When is National Raspberry Cream Pie Day in 2022? Are you ready to answer this question immediately and without any hesitations? Well, to tell you the truth, we predict what you are going to say. As a rule, the most part of our followers reply negatively, as they have never heard about the existence of some special occasions in the modern calendar. Are you among them? Oh, please, donโ€™t worry or get upset! Today we are going to introduce this event to you. Would you like to join? We are starting!


Talking about the matter what day Raspberry Cream Pie Day in 2022 is, we canโ€™t but mention the historical background of the event. As a rule, this direction is in the list of the most requested ones among our followers.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find out the names of the people, who established the holiday. And at the same time we still donโ€™t know why we have to hold it on August 1st annually. Perhaps initially it was nothing but a successful marketing decision. However, people appreciated it a lot, so it turned to become a tradition.

All in all, the Ancient Egyptians were the first people who started to make pies. Initially, they put fruit and honey filling into the dough of oats or wheat. Frankly speaking, then almost any dish could be called a pie. The fact is that in ancient times dough was used as nothing but a dish for other ingredients. It resembled a storage container: the filling was eaten, and the dough was thrown away or given to the poor. The pies were very tough and it was almost impossible to eat it without soaking.


What does Raspberry Cream Pie Day mean? Well, are you really sure that we can answer this question instead of you? Certainly, not! In the modern world it is only up to you to decide what special occasions to celebrate and which ones can be forgotten without any hesitations and regrets.

Up to the present moment, pies are considered to be the well-known symbols of home warmth and comfort. Today, this kind of bakery can be found in all cuisines of the world, and almost every chef has a recipe for his perfect pie.

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There are hundreds of different cake recipes. California even hosts the Strange Pie Contest to determine the most original, bizarre, and unconventional pie recipe. For instance, there have been recipes with traditional peanut butter and pickles, French fries, bacon and mayonnaise, candied peppers and chocolate.

Even a beginner can easily cope with the preparation of such a simple raspberry pie. And, for an experienced one, there will be no problems at all. The dish brings pleasure from the ease of the process and the inimitable berry aroma of the filling! It can be cooked every day, especially in the country during the raspberry season.

For example, you can just get up in the morning, pick up berries from a bush into a bowl and it will be everything in fact. The only thing you should also do is to make the dough according to the recipe and wait for the moment when the simple raspberry pie is ready.

What’s next?

And then set the table, boil the kettle, take out the dishes. And get ready for the visit of your neighbors, who will certainly be “invited” by the magical aroma!


Frankly speaking, it is almost impossible to answer the question โ€œWhen is International Raspberry Cream Pie Day 2022?โ€ without mentioning the amazing details of this direction.

Following the Raspberry pie is the quintessence of summer. Whatever it is, we know for sure that it will be juicy, aromatic and very tasty. There is no other berry that would remain so fragrant even after thermal processing. Even a small handful of raspberries added to the dough changes any pie for the better.

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Following the experienced bakers, raspberry pies can be baked both open and closed. Open ones usually represent a thin basket of shortbread or puff pastry filled with raspberries and some kind of filling – cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream filling, custard.

Closed ones can be made from yeast, puff or shortcrust pastry. In addition to the raspberry layer, you can also add a layer of cottage cheese to them. It will surely prevent the dough from getting wet from the juice.

Raspberry pies can be also made according to the principle of charlotte or jellied pie. In fact they are no less popular than the other ones. The berries are poured over with a batter or simply mixed with it. In practice the recipes are not difficult. Even children can easily prepare them.


When is Raspberry Cream Pie Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you and there is no need to worry about it. Are you going to celebrate this year? Well, donโ€™t forget to memorize this the date then. It is fact it is not difficult, as it is considered to be fixed. So it simultaneously means that the holiday can be kept on August 1st annually. You are free to join every moment you would like it.

Perhaps the best way to celebrate this holiday would be to bake or to buy this tasty dessert and to have a real tasting in the evening. All in all, it is up to you to choose what kind of evening to have. You may organize a party and invite as many people as you like or it may be something home and cozy. Both ways have their own advantages and as you can see August 1st is an ideal time for them. Usually the weather is warm and comfortable.  

By there is a great idea! โ€“ You can ask your guests to bake their own pies and bring them all to your party. All in all, nowadays it is not difficult to find many various interpretations of the same dish. Well, it would be a cool tasting. It will bring you a huge amount of positive emotions and you will remember this time for a long time.

National Raspberry Cream Pie Day Facts

Discovering the question โ€œWhat is the date of Raspberry Cream Pie Dayโ€ we found out a lot of amazing facts about this direction in general and the special occasion in particular. Today we are going to share some of them with you. Meet our list:

  • Have you ever heard that the first giant pie, which was of 25 meters in size and baked in 1989? It sounds like a long time ago, doesnโ€™t it?  Moreover, we canโ€™t but mention, but people spent more than one and a half tons of sugar on that dish. Could you believe in it? Unfortunately, it did not get into the book of records. Why? โ€“ The matter is that in the same year, the largest grape pie of over 110 square meters was prepared and registered.
  • On the island of Cyprus in 2000, a New Year’s cake was made 120 meters long and weighed 2 tons. Eight years later, the Greeks baked a layer cake of 20 meters long and 120 kilograms weight. At the same time the largest strawberry pie was made in Germany, in the town of Rรถvershagen.
  • Since 1992, the particular place called “Harry’s Bar” and arranged in Wigan has hosted the Pie Eating Championship. Up to the present moment it has already become annual. Following the rules, the champion is the person who eats as many pies as possible in a certain time. The rules were changed a bit in 2006. Since then you will become a winner of the championship, only if you eat just one pie in the minimum amount of time.
  • According to ancient British tradition, for every anniversary or coronation, the local people who live in Gloucester send a fish pie to the royal family. For the first time such an offering was brought in the Middle Ages. At those times lamprey was thought a special dish.
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