When is National Read To Me Day in 2020? Can you answer this question without any prompts, given from our side? To tell you the truth, as the practice shows, only a few people are able to do it without any hesitations. However, the most part of contemporary men and women have never heard about this day existence. We have found this situation to be an unfair one and that is the reason, why we have decided to investigate this matter in details.


Certainly, we understand quite well that discovering the matter concerning what day World Read To Me Day in 2020 is, we have to inform our readers about the historical background of this amazing holiday. Ok, we know it quite, but in this case we haven’t been able to find any information available about its establishers. The reasons for celebrating it on March 19th exactly are also unknown.

mom reading to daughter


What does National Read To Me Day mean? – Frankly speaking, we can’t answer this question instead of you. Why? – The explanation is quite simple indeed. – The matter is that we don’t know for sure your attitude to this leisure activity. You see, among the representatives of modern society there are a lot of those, who don’t like reading at all, preferring books to watching TV or listening to music.

In general, the international campaign with the same name was organized in order to encourage the small children. In accordance with the initiators’ points of view, they have to remind the adults to read to them as often as it is possible. Establishers would like to involve the kids into long discussions and for this purpose the little citizens have to be read regularly.

All in all, International Read to Me! Day follows the next aims:

  • To change the dynamic direction and to encourage the little boys and girls to ask for any kind of support beginning from the early age. It is a main point of the strategy.
  • To inspire the local communities and to promote reading within them.
  • To demonstrate the list of definite organizations, which are able to improve the literacy standards among the local kids.


Discovering such amazing question like “When is International Read To Me Day 2020?” we would like to demonstrate our readers a lot of various pieces of information.

All parents dream that their children grow up smart, educated and read a lot of books. However, not all mothers and fathers like this leisure activity themselves, and then it would be rather surprising to wonder why their child refuses books.

In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, it is necessary to instill love of books from the earliest childhood, and under these circumstances in the future there will be no problems. The child should have a habit of reading and then at an older age, he/she will also continue this hobby.

You can start reading them books beginning from the cradle period. It is known that reading in early childhood helps the kid to develop and to think carefully. In addition, we should mention that this hobby increases the vocabulary, develops imagination and horizons, as well as improves literacy.

The specialists are sure that small boys and girls unconsciously compare themselves with the main characters of books and, together with them, try to survive certain events. Therefore, it means that stories should be chosen carefully for the child. When choosing one, take into account the age and interests of the child. You see, a little person should like the characters.

In most cases it is recommended to introduce a book to a kid from birth. By the way, it is a very important form of communication between a children and adults.


When is Read To Me Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. This is not a serious problem indeed. The date is considered to be fixed and the holiday is celebrated on March 19th every year. It simultaneously means that you can be involved any moment you would like to.

As you can understand on the state level there are no any special occasions devoted to this holiday. However, the establishers have already invented something special. They propose to distribute and to share the books in every corners of the planet, as there are still so many people, who are looking for some books.

Even if you are having a small kid, you may introduce him/her a new thing just on March 19th. While you are bathing or feeding your son or daughter, tell him/her unknown before nursery rhymes and tales. Of course, the baby still does not understand anything, but he/she perfectly captures intonation and sounds.

If you have a toddle, you can devote March 19th to beginning to acquaint him/her with the books. Sit down, take something interesting and read it with emotions, looking at the pictures. Such communication creates a close connection between both of you. In these moments all attention is directed to the baby, which is very important for him/her. As a rule, the baby feels calm, which is very important for the psychological development.

But this is not everything, of course. This special occasion is a perfect opportunity to have a good time in pleasant company. Take it! Organize a family evening or meet your friends in cozy atmosphere and read something aloud. You see, March 19th is an ideal moment for sitting in front of the fireplace with hot and tasty drink.

If you are working at school or in the kindergarten, explain the children all the advantages of this leisure activity. Be sure that they hear you and give some special recommendations, which inspired and interested you in your childhood. It will be unforgettable experience.

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International Read To Me Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of National Read To Me Day in 2020?” we would like to introduce our followers some amazing pieces of information.

The skilled teachers and experienced psychologists recommend to give the child the opportunity to choose a book from the shelf. You should be ready to answer all of his/her questions and to explain what is happening in the book. Be prepared for a long conversation!

After reading, discuss together the theme as well the characters’ behavior. – The actions of heroes and various situations are usually rather amazing. Be ready to explain to the baby what is good and what’s bad. Give the examples of what is friendship, duty, love, etc. All this will help the little person to develop as a proper and rather honest human.

Do not be lazy to give your son or daughter some time. Of course it’s easier to put the child to watch cartoons, and many contemporary people prefer this way. However, is this going to replace your attention? – Of course, not!

The best thing is to read something before going to bed. It will help your baby to relax and tune in to sleep. In addition, the kid will be free to fantasize and imagine the main characters.

By the way, you can start dealing with a long tale and stretch it out for a few evenings, then the son or the daughter will have even more interest to learn the sequel.

And a few more tips:

  • Be sure to do it yourself, your example is best for your child.
  • When choosing or buying books, be sure to involve the small person in this process.
  • Give the child a book.
  • Tell the child the books you read in childhood.
  • Read every day, at least before bedtime for 15 minutes.


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