Every person begins his entering in the society through communication. It is rather the exchange of beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. We express ourselves, share some pieces of information and build new relationships. Despite, one cannot forget about conflict situations that come about every day. People are very different, there are not two similar individuals. We quarrel about the doll or a teddy bear in the kindergarten, a pen or a felt-tip in primary school.

The creation of friendship, mutual help and self-estimations demands very big efforts, collisions and emotional battles here occur very often. We dispute many times during first years of marriage or at work while taking care of children or buying a modern flat. Spiritual struggles are inevitable but can one get out of it? Its influence is marked by the depression, bad emotions, anger, and disappointment.

Today, we commemorate the time when is National Conflict Resolution Day in 2022, the moment of peaceful and calm restitution of joyful atmosphere.

Conflict Resolution Day

The history of the day off

A celebration of the solution of discords was first honored in 2015. Initiated by Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), it fell on the third Thursday of October and since then the month of October is considered to be the perfect opportunity to deal with men, women or situations. Scientists study different causes and types of conflicts happening around the globe. They stress out various possible fight kinds as, for example, political, cultural, religious, economic, and personal ones.

There are struggles in the animal world, too. You may ask what is the beginning of disagreement? Sure, there is, and there are plenty of them. In spite of their origins and nature, the conflict situations result from our obstinacy, from the desire to be superiors, better, and even the best ones. We do not want to listen to others, we concentrate on our own position. Our adversary is doing the same one, that because the encounter may become the battle. In modern times, it seems we have forgotten such words as humbling, docility, humiliation, one would say they are rather archaism or dinosaurs in the full sense of the word. The problem is hiding in ourselves.

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The chances what the Conflict Resolution Day in 2022 offers for everyone the possibilities, which concern the inferior changes. If you want, for example, to build a happy and wonderful family, you have to do as best you can. You must forget about yourself, be devoting, sacrifice all the time for the best future of your relatives. If you do not pay attention to the temptations of other to destroy your happiness, you are on the right way. The battles, collisions, and wars begin inside our souls and minds. Stop to imitate the behavior of your neighbors or friends, be yourself. Avoid any possibility, which leads to discussion or quarrel. Remember the Holy Scriptures citation, Jacob, chapter 1, 19: Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

The meaning of the holiday

What does National Conflict Resolution Day mean for Americans? The feast is not only celebrated by USA citizens, it has the worldwide spreading. We all live in the difficult time of wars, military contests, and discords. They are big encounters, which need to be resolved unless they will destroy the world order. Huge or small, in social or familial level, it damages the emotional sphere, kills kindness and people positive thinking.

The commemoration of the day without disagreement has several purposes:

  1. First of all, it is dedicated to finding some cooperative ways of reconciliation in head-to-head relationships that are arbitration and mediation. Every misunderstanding has a place when two or more men cannot choose the unique mood of thinking or acting, they start discussing and arguing without any clear reason. Moreover, psychologists, studying the phenomenon of conflicts, pretend they are fully unreasonable because people differ and their tastes differ too. If someone does not want to accept other person’s moral and convictions, it is just the problems of this man. Thus, the problem consists in the difference on some individual positions. This anniversary tends to find the point of reconciliation and a mutual responsibility between the opposite sides of the conflict.
  2. Furthermore, the anniversary has occurred its global spreading because more and more are getting aware of the time when is International Conflict Resolution Day in 2022. That is the reason why its creators are looking forward to making the population of Earth more informed about the problem, to propose some practical pieces of advice and to invite us not to fight but to talk about the difficult sides of struggles.ย 
  3. The celebration draws attention to the prevention of crisis in conversations and dialogues.
  4. Moreover, nowadays people are very touched by clashes. This occasion is intended to restore a warm and amicable atmosphere in the relationships, not only personal. It would like to teach and educate the self- and mutual respect between students and teachers, husbands and wives, parents and children, the State powers and its citizens, directors, and their co- workers. The anniversary is going to become the feast of love and peace.
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The definition of the celebration

The psychology calls a conflict the dissention between two or more individuals or social groups, which may have bad effects on every one of them. As one can observe, there is not one guilty in discord, two parts have equal responsibility for their actions and thoughts.

Every day we commit faults and how can we accept other people’ sins? Why must we be patient toward others?

  • Show a high degree of concern about other and a low one for yourself. Say: I appreciate your point of view, I agree with your statements. I will follow you and do whatever you want. Meet the need of your partner, respect his emotions.
  • Start to negotiate and find the compromise. If you start the communication, your adversary may begin thinking as you do.
  • If you see other is easily getting angry, smile, laugh and say one joke. The funny situation will help him to calm down, to take his breath and you could change the subject of conversation and not be furious in your turn.

Conflict Resolution Day

This year the honoring day of the kind resolution of conflicts is October, 15th. If you are angry with someone, or you are some difficult relations with your son or husband, turn this date red in your calendars, begin the time when is National Conflict Resolution in 2022 with a smile and reconciliation.

The traditions of the holiday

Everyone may establish a piece of peace in his family, life, and in the world. At the beginning, tell your family and friends about the holiday of conflict resolution. Then, try to maintain good relationships with people you know. Apologize and forgive, do not provocate and do not argue with anyone. Live in harmony with the world around. It is not worth to create conflicts, it would not serve for good.

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The facts of the day

One must understand that all depends on you. If you are not intended to favorite quarrels, the conflict would finish has not been started.

Psychologists affirm the moment of confrontation and conflict are very common to the human nature. Through it we express our thoughts, feelings, emotions.

Children begin to quarrel with adults in the age of 3. Since this time they understand they are personalities and they begin to defend their points of view.

One of the most famous dispute is the misunderstanding between parents and children. Different generations cannot find the common points of comprehension.

These propositions and suggestions would help you in the celebration of the date when is National Conflict Resolution Day in 2022.


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