Nowadays mostly all people on the planet live in peace and it is very important for them all to keep the world in such a state. We all know what had happened earlier when wars covered different countries, which struggled for their power with each other, millions of people dies and other horrors happened. Together with those, who couldnโ€™t solve problems, mostly political, without armed conflicts, there were people, and they still are, who promoted peace on the planet and between us all. And they dedicated a whole international holiday, which is dedicated to peace in the whole world. We will know, what is this holiday about and also find out, when is International Peace Day in 2024.


To discuss the holiday, its meaning and other important things we first of all need to speak about its background, to observe its history and how it all began. It is a rather serious holiday with serious roots that is why it is important to know deeply a lot about it all. Good understanding lets us develop more and more our knowledge and horizons. Also after it, all everybody will be able to form his or her own point of view on the concrete topic.

International Peace Day

So, letโ€™s move to the facts from the history itself. The holiday itself promoted absence of any conflicts, especially political, and ceasefire. It all has been begun with the UN Assembly, which announced this day in 1981 and people celebrated it for the first time a year later. First, the date has not been chosen and the holiday has been celebrated once a year in September on the third Tuesday. But later in 2001, the Assembly changed this rule and since 2002 the date has been fixed and is celebrated till now. That is why right from that period people know, what day National Peace Day in 2024 is and try to promote it to more and more people and do it all year round.


What does National Peace Day mean, we will find out in a couple of further paragraphs and will sort out the main details of it all. So, maybe from the previous paragraphs, you have already puzzled out a couple of phrases, which helped you a bit. But we still have to give you the full description of it. That is why letโ€™s move further and discuss the main points, which we need for full understanding of the holidayโ€™s sense.

So, the peace day has been, as we already know, created about 40 years ago and since that time it is celebrated annually. The day promoted peace in the world, the absence of armed conflicts and ceasefire. The conflicts are not only political, not only wars, but it all is also about conflicts in our usual life, between each other, which happen every single day. To protect the world from it all, the UN Assembly promoted the idea of this holiday throughout the world. They promoted the idea, that it is always possible to cooperate with each other, that any conflict and question can be solved with the use of peaceful methods. On the contrary, war and armed conflicts bring only problems, sufferings and huge people losses. That is why for every of us it is rather important to remember, when is International Day of Peace 2024.


A couple of paragraphs earlier we have found out the meaning of the holiday being discussed. In general, it all must be right clear for all of us, though there are still some things, which we did not mention and we will have time to discuss it a bit further. This all may be became clear not only from the discussions of the previous paragraphs but from the name itself, which tells us the dayโ€™s motives clearly. But letโ€™s combine everything we have said and make a concrete and full definition of it all.

So, the peace day is one day every year, when all people celebrate the idea of peaceful cooperation with each other and peaceful solving of questions. This idea became necessary because of rising number of armed conflicts in the world and the situation when different countries could not solve their problems by the means of usual communication. It was really a problem because in such state of things people can simply wallow in their wars and fighting, forgetting about normal peaceful life. That is why during this day people promote peace, talk about possible peaceful forms of solving problems, remember people, who made everything to stop political conflicts and avoided wars and victims. For it all, it is well known, what is the date of World Peace Day 2024.


As any holiday, this one has its traditions and symbols. We have already discussed some peculiarities of this day; nevertheless, there are still some things to be discussed. Fro example, there is a well-known symbol for quite a big number of people โ€“ white dove. Usually, it symbolizes peace, purity, the absence of war and conflicts. Many people believe that this bird brings peace to the place, where it suddenly appears or when someone sees it. It is treated as a good sign.

International Peace Day

Also, there is tradition to celebrate this holiday, but not all people understand, what is concretely done. There is an organization, which attract volunteers for this work โ€“ promotion of peace. These organizations create various activities, which show people, how everything can be solved in the world without conflicts, show the results of wars and other things. They organize parades, exhibitions, which tell us about peace and promote this idea, pray and light candles, held ceremonies, dedicated to the topic, and much more. Every year they try to spread their ideas and try to invent new methods to influence peopleโ€™s minds and stop violence and deaths at wars and armed conflicts in the world.

International Peace Day Facts

So, we have mentioned and observed practically everything, which concerns the named holiday. Those, who didnโ€™t know anything on this topic, had an opportunity to get new useful information, change their views and broaden their minds. Maybe some people after reading this article will join the community and will also struggle for peace in the whole world and will promote solving problems between countries without armed forces.

An interesting fact, by the way, is that the symbol of peace and also of this holiday โ€“ white dove, usually pictured with an olive branch, goes from religion. Different religions treated this bird from early times like the symbol of freedom, peace, and calmness. It was a good sign at any times and it went through ages till our days.

Also, we have not still mentioned when is Peace Day in 2024, by the calendar, though we have spoken practically about everything on this point. So, you can see beforehand, that this holiday will be celebrated on September 21, as it goes since the 2002 year when the Assembly changed their previous decision and earlier tradition has been ruined.


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