When is World Tuberculosis Day in 2020? Are you ready to answer this question without any prompts, given from our side? – It is a real pity, but this important question can be replied only by a few people, most of which are the representatives of corresponding professions or work in hospitals or various charity organizations.


Investigating the matter what day National Tuberculosis Day in 2020 is, we would like to demonstrate our readers as many amazing pieces of information. At the very beginning, we would like to mention that the special occasion was established in 1993 and the date was chosen not occasionally. The celebration date, March 24th, coincides with the day when the whole world heard about a big discovery.

At this very day, the group of scientists who had been studying the incurable disease, discovered the bacillus, affecting the human body and causing the development of pulmonary disease. Today it is called all over the planet like tubercle Koch’s bacillus.

Tuberculosis Day


What does Tuberculosis Day mean? – Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide whether this holiday is important in your life or it can be quite forgotten without any twinge of conscience.

Meanwhile, we cannot but mention that tuberculosis is believed to be among the most famous and the most terrible diseases of the last centuries. Almost every inhabitant of our planet has heard about it. However, the worst thing is that anyone, who has communicated with ill man or woman, can also become infected. In order to prevent infection and inform about the effective disease prevention, humanity has established this very necessary holiday.

Of course, the holiday will not solve the problem. However, thanks to activities and special programs aimed at explanation the effective protections, preventions and treatments of tuberculosis to the public, many lives can be saved on Earth.

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Unfortunately, this disease is typical for developing countries. As a rule, these regions have the most amounts of ill people. Some of them try to take part in the actions devoted to the World Day against TB, but statistics show that the measures are not enough.

Some places have been the main source of Koch bacilli and remain resistant to ordinary therapy. This is due to the provision and subsequent administration of antibiotics in smaller quantities than prescribed in the treatment. Thus, the colonies of the pathogen are cultivated, unresponsive to the means of combating it.


Discovering the question “When is International Tuberculosis Day 2020?” we would like to introduce our followers a lot of facts.

Every person, who is involved into the direct or indirect fight against this terrible disease, gets a possibility to participate in various activities. Among the active participants are usually phthisiatricians, therapists, activists of social movements, patients, relatives and friends of people, who are suffering from the illness. As a rule, the events are organized by students, teachers of profile educational institutions, researchers, governmental, scientific institutions and charitable foundations.

Many sports organizations establish competitions, races for short and long distances. In many cases, winners are awarded with valuable prizes. Flashmobs are organized all around the planet, as usually a great amount of pre-prepared groups of people are ready to participate with great pleasure.

Contemporary scientists often report the results of the numerous researches: they share information about successes and difficulties in their field and the latest achievements of medicine. Breakthroughs in the field are always marked by awards and congratulations. The custom is accompanied by an appeal from the UN Secretary-General, which mentions pressing problems. The governments of the countries call for joint efforts that reduce the risks to life and health.

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When is Tuberculosis Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and this is not a serious problem to memorize it. As it has been already mentioned above, the special occasion is celebrated on March 24th. The date is considered to be fixed, so you can participate in the events any year you like or would love to.

As a rule, many amazing events are organized in hospitals and clinics around the world. The most typical of them are preventive examinations, diagnosis of the disease and vaccinations. Also this day it is accepted to open new medical specialized institutions and to purchase the newest preventive and therapeutic preparations. The last ones are kept on a state level.

Every year the event is dedicated to a definite pre-determined topic, which should be given close attention. Charities send leaflets to all kinds of the institutions in order to overcome the indifference of the population to the disease, spreading a culture of regular inspections and checks. Famous figures of art, culture, stars of show business usually record videos to draw attention to this important issue.

An important task of this day is to introduce carefree attitude towards people’s own health and lifestyle. As a rule, the mass media publish materials about tuberculosis and the ways the infection extension. Unfortunately, all around the planet this terrible disease has affected millions of people.

In many cities on this day, there are physical exercises for everyone. Anyone can take part, regardless of age and level of preparation.

x-ray of lungs

National Tuberculosis Day Facts

So, we have already found the answer to the question “What is the date of World Tuberculosis Day in 2020?” However, as a rule, our curious followers need something more.

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Usually the tradition to spend this day properly is accompanied by conferences, seminars and public lectures. We have already mentioned this. All these events are supported by the state. Public organizations print and distribute agitation products, which are able to reflect current problems and to explain the main methods of prevention and protection.

Talking about this disease spreading it is necessary to mention the peculiar features of the tubercle bacillus. In accordance with some specialists’ points of view, when this thing gets into the body, it causes inflammation. In general, tuberculosis is considered to be something like an allergic.

Unfortunately, this disease can be caused by airborne droplets. This means that the disease can be carried through the air, when a sick person sneezes or speaks.

However, even if a person has become infected, it is by no means a fact that the disease will multiply. If you are a healthy person, do not have any bad habits, your immune system can cope with this disease itself and without any surgery. If this happened, it means that tuberculosis has passed into a passive form.

The dangerous thing is when a sick person simply spits on the street, to the ground, and not to a special place. His/her sputum will dry up and turn into dust, which will be contagious for all other people. That is why the men and women, who are ill with tuberculosis, should use a handkerchief, in order not to infect the others.

Unfortunately, of course, this disease is transmitted through kisses. After all, there is an exchange of saliva either.


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