When is Maritime Day in 2020? – Frankly speaking, that is not an easy question to be answered for our contemporaries. Only the people, who are in this sphere or dealing with this direction, can answer it immediately. But, unfortunately, for the most part of modern people it is nothing more than an interesting name of the next holiday written in the calendar. Or in some cases they even haven’t heard about it.

That is the reason why we are going to tell our readers about this event in details.


It seems impossible to answer the question “What is the date if Maritime Day 2020?” without taking into account the historical background of this event, which is considered to be more or less new. So the matter is that every year on the last Monday of September people in many countries of the planet celebrate this unusual occasion.

At the very beginning it is necessary to mention that like most other contemporary international commemorative calendar dates, this holiday was established by the United Nations Organization in 1978.

Maritime Day 2017

But until 1980, the holiday was celebrated in spring, in March exactly, but later its celebration was postponed. And since then the event has been celebrated every year in September.

All in all this holiday has a perfect aim. It is dedicated to the conservation of marine biological resources, as well as to the problems of ecological safety in the sea cargo transportation.


What does Maritime Day mean? That is a very useful question. – All in all the purpose of this date creation is to draw public attention to the necessity to take care of the sea and its natural resources. The founders are trying to give this really requested problem a global status. Why? – The matter is that sea is considered to be an important and irreplaceable resource of our planet.

But it is a human being, who causes great damage to the sea and oceans by various thoughtless actions.

Establishing the World Maritime Day, the UN wanted to decide one of the main tasks: to reduce significantly all the damages caused to the sea nowadays. Most part of this harm is because of the development of new subsea oil fields.

According to the UN official statistics, over the past 100 years the amount of tuna, cod or marlin has been reduced for almost 90% of the total population. And as to the same terrifying data every year people throw up to 20 million barrels of oil into the sea.

It is difficult even to imagine but in some parts of the world ocean, water surface has turned to be a giant landfill, equal in size small countries.

That is the main reason while the answer to the question “When is World Maritime Day 2020?” is considered to be rather important on the global level.


Worse has been to follow. Annually, the production wastes as well as garbage kill up to 100,000 marine mammals and fish.

Moreover, we should also mention that because of the global warming the world’s ocean level increases each year. The scientists have already discovered that for 100 years, water has increased up to 25 cm.

Careful treatment of the marine resources as well as their rational use is considered to be the key points to the preservation and extension of the harmony in the world ocean depths.

Nowadays there are two global problems related to the protection of marine resources.

First of all this is marine pollution caused by goods carried by sea, especially oil. Annually seas and oceans get about 21 million barrels of oil. And the second point is the percentage change of the deep sea inhabitants.

According to various reports in recent years from the seas in the whole territory of the planet, some species of fish have been caught by 90%.

The types, which are in danger now, are the following: marlin, cod and tuna. Besides all the facts mentioned above every year the sea gets a huge amount of waste of various origins. Unfortunately, this causes the death of not only marine but also aerial coastal inhabitants. This process should be stopped as soon as possible. If we want to live in harmony with nature, it is necessary to reconsider our attitude to the world ocean depths. And International Maritime Day is dedicated to all the problems.

The public attention attraction, as well as the involving of public and private entities, is considered to be the main tasks to ensure the safety of the seas and their biological resources.


Traditionally for children this holiday is held in schools and kindergartens, libraries and other public organizations.

Kids like to take part in various unusual festivals and amazing competitions. As a rule the adults tell the younger generation many curious facts about the underwater world, its wealth, the necessity of the sea and the ocean existence for people as well as about what contribution everyone can make for the conservation of these unique natural resources.

At this day many governmental organizations often set various marches and different rallies in support of the seas, as well as organize voluntary cleaning of beaches, in which everyone can take an active part. So if you want to spend some time in an amazing way, it is recommended to mind what day National Maritime Day in 2020 is. It is on May 22.

Maritime Day

Of course, everybody prefers to choose the own way of the holiday celebration. Somebody prefers to do it in the company of friends or in the warm family circle. Others like spending time along, thinking about something special, reading or drawing.

We would like to mention that when is National Maritime Day in 2020, calendar will tell you without any difficulties, but you should remember about its importance. If you love the sea, try to spend a holiday dedicated to it, right on the coast.

There is no such possibility, it is recommended to watch a documentary film or to read a book on relevant topics. And do not forget to congratulate all your friends, who are adored by the sea! And as a rule everybody has a lot of those friends, mates and colleagues.

Maritime Day Facts

The largest area in the world is taken by the Sargasso Sea. The water of the reservoir covers the territory of โ€‹โ€‹7,000,000 sq. km. Its antithesis is the White Sea, the surface area of โ€‹โ€‹which is only 90 thousand km2.

The shallowest sea on the Earth is called the Yellow Sea. Its depth does not exceed one hundred meters, however, the scientists consider it to be a sea, not a lake. In contrast to the Yellow Sea, the Filipino Sea is the deepest one: 10 thousand 265 meters.

Unfortunately on the planet only some people know about the Weddell Sea. It stands out from all existing reservoirs of this kind because of its clear or even crystal clear water, the chemical composition of which is very similar to that of distilled water. Weddell Sea is located near the coast of the icy continent – Antarctica. We should also note that transparency is a peculiar feature of another sea the Mediterranean one, as well as the unusual waters of the Guiana basin of the Atlantic.

Most salty water reserve in the world is the Red Sea. But it has some other titles, such as “the dirtiest” and “the warmest”. But as to the direct salt content, the Red Sea is considered to be an absolute winner, which has outdone even the oceans.

All in all these places are unique and they should be protected worldwide not only in some definite corners of our planet.


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