When is National German Beer Day in 2020? This is a rather amazing question. However, unfortunately, only a few people are ready to answer it without any prompts, given from our side. To tell you the truth, for us this situation looks like a bit strange. Why? โ€“ You see, up to the present moment beer is considered an inseparable part of the culture of Germany. It is a national drink of the great country, so frankly speaking, that is the reason, why we have decided to discover the holidays in details.


Discovering the matter what day German Beer Day in 2020 is, we have to demonstrate our followers the amazing pieces of information, concerning the historical background of the event. Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to discover any facts about the establishers of this amazing special occasion. At the same time, we know nothing about the reason to celebrate it on April 23rd annually.

However, the first mention of this so called “barley juice” in Bavaria dates back to 736, and 30 years later, an officially documented beverage certificate appeared. It was an agreement on the supply of beer from the city of Geisingen to the monastery of St. Gallen. Originating in southern Germany, the love of a drink spread gradually throughout the country. With the development of trade, there was a need to unify somehow production, to regulate prices and to establish quality standards. In addition, the government made a decision to reduce the consumption of valuable wheat, forcing the leading brewers to use cheap barley.


At the same we can t but mention that the first administrative attempts to ban the addition of quite various components to beverage. For secure reasons it was decided to elaborate a single standard for this drink. The first attempts were made in 1434 and 1487, and at last, in 1516 the Bavarian Duke William IV issued his famous “Decree on the beer purity” (Reinheitsgebot). The document asked the brewers to limit the components exclusively to barley malt, hop, and some water, of course. Later this list was added by brewer’s yeast.

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By the way, we should mention that it was made an exception for the sorts with fermentation. – They could contain sugar. In 1987 the Germans reduced the requirements for imported brands under the condition that the label would list all the components of the product.

It should be mentioned that up to the present moment, Reinheitsgebot is integrated into German life and its modified version can be bought.


What does German Beer Day mean? Well, are you sure that we manage to give the definite reply to this question instead of you? If your answer is positive, it means that you are mistaken. The matter is that it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion or to forget completely about its existence. We canโ€™t do it! You see, among the representatives of the contemporary society there are a lot of those who do not like this drink, so, of course, these men and women are not going to celebrate.

In general, German beverage is distinguished by a rich variety of flavors and varieties. However, at the same time, the most part of its manufacturers follow a common standard, the so-called decree on the purity. According to consumption of a drink per capita, Germans can be compared only with the Czechs and Austrians, but they outperform much the representatives of all other countries.



Discovering the question โ€œWhen is International German Beer Day 2020?โ€ we would like to introduce our followers a list of the most popular sorts of this drink.

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Here it is the top 10 best-selling brands:

  • Oettinger – the company, which positions itself as a leader in the low-cost segment, specializing in beverage “for every person”.
  • Krombacher is a former market leader. In 2004, after the continuous competition, Oettinger became the winner. This manufacturer produces the most popular in Germany Pilsner.
  • Bitburger – despite the third position in the general rating, it is considered “a draft beer number 1”.
  • Beck’s is a traditional Bremen brand. Since 2002 it has been a part of the Interbrew concern.
  • Warsteiner closes the top five leaders of the ancient and worldwide famous brands. This concern has been existing since 1753.
  • Hasseroder is considered to be one more member of the famous concern Interbrew, with the long history the end of the XIX century.
  • Veltins is represented by the production, which was founded in 1824 as a small home brewery. Today the brand sells almost 3 million hectoliters of products per year.
  • Paulaner is a Munich brewery, one of the six main productions that supply beverage to the Oktoberfest.
  • Radeberger has existed since 1872. It specializes exclusively in Pilsneres.
  • Erdinger is the world’s largest production, specializing in the production of wheat varieties.


When is German Beer Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. And this is not a serious problem in fact. The holiday is celebrated on April 23rd annually, that is why you are free to join every year you like or would love to.

Of course, the best idea for this holiday celebration will be to organize a party with the drink degustation. Invite some friends, buy some bottles and enjoy your evening.

German Beer celebration

If you prefer to spend April 23rd alone or in a small circle, drink it in front of TV, reading or listening to music.

However, no matter what idea you are going to choose, we will give you some recommendations. As a rule, wheat beer is drunk from a slender glass with a volume of 500 ml. The vessel should be narrow below and expanding upward. Other varieties are taken from the so-called squat mugs. However, in particularly refined bars each sort is poured into its special kind of glass.

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By the way, in accordance with the specialistsโ€™ points of view, this drink should be stored at a temperature of no higher than 10 degrees. Beer sommeliers do not recommend mixing beer with other types of alcohol. Only under these conditions you wonโ€™t “lose your head” and will be able enjoy the taste fully.

And now letโ€™s talk about snacks. – Fried sausages are considered to be the best appetizer for German beer. Usually Germans take their national drink with salted nuts, meat cuts, smoked sausages, pickled cucumbers and fried pork. In general, the representatives of this country prefer fatty and nutritious snacks, but you can choose whatever you like.

National German Beer Day Facts

Investigating the question โ€œWhat is the date of German Beer Day in 2020?โ€ we want to demonstrate the followers some amazing pieces of information.

We canโ€™t but mention that in Germany all unfiltered lagers are called by the general term “Kellerbier”. However, you should be rather careful when you are choosing something special in the shop, as all the sorts can vary greatly in both strength and color.

Another well-known sort has a long and very complicated name, Zwickelbier. All in all Zwickelbier is a sort of light, sparkling unfiltered beer, which rarely exported abroad, therefore this sort is considered to be popular only within the country. The strength of the drink does not exceed 5%. In the former times the so-called first portion of this unfiltered beverage was taken from a barrel by a brewery owner. This person tasted it and only after that proposed to everybody around.


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