For those men who have lived with the facial hair since time out of mind: could you imagine yourself with the baby bare chin again? If you couldnโ€™t, you should anyway try just as a way to mentally (and physically) prepare yourself in case of your beard sudden malfunction.

Moreover, there is a special day for you to grab the razor and watch your clean physiognomy. When is National No Beard Day in 2022 and why do the bearded should consider going smooth once in a while? Read on!


From the ancient times, the beards have been the symbol of the manliness, wisdom, strength, and power. The prophets, emperors, kings, apostles, patriarchs, and Jesus himself wore the beards. The issue of shaving it off was submitted to the people councils; the growing of it was liable to taxes. There were the periods when the beard exposed the owner to danger as he might be put to death for it. Other periods bore the same threat for males who didnโ€™t have the hair on their chins.

Originated for keeping warm the most vulnerable areas of the chicks and chin, it was a mean of the decoration of the menโ€™s face. The nomads always respected the furry. In Mesopotamia, a thousand years before the Christ was born, the Assyrians wore the luxuriant beards and used the special curling tongs. All of the Ancient East was in love for the impressive long face mops. The Persian soldiers grew the beards down to the collar bones; the high-ranking dignitaries had it to the chest.

No Beard Day

The similar fashion was in the Ancient Greece where the Spartans felt so much respect for the beard that shaving it off considered as a punishment for the most dreadful crime. Among the other Greeks, it was a symbol of love for wisdom and philosophical activities. In the Ancient Egypt, only the pharaoh could be seen with the hair on the face but it was actually the fake one. All of the Egyptians were obliged to shave.

And then the world came to repulsion for the fuzzy faces. It started in the Greece, as the legend has it that Alexander the Great ordered his soldiers to cut the beards because he couldnโ€™t grow one. From here, the bare chins were taken to Rome where Nero the Emperor organized the mass release of the facial hair. The youth, energy, liveliness, and will were appreciated among the citizens of the first Republics, not the load of the previous years.

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Then again, following the fall of the Roman Empire, the clean-shaven faces disappeared. Adrian the Emperor, in the 2nd century AD, tried to hide the flaws of his face underneath the beard and that habit was quick to spread among the locals. Nevertheless, the 4th century brought the opposite attitude once again. Constantine the Great, who introduced the Christianity to the Romans, ordered to shave all of the beards on the territories. Thus the smooth chins distinguished them from the bearded Jews and pagans. In civilized Europe, the bearded Middle Ages were changed for the shaved Renaissance. Later on, the first and second halves of the 20th century witnessed the opposite โ€“ the hairy and then bare faces of the citizens.

When is International No Beard Day 2022? We donโ€™t know who and why invented this holiday. Probably, the producers of the razors decided to make a huge profit before the winter comes and dictates men the need of being hairy for keeping themselves warm!


What does No Beard Day mean? It means to grab the most appropriate for your beard shaving thing and watch how the hair is removed from your skin. Maybe for not so long thoughโ€ฆ

You definitely need to get rid of the facial forest if:

  • You canโ€™t stand the resemblance to the myriads of guys around you. Today the beards are the fashion trend. Do you strive for being different? Then shave off that mop!
  • Everyone around you has already got it that you are a full-grown adult. Then express your courage of not being afraid to come clean and smooth. Show your friends and colleagues who are hiding underneath that facial hair.
  • You thought of the beard as a way to color the daily routine and as a mean to bring the new flow to your attitude. The opposite effect โ€“ the absence of the furring โ€“ can provide that, too. Youโ€™ve grown your thing for half a year and now is to watch yourself anew in ten minutes! Interesting, isnโ€™t it?
  • You understood that itโ€™s time to pick up the food from the floor, not from your beard.
  • Youโ€™ve seen the pictures of the bearded Shia LaBeouf and understood that this hair on the chin and mustache make everyone look older.
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Regardless of what day No Beard Day in 2022 takes place on, grab the razor or trimmer more than once in a year!


The beard is a secondary sexual characteristic of a man. It is a so-called symbol of the age, wisdom, and status. It is a natural thing, after all! But still, there are some beneficial points for shaving the mop off.

It makes the skin cleaner. The process of shaving removes the old that get into the pores. The bearded men have to use the special exfoliators.

Do you want to look brutal? The recent research showed that people with furry faces make an impression of the more aggressive and unpredictable persons that the ones with a smooth chin.

However, no matter that the bearded males look smarter than those without the forest on the face, the success favors the latter. As the psychologists claim the people are more comfortable to communicate with the person with the bare face because he seems to be more trusted. Have youโ€™ve ever seen the politics with the beards or mustache?

No Beard Day

The youth try to grow some hair to look older. And this is an effective way as the beards really add several years to your passport age. But once you get older and turn thirty, then forty and the like, the beards do not seem like an option.

What is the date of No Beard Day 2022? Itโ€™s set on October 18.


Youโ€™re asking how you can celebrate the holiday? With the razor and the scissors in your hand!

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Yet if youโ€™ve managed to grow a decent mop, rugged and thick, you will need some rules to follow for a safe shaving session. Itโ€™s better to shave in the mornings washing your face with the warm water before and then applying some softening cream. They will make the beard pliable and the skin softer. After that, use the special shaving foam applying it in the massaging moves. Wash the razor in the water every time after the shaving the line. To make it more effective, lead the razor in the direction of the hair growth to the chin. If the hair is still rugged remove the foam and wash it with the warm water. Then apply the foam once again and move the razor properly. Sprinkle the face with water and use the good face lotion. Do not think of the cream as it may result in the skin conditions. Although you can apply it fifteen minutes later.

If you are a bit of a chicken in terms of changing your appearance, invite your bearded friend and get rid of the face mop together. It will be much funnier! Or, how about the mass party called Chin Bare Hair Gone party? Think of the invitees.

National No Beard Day Facts

  • The longest beard in the history of the world was 5,3 meters at length.
  • Probably, the holiday was invented as a fresh start for the upcoming Movember mouth, when the men are asked to grow a mustache!

Carve a space on your calendar, when is No Beard Day in 2022, and be sure to get the razor in advance in case you are to celebrate it.


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