When is National Poultry Day in 2020? โ€“ In fact this is a perfect question, but only a few people are ready to reply it properly. And, as a rule, most of them are representatives of special professions, institutions or directions. In our turn, we are sure that this special occasion is worth to be known quite well. That is why we have made a decision to investigate the matter in details.


Certainly talking about the matter what day World Poultry Day in 2020 is, we would like to inform our readers about the historical background of this special occasion.

The idea of celebrating the holiday, devoted to these beautiful creatures, was first proposed in the United States at the end of the XIX century.

In 1894, the school inspector Charles Babcock decided to organize a citywide Birds Day festival dedicated to these animals. At this event, all the residents of the city, including children, made hand-made bird feeding racks and spent March 19th in a cheerful relaxed atmosphere.

The matter is that the holiday in Oil City received a wide response from local residents, and the city council decided to celebrate it every year.


In the course of time this idea spread to other states, and a few years later the American tradition was adopted in Europe.

In general, we canโ€™t but mention that feathered creatures have appeared on Earth almost 200 million years ago, even earlier than some mammals. The scientists are sure that their ancestors were the lizards. In conditions of survival, some species stopped creeping and learned to fly.

Although, according to another version, birds are considered descendants of an individual breed of lizards, who managed to overcome the complete extinction of dinosaurs and to cope with new living conditions.

By the way, not everybody knows that the ability to fly is considered to be a serious breakthrough in evolution, because in such a method creatures could quickly escape from predators and get themselves the right amount of food.


What does National Poultry Day mean? โ€“ Frankly speaking, it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate it or to forget completely about its existence. But in our turn we would like to tell you that this event is important enough to be kept by many people all around the planet.

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You see, poultry representatives are the most widespread and numerous group of vertebrates inhabiting all ecosystems of the planet. According to the estimates of the International Union of Ornithologists, at present they are known for several thousand species.

It is poultry that play one of the most important roles, not only in nature, but also in people’s lives. However, because of changes in climatic, economic and other conditions, as well as due to human activities, many of them are at risk of extinction. Reducing the number of birds leads to irreversible consequences.


Investigating the question โ€œWhen is International Poultry Day 2020?โ€ we would like to amaze our followers with as many fascinating facts as it is possible.

In many corners of the planet the coming of spring has always been recognized by the arrival of poultry representatives. When it becomes warm, they usually return to their native places, coping with a huge road. Accordingly, do not be surprised that this holiday can be found in the calendars of many various countries. You see, these creatures live in different climatic zones on the planet. By the way their total number is about 10 thousand varieties.

In this article we would like to underline that the protection of the surrounding biosphere is a necessary and noble cause. Unfortunately, we, people, as the inhabitants of the contemporary planet cause a real threat to many other species. In particular – for birds that make up a significant part of the terrestrial fauna. Many thousands of bird species have been exterminated by humans, and although this process has slowed down, but has not stopped. And many species of poultry are now under real threat of almost complete extinction. Can you believe in it? That is the reason why any measures, which are taken to preserve the diversity of life on the planet have to be welcomed by society.

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When is Poultry Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and this is not a serious problem indeed. The date of this special occasion is considered to be fixed and it means that you can join to its celebration any year and any moment you would like to.

You see, in many countries all around the planet, the event is kept during the spring school break, so schoolchildren as well as students are able to take an active part in it or to organize something special.
In addition to youth, public and state administration, various environmental services and numerous charitable foundations are keen on joining the events. The main goal is to draw attention to the problems of ecology and preservation of the number of bird populations.

In the United States, there are training lessons on which birdhouses and feeding racks are made. Amazing game performances with stories about the life of poultry representatives are arranged either.


Charitable funds collect donations used for shelters and nature reserves.

In Europe, various seminars and thematic conferences are held on March 19th. In their turn lectures are held in educational institutions.

On the holiday it is necessary to congratulate all the wildlife defenders, who make a significant contribution to the conservation of bird populations and the solution of environmental problems.

Representatives of foundations and environmental organizations tell the public about the problems and pressing issues related to the disappearance of rare birds. They also offer interesting programs for acquaintance with the life and habitat of endangered species.

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The International Union for the Protection of Birds usually chooses the main bird, which is considered to be the symbol of the following year.

International Poultry Day Facts

Investigating the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Poultry Day in 2020?โ€ we want to underline the importance of these creatures as well as to tell something interesting about them.

Here is our list:

  • Nowadays in the world there are a number of dates that are dedicated to poultry representatives: Day of birds, National Day of Birds in the USA, International Day of Migratory Birds, National Day of Birds in Great Britain, Obretenie. So you can celebrate them all if you like.
  • Ornithology is considered to be a special science that studies birds. All in all there are 10,000 species of birds on the planet.
  • Poultry inhabit all ecosystems in the world and they live on six continents.
  • The smallest bird is a hummingbird. It is so tiny that sometimes you canโ€™t even notice it in the wild nature. The largest is the African ostrich, which is really huge.
  • There is a theory that birds originated from reptiles. The hypothesis was put forward after the discovery of the fossilized remains of Archeopteryx in 1860 in modern Germany.
  • Birds can migrate thousands of kilometers. Penguins regularly move to great distances by swimming.
  • Most of the birds suffer from parasites that carry pathogens. A number of them are transmitted to a person and may cause some danger to health.
  • There are birds which are able to pollinate plants. Sometimes their function is irreplaceable. Seeds of some flowers germinate only after passing through the digestive tract.


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