Bright Friday

Light Friday falls on the corresponding day of the week after Easter (Holy Week). This holiday is timed to one of the greatest events for the Christian world – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The whole week after Easter is considered a holiday, but Good Friday occupies a particularly honorable place in it.

Churches on this day honor the icon of the Mother of God, called the “Life-giving Source”. The tradition involves the consecration of water during the service, as well as a procession to the nearest stream or lake. It is desirable to use consecrated water for watering a garden or vegetable garden to obtain a generous harvest.

Among the Slavic peoples, Good Friday was called the Forgiven Day. According to tradition, the mother-in-law and father-in-law invited the son-in-law or his entire family to visit. On this day, the girls woke up at dawn to gather dew for washing. It was believed that in this way they would preserve their beauty for a long time.

IN Bright Friday you shouldn’t do some things. First of all, it concerns quarrels and slander. There is also a ban on visiting the cemetery.

Bright Friday
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