When is Earth Hour in 2020? โ€“ That is the question the answer to which should be known to every contemporary men and women all around the world. But, unfortunately, it is not so. Frankly speaking, some representatives of modern society have already heard about this special occasion, however, only a few of them support the action properly.


Certainly, investigating the matter what day Earth Hour in 2020 is, we would like to share various fact with our readers. As a rule, the questions concerning the historical background of any event are in great demand among the followers. World 60 minutes was launched in the distant city of Sydney (Australia). It happened more than 10 years ago in 2007. The very first event involved 2.2 million homes (flats, apartments and private houses) and private companies. All the people, who were taking a segment in the special occasion, turned off all the lamps in their premises for one period in order to demonstrate their strong position, concerning the problems concerning the climate change.

Earth Hour

Just one year later World 60 minutes turned into a global movement, involved more than 150 million men and women, which were the representatives of 35 states. The amazing thing is that such famous attractions as the Harbor Bridge (Australian Sydney), the CN Tower (the Canadian city of Toronto), the Golden Gate Bridge (the American city of San Francisco) as well as the Colosseum (Italian Rome) took an active part in this even. They all were standing in the darkness during the established World Period. The next step was in March 2009, when the important 60 minutes became the most massive action, happened in the history of mankind. By the way, according to WWF, it was joined by more than a billion planet inhabitants.

The Planet Hour 2011 has already brought together about 2 billion participants from 135 countries worldwide. Since then, the action has been gaining momentum, and more and more new people, cities and states join annually.

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What does Earth Hour mean? โ€“ Well, we are not sure, that we have to give you a definite reply to this question. All in all, it is up to you to decide, whether to be involved into something or not. The special occasion is relatively popular, but not all contemporary men and women participate in it.

In general, the Planet Moments is an international action established by the World Wildlife Fund. It encourages people, different kinds of organizations and businesses to switch off optional light and electrical devices for one hour (8.30 – 9.30 pm), as a mark of their participation to preserving the surrounding.

The action is aimed at drawing much attention to the existing problems of our planet. Every inhabitant of the World can make his/her own contribution to the surrounding protection. The smallest thing you may do is to turn off all electrical items and gadgets for an hour and spend 60 minutes without any sort of electricity.


Investigating the question โ€œWhat is the date of Earth Hour in 2020?โ€ we are quite happy to demonstrate you a lot of interesting facts concerning this special occasion.

As it has been already told above, the Planet Moments is an international action initiated by WWF’s World Wide Fund for Nature, during which people, all-level organizations and private companies switch off possible lamps and electrical devices as a mark of their unity and support to preserving the planet.

The event is mainly aimed at drawing attention to the World’s pollution matters (consequences of climate change as well as harmful human activities, etc.), to make modern men and women think about and to stop the natural environment degradation.

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In accordance to the WWF Report on the Living Planet, now contemporary humanity takes about 1.6 times more than the existing nature can provide. You see, we need not one, but 1.6 planets to support our life. And every year the situation is deteriorating: humanity releases more carbon dioxide into the planet atmosphere than the oceans and various forests can use, deplete fish stocks and log trees and even bushes faster than they can regenerate and grow, produce more debris than the planet can “digest.” This leads to the disappearance of forests, food shortages, acidification of the ocean, extinction of living creatures.

“The Earth Hour is not an ordinary event or a boring campaign, it is not even a specific chronological hour in time. Here is a so-called manifesto for people to be ready to change their way of life to a certain position, which is environmentally friendly. They have to cherish their home-planet,” the administration representatives say.


When is Earth Hour in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. However, you have to be rather careful if you would like to be involved. The matter is that the special occasion doesnโ€™t have a fixed date. It is celebrated the last Saturday in March. In 2020 it will be on March 28th.

As it has been already noted above, this year’s environmental “Earth Hour” will be organized around the planet on March 28th. In particular, it is necessary to switch off unnecessary lamps and electrical appliances (20:30 – 21:30).

Earth Hour in Germany

Remarkably, the theme of the current campaign is Connect2Earth (“Catch the connection with the Planet”). As the establishers note, they tried to translate into a modern way a message: a man today is divorced from the World, so we invite all to restore communication and start taking care of nature around.

“For 2012, the number of important species decreased by 38%, freshwater by 81%, marine by 36%.” We will not “get in touch, the situation will worsen.” Our surrounding is a network of billions of living organisms, available systems and existing phenomena, a multi- surrounds us 24/7, gives us important water, clear air, useful resources, and it does not belong to us, we are only a part of it. In this Planet Hour we would like people to feel their close connection with the world web of life, “explains the main coordinator of WWF in the European countries.

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According to the administration of the organization, this year 700 cities are going to join the worldwide action called “Hour of the Earth”. In some of the mentioned above. in addition to symbolic shutdown, other manipulations will be carried out in support of environment saving.

To tell you the truth it seems to be amazing. Perhaps it is a good chance to be involved, isnโ€™t it?

Earth Hour Facts

This question needs many clarifications and explanations. People nowadays have to understand what they are doing and why. Here is the reason why we find it necessary to show what we have already achieved, as we are that these things are so important for every contemporary person.

Many skeptics consider the action useless, as it does not save electricity and, in their opinion, does not improve the environment in any way. But WWF emphasizes that the goal of the event is not to save energy resources, it is not designed for instant results and still brings great advantages.

Over the years of the “Hour of the Planet” action, thousands of environmental initiatives have been implemented. For example, Russia adopted new legislation on the seas and forests protection, in Kazakhstan, local planted 20 million trees, in India and the Philippines the representatives began to massively transfer houses to lighting with solar panels, in distant and developing Argentina, active men and women protected taken 3.4 million hectares of marine territory etc.

Moreover, we canโ€™t but mention that the improved consumers’ habits of millions of people have already changed the world.


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