When is National Pecan Day in 2022? It seems to be a rather amazing question, however, only some people are ready to answer it properly. And, by the way, the most part of them are the representatives of public catering places (restaurants and cafes) as well as confectionary industry.

To tell you the truth, we have found this situation to be an unfair one, so today we are going to investigate the matter in details.


Certainly, we understand quite well that the matter what day World Pecan Day in 2022 is, needs a lot of explanations and clarifications. As a rule, the questions concerning the historical background of any event are of great demand.

However, unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find any information available. In accordance with some specialistsโ€™ points of view, initially it was nothing but a successful marketing decision, which was invented to improve the sales level.

Pecan plate


What does National Pecan Day mean? To tell you the truth we are not going to give you a definite answer to this question. Why? – The matter is that it is only up to you to decide which products to consume and which ones can be quite forgotten. In addition, even in the contemporary world there are a lot of people, who have never heard about these nuts existence. Here we would like to find out, that at the background of the great amount of positive features and advantages, these things have their minuses.

For example, peeled items canโ€™t be stored for long, as they become spoiled very fast. The taste of these exotic nuts is somewhat bitter.

By the way, using pecans even from time to time, it’s worth to remember about their permissive quantity. The body is able to consume not much more than 100 g of nuts at ones. If you take a lot, you will probably have severe problems with digestion, or the threatening to cause allergies and liver obesity. Why? – The matter is that with an organism obesity tendency, it’s recommended to restrict these nut using.

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Moreover, it’s recommended to significantly reduce the amount in the case of special diet, prescribed for various skin diseases and when you suffer from periodical constipation.

By the way, not everybody knows that pregnant ladies should eat pecans with much caution. you see, in accordance with specialists the amount of protein inside can be the result of an allergy and provoke the so-called intolerance from the babiesโ€™ side.

Pecans are considered to be a heavy product for children’s digestion. The experienced pediatricians don’t recommend the adults to give them to boys and girls under 3 years. However, if you are going to do it, it’s necessary to pay attention to the kids’ reaction rather carefully. In some small boys and girls may have severe allergies and even because of them.


Discovering the question โ€œWhen is International Pecan Day 2022?โ€ we would like to tell our followers as much information as it is possible about this direction. In general pecan is a considered to be close walnut relative and it sounds a bit surprising. The tastes of these two nuts are similar, but its inner parts are a bit softer and tender. All in all, pecan is a deciduous tree that belongs to the family of nut trees and reaches a height of in average 25-40 m.

An important condition for this kind of nuts maturing is the availability of hot and humid air in the hot seasons that is usually brought from the Gulf of Mexico. The surprising thing is that the tree is able to please us with its fruit for 300 years.

North America is believed to be its homeland. In this region they were massively cultivated by Indian tribes. In the contemporary United States, this nut is still in the list of the most favorite ones. These products are used for baking both salt and sweet pies, various kinds of breads and tasty biscuits. They are also added to salads and hot dishes.

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When is Pecan Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. As a rule, there are no any difficulties concerning this matter. It will happen on April 14. The date is fixed, that is why it will be rather easy for you to memorize.

By the way, in 2022 it will be on Sunday that is why you are free to organize something really special for you as well as for everybody around.

Perhaps the best idea for this special occasion celebration would be eating something special, prepared from them. The choices are really endless, however, today we are going to give you some recommendations.

Of course, these small items are delicious in raw, fried or dried condition. In addition we canโ€™t but mention that they are added to vegetable and fruit salads, to cereals, cottage cheese, meat, fish and mushroom dishes, baked goods and desserts. Nuts are perfectly combined with cheese and balsamic vinegar.

Its oil can be used with any dish, because it tastes very delicately and somehow resembles olive oil.

All in all, American housewives cook pecan pie, cake, cheesecake, nut muffins and pecan coffee on holidays, smearing nuts with coffee beans and orange extract. Both American and European restaurants serve chicken with pecans and grapes, trout and ostrich, sprinkled with nuts, pea soup with pecan and homemade chocolate nuts.

Pecan spoon

International Pecan Day Facts

Investigating the matter โ€œWhat is the date of National Pecan Day in 2022?โ€ we have to demonstrate some curious pieces of information.

Would you like to know all the advantages and benefits of these small things? – Yes? – We will show you then. The calorie content is relatively or even very high. Just think, only 200 g of the fruit edible part bring us about 1,700 calories. This amount is a half of the everyday necessity for human ration.

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The product involves about 70% (fats), 11% (protein) and 14% (sugars). That is why we should admit that the items are advised for general strength renovation and appetite lack. Pecan contains edible oil with prominent taste and somewhat olive smell.

The contemporary dieticians are sure that the nuts should be consumed because of various vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and potassium.

At the first sight it’s difficult to believe, but one vitamin E variety from pecan, is able to restrain the cancer cells appearance and growths. This fact was discovered by the experienced researchers, working in well-known in scientific cycles Purdue University, which is arranged in the American Indiana. Up to the present moment it has been proved that the gamma-tocopherol making, which had been made under laboratory and rather careful conditions, contains vitamin E. The resulted product kills ill cells and leaves at the same time the ordinary ones. Modern specialists of this sphere hope to use this discovery to the contemporary lung and prostate cancer treatment.

Moreover, we have to mention that pecan is a rich source of very important components: tannic acid and vitamin E. These nuts have anti-cancer properties. If consumed in small quantities, they can lower the existing level of harmful cholesterol. In pecans, there are much more calories and the so-called polyunsaturated fats as compared with all other nuts (70%). And this is the explanation, why it has to be eaten quite often (for about a spoon 5 times per day). Do it instead of fatty foods consuming, and not as an addition part to them.

Moreover, we have to recommend these items for beriberi, general lack of appetite, daily fatigue and anemia. Usually it regulates our body testosterone level, containing in the blood. It also has a successful effect on the human reproductive system.


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