in other languages. The term is used in some meanings, though the main definition is used more often than any other.

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The observance is held in many countries as its definition is well-known and the process of observing is really simple and doesnโ€™t need many intentions.

The term is described in every lexicological dictionary. It is described as a condition of the mind and body. This state usually lasts for several hours at night and may happen during the day. The condition is accompanied by the inactive nervous system and relaxed postural muscles.

The word is also used to describe the secretion which appears on eyes during sleeping. Besides, the process itself is also defined in such a way. The term is used as a noun as well as a verb. The term was at first used before the 12th century. The term is also used in a formal meaning. It is used to define a person who is unalert and careless. It is also used in the meaning of lying in death. What is the date of National Sleep Day? It is observed on the 15th of March.


The day is a great time to follow all recommendations for healthy life. It has been proved that the average amount of hours of sleeping can influence physical shape and mental health. Nervous system also depends on the amount of everyday rest.

Numerous amounts of meetings and conferences are held during the observance. People can watch many TV shows devoting to the useful impact of the rest in bed. Various medicine and entertaining magazines also publish lots of articles about sleeping process and its impact on the humanโ€™s health.

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People can be involved into the celebration by spending some time sleeping. Specialists say that sleeping outside is a very useful action. Everybody can take a blanket and a pillow and go outside. Itโ€™s better to find a secure place in the park or somewhere else. The main point is to avoid danger. Besides that, it has to be very warm outside. When such place has been already found, itโ€™s high time to have a rest.

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The observance can be a great time for the afternoon rest. Girls can organize merry pajama parties. It is also the great chance to visit outdoor movie and have a nap outside during an interesting movie.

You should pay attention to several characteristics of your sleep to be sure of its useful impact. First of all, the duration of the process has to be mot less than 7 โ€“ 9 hours. Every person must take into account its own physical and mental health. Sometimes people need more time of sleeping to feel well. The process must not be interrupted. It harmfully influences the body.

Specialists advise to turn off all gadgets. It can raise the alertness. If you go to bed in time, you can get up early. Physical state can become better. If you go in for sport, you should sleep enough. It is the time of self-recovery. If you want to sleep well, take a cup of the hot beverage and listen to calm music. When is Sleep Day in 2020, calendar of events is introduced in the Internet.

International Sleep Day Facts

  • People can delay their sleeping willingly.
  • If you exercise regularly, you can fall asleep well.
  • Insomnia is usual for people who havenโ€™t got a couple.
  • Caffeine interferes sleeping. Nevertheless, people use it in great amounts.
  • The average amount of hours of sleeping is from 7 to 9, but many people can feel OK after the 6-hours sleep. Others need not less than twelve.
  • The process of sleeping can be disrupted by snoring. Almost 100 million Americans suffer from the problem.
  • If you donโ€™t sleep well, you have the bigger appetites due to the rise of leptin.
  • Winter is supposed to influence the sleeping process.


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