When is World Hemophilia Day in 2020? โ€“ All in all this is the question, the answer of which is known only in definite circles. As a rule, these people are united by the same problem: they themselves or somebody from their surrounding is suffering from this terrible disease, although, they may be specialists, who are dealing with this problem as well.


Investigating the matter devoted to the question what day National Hemophilia Day in 2020 is we discovered a great amount of amazing fact concerning of the historical background of this event. Today we are going to share them with you.

One and a half to two centuries ago, people with hemophilia were doomed – they suffered from constant bleeding and often did not reach adulthood, dying in their youth from complications.

Hemophilia Day

The cause of the disease, a lack of blood clotting factors, became clear in the second half of the 20th century. At the same time, scientists suggested that the concentrates of the missing clotting factors can be transferred to patients. In those years, therapy was associated with the risk of contracting hepatitis and unfortunately, as a result of this treatment thousands of people died from viral infections.

It was possible to solve the problem after the appearance of recombinant, which is an artificially created coagulability factors. Their use has helped minimize the risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis. Patients with hemophilia are forced to give themselves daily injections of the necessary clotting factors.

The special occasion was established in order to draw the public attention of people, who have to struggle every day in order to live the ordinary life. Unfortunately, we donโ€™t know for sure why we have to celebrate it exactly on April 17th.


What does Hemophilia Day mean? Frankly speaking, as the practice shows, this holiday is celebrated mostly by people, who are in theme. As a rule, most part of them involves the people, who are suffering from this terrible disease since the early childhood or those men or women, who are living in this surrounding: family members, friends, relatives, doctors, various scientists and representatives of social organizations.

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In fact the most popular bearer of this disease was the well-known English Queen called Victoria. Nowadays, there has been a scientifically proved version in accordance to which the terrible mutation occurred precisely inside the genotype of this lady. The matter is that the historians discovered that there were no any people suffering with hemophilia in her parents’ families. However, following the another idea, the presence of gene, containing this illness in Queen Victoria could be explained by the version that her real father was not Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent, but quite another man, who was suffering from this diagnose. But, in fact, it is nothing but a version, as there have been no any historical evidences received in favor of this idea.


Of course, the question โ€œWhen is International Hemophilia Day 2020?โ€ need the introduction of some additional pieces of information.

First of all, we should mention that hemophilia is considered to be a hereditary blood disorder, characterizing by a violation of its clotting. It usually occurs because of the lack of definite blood proteins, called from the specialists’ points of view blood clotting factors. Depending on what factor has missed, there can be distinguished different types of this disease. The most widespread ones are hemophilia of A and B types. These varieties of disease are transmitted through the female line, however, mostly the men have it. According to WHO statistics, every five thousandth boy on the planet is born with type A. About a quarter of cases are caused by a spontaneous mutation and the disease occurs in a child whose parents do not carry the defective gene.

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Unfortunately, the specialists need much more time and skills to fight for this illness. The specialists of developed countries do everything possible to make the life of suffering people easier.


When is Hemophilia Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. As the holiday had a fixed date it wonโ€™t be difficult to memorize it. This day is always kept on April 17th and it is considered to be an international one. This fact means that the event is spent all around the planet. And it is not a great surprise in fact, as the people, who are suffering from this terrible diagnose lives everywhere from east to west, and from north to south.

Of course, this special occasion is not the bank one and we have to go to work on April 17th as usually, however, the local authorities prefer to organize something special as well. For example, you can visit various lectures or exhibitions devoted to the illness. As a rule, these meetings are created by specialists or volunteers, who are going to draw much attention to the problem. They constantly need funds for new discoveries as well as for ill people, who are in need. So you can always donate something.

If it is not possible, you can devote this day to discovering the illness. Nowadays there have been a great amount of specialized literature, internet articles, films and documentaries about this matter. That is why you can choose something amazing to your taste. As a rule, people surprise to find out how many famous people have or had this disease and despite this terrible fact they managed to live a life full of bright colors and greats events.

child with Hemophilia

National Hemophilia Day Facts

The investigation of the matter โ€œWhat is the date of World Hemophilia Day in 2020?โ€ showed that this destination needs a great amount of explanations and clarifications. And here is a list of facts that we have found for you.

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Factually, until recently, the essential strategy taken by leading pharmaceutical companies was directed at the creation of pure preparations of the required blood clotting factors. It was not just intended to refuse daily injections. The matter is that this therapy is considered to be rather painful for poor patients, most part of whom, are small kids.

The contemporary strategy, which has been proposed by modern researchers, is directed to the development of new medicines, which can be taken not so often. Nowadays it has become quite possible because of the increased stability of the required recombinant proteins and the fact that they are able to can circulate in the blood much longer.

Nowadays researchers have been testing two new concepts at once. One group of researchers suggests using of coagulation factors in pills daily instead of injections, and another is sure that the so-called gene therapy, the effectiveness of which has already been tested in patients, can be a way out.

A single injection of specially developed gene vaccines into patients suffering from hemophilia helped with severe illness and moderate illness. For those people it was possible to refuse injections for a whole year, and this factor simplified their lives significantly.

And the final, the third phase of clinical trials, in which it is supposed to choose the ideal dosage for gene therapy, was started in December 2017. Research has not been completed yet, but specialists hope that in this experiment it will be possible to confirm the effectiveness of such therapy.


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