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💋 When is Lips Appreciation Day 2020

When is National Lips Appreciation Day in 2020? That is an amazing question, but only some people are ready to answer it. Why? – The matter is that most part of contemporary men and women haven’t heard about this special occasion existence. Frankly speaking, we find this fact to be an unfair one, and that is the main reason why we have decided to devote this article to the holiday mentioned above.


Of course, we understand that discovering the matter what day Lips Appreciation Day in 2020 is, we have to demonstrate our followers as many amazing pieces of information as it is possible. As a rule, the most part of our readers is considered to be curious people and the themes devoted to the historical background of any event are always in demand.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found any facts available about the establshers of this event. We also don’t know why we have to hold this day on March 16th exactly.



What does Lips Appreciation Day mean? Frankly speaking, we are not ready to answer this question instead of you. The matter is that it is only up to you to decide whether this special occasion has to be celebrated or vice versa to be quite forgotten by everybody from your surroundings.

They are one of the most sensitive organs of a person. The reason is in their very thin cell layer. Even the skin of the face, which is also considered to be rather tender, has 16 such layers, and these parts of face have only three to five. All in all the tactile sensations of these parts of face are a hundred times stronger than at the tips of our fingers.

The specialists have already counted that the woman who regularly uses cosmetics, during her life spends from 2 to 5 kg of lipstick. And, by the way, she eats about half of this amount.

It is necessary to mention that the most popular compliment that women are given by men in virtual acquaintances is “you have such beautiful lips!” And it is these parts of face, painted with lipstick, become the main object of attention of a man when he is looking at a woman. Then he, of course, admires the legs and other attractive parts of the body. But the first emphasis is always on this part of the body!

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Kissing in the lips is very useful, because during such kisses, extra calories are burned, lungs are trained, blood circulation improves and mood is increased. Kissing each other on these zones, we feel happier, because during this process, the hormone of happiness – endorphin is formed in our blood. That is why in accordance with the specialists’ points of view we have to do it as often as it is possible.


Discovering the question “When is International Lips Appreciation Day 2020?” we want to tell our readers something really amazing or even attractive.

In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, this part of our face is one of the most versatile organs of our body. These parts of face help us eat, talk and at the same time serve as a kind of thermometer – for example, when the mother checks to see if the child has a fever, she touches his/her forehead with her lips.

Finally, we use them to say our feelings without words: when we kiss a loved one. By the way, a passionate kiss on the lips is able to increase heartbeat to a hundred beats per minute. By the way, have you already heard that these parts of face are common, but not the only way to kiss. For example, the Eskimos kiss with the help of their noses. It is unlikely that they kiss their husbands in the way that is customary for us and the inhabitants of some African tribes. After all, there is a custom to stretch your mouth into something like a duck beak, inserting special plates on the face. Thus, the woman hints at the fact that she considers her husband to be the main one in the family and fully obeys him.

Psychologists are sure that the shape of these parts of face tells much about the character of the person. A small mouth with a bow or cherry speaks of the mildness and good nature of its master. Bent forward lower lip demonstrates self-esteem. Lips, which resemble a fish mouth, show a powerful and ambitious nature.

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When is Lips Appreciation Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. As a rule, there is no any serious problem in this matter. The date is considered to be fixed, that is why you can be involved any year or moment you like. In our turn, we would like to mention that the special occasion is kept on March 16th every year. However, it has no any special traditions and rules for its celebration.

For example, have you ever heard that when there was no color television, special red filters were built into the cameras? They turned saturated shades of red lipstick into faded. In order to the lips of TV presenters looked dark on the screen, they were generously painted green. It sounds rather amazing, doesn’t it? Well, perhaps this is a perfect opportunity for you to start using the new shade of lipstick?

We can’t but mention that, for instance, the Malaysian women can’t use too bright lipstick: this is prohibited by local legislation. In such a way the government tries to fight against premarital relationships and adultery. We propose to devote March 16th to discovering some new amazing facts about rules and customs concerning the lips.

Today we would like to discover you two rather interesting secrets. – The plump items of Marilyn Monroe, who drove so many men crazy, are just skilful makeup. Try with your cosmetics and check!

And the stylists are sure that the natural zones of the Norm Mortenson were flat and had a different contour.

make up

National Lips Appreciation Day Facts

Discovering the question “What is the date of Lips Appreciation Day in 2020?” we want to tell our readers as many interesting things as it is possible.

This is of common knowledge that girls have been trying to enlarge their parts of face for a long time. They have done it with the help of special paint, lipstick, gloss and menthol, which provides blood flow and small swelling. Eventually it came to injections.

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Have you already heard that California plastic surgeons have discovered the model of ideal lips? Would you like to know it? Well, the bottom should be 2 times plumper than the upper one. This standard is used by most plastic surgeons in the United States.

For example, Dr Tyjin Esho, an aesthetic from London, together with colleagues conducted a large-scale investigation, which resulted in the ideal size and shape that, in the opinion of the vast majority of male respondents, look sexy. .

During the study the participants were asked to choose between two photographs of the whole face and both images looked more attractive and sexy. After that they proposed to give preference to one of the picture with the areas only. In addition, they were asked to name advantages and disadvantages of each photo. The third stage was the formation of the so-called “photo book”: a computer model of the lips that meets all aesthetic requirements.

And here it is, the result: the upper lip should be equal to the bottom in full, and the ratio of the widest part of the lower lip to the width of the samples at the corners of the mouth is just 2 to 1.

Dr. Eshoe’s study also showed that a hollow on the upper lip or “Amur’s bow” plays an important role in the perception of such parts of face as sexual ones by men. A soft, not too pronounced hollow makes the lips of girls almost twice as attractive as the deep, sharply pronounced.

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