In todayโ€™s article, we would like to discuss one special topic, which is very close to every of us practically, that we even often do not notice it all. We would like to speak about cats โ€“ which role do they play in our lives, what do they do for us, why do we need them at all and such like questions. And it all is reasonable, because so many families own at least one fluffy friend, and often even more. Also thousand and even millions of homeless cats live on the streets near us, we see them every day. People, who especially care about the lives of these little animals, created a holiday, which is dedicated to cats. And they got a lot of supporters all over the world. That is why today we will speak about this holiday and will know, when is National Cat Day in 2022.


To observe the whole picture of the holiday and this day, all in all, we need to observe its background first to be fully aware of the most important information of it. Together with this, the knowledge will give us a full understanding of the reasons for the creation of the holiday and also will make us understand the sense of it all more. Still, there are some people, who do not like animals, and they do not appreciate this day and all these meetings at all, but it is hard to judge, whether it is reasonable or not.

National Cat Day

So, to be closer to the history, it is not that long. It all began only in 2005 โ€“ at that year the first holiday has been spent. We should say thank you for the creation of this day to C.Paige, a person, who was an animal advocate. This person strongly believed that people have no enough attention and responsibility to our fluffy friends, that is why such a necessity risen. Suddenly, or maybe it was reasonable, people supported the idea and there were thousands of people found, who really cared about the destinies and lives of these animals.

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What does National Cat Day mean, we will find out in a couple of further paragraphs, dedicated to this one topic. It is also very important to understand correctly, why it is all needed, what are peopleโ€™s aims, and do you too need to take part in it all or support the ideas of others. You may also not be aware of the goals of people, who organize or take part in such like meetings, but in such a way, you may miss something important for you personally. Or maybe you have never paid any attention to this or that problem, but with the help of such holidays, you will realize, that it all really exists and you want to join it all.

So, speaking about the main meaning of the holiday โ€“ it was created for people, to pay their attention to cats. There are plenty of them, but we often do not even notice them, their problems, lives and even things, which they bring us. There are so many homeless and ill cats, which suffer from bad health, but they are so many, that we even do not notice it all. There are many people, who want to have a cat, but in a short period of time, they throw their pet outside, where it can no longer survive and suffer all its life. We really do not think about it all, though it all is our responsibility. That is why it is important for us all to know, what dayย  National Cat Day in 2022 is.


In a couple of previous paragraphs we have already defined, what does the named holiday mean and what for do people need it at all. But here we would like to pay your attention to this question one more time, as some of us may still have some questions towards this or that point. So, to be closer โ€“ this day has been created by a person, who worked in the special Animal Association and was their advocate. This person saw all the situation from the inside that is why had an opportunity to explain it all to people clearly.

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Though some skeptics may still think that this holiday is useless, are not fair towards this movement and people, who always join it all and try to help as possible. Since that time, though it is not very long, participants saved millions of catsโ€™ lives. Is it not so good, you think? When we help others, it is always better for us personally. It is not that difficult to do at least some small thing, which is worth nothing for us but may help anybody else. That is why you too try to remember, when is International Cat Day 2022 and take part in some of its events.


Speaking about this particular day, there are plenty of traditions, which all the participants can share or take part into something. Though there are some people, who are too active and take part in everything, that is offered by the organizers. The main thing, which any visitor can do, is to adopt a cat. Usually, it all is organized in a form of a festival, where homeless cats are brought. You can come, look at them, touch, play, feed, etc. Many people come there and meet the cat, which they take home at the end or present to their children for example. These people are great because they save at least several lives of these small cuties.

National Cat Day

Also, an important way to help cats is to donate food, money, medicals or other things, which may help to save their lives. Many people canโ€™t take an animal home, but they are able to bring these things, which are always in need in all places, where these animals live, as they have no masters. The rest of the people also spend this holiday at home with their family if they have a cat on their own. They can buy some tasty things for their lovely pet, some toy or a costume, for example. All in all, you can invent anything you wish during this day, you just need to know, what is the date of Cat Day 2022.

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Cat Day Facts

We have observed a lot of things, which are dedicated to the holiday, which we are speaking about. It was very important to observe the background of it all and the main things, which are traditionally done during this holiday all over the world. The holiday is beloved both by children and adults, as we all know that cats evoke a cute feeling inside the heart of any person. According to the statistics, thanks to such organizations and such holidays people made it possible to same millions of cats all over the world. Just imagine, how many happy catsโ€™ hearts are thankful to their savers!

There exist a website of this holiday on the internet, where any person can go a find a lot of information, which may be important or useful for those, who are willing to take part in it all. For example, there is information about possible help, about all the events, which are planned for the holiday, some part of the background history, and also information for those, who would like to take part in it. Every, who visit this site, will be able to find there any information, which he or she was looking for there. By the way, we have forgotten to mention the information about when is Cat Day in 2022, by the calendar. It happens annually on October 29.


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