In the contemporary world there is a great amount of various holidays. Some of they are official, others are celebrated only in the close family or friends’ cycle. But among them you can also find those, which are known well all around our planet. For example, are you able to reply the question “When is National United Nations Day in 2022?” without much thinking? Or perhaps do you need some minutes for recollecting?

Unfortunately, as the practice shows, a great quantity of modern guys and ladies haven’t even heard about the special occasion mentioned above. That’s why we have made a decision to discover this matter in details.


Certainly we have understand, that it’s almost impossible to answer the set question “What is the date of United Nations Day 2022?” not taking into account the historical background of the set matter.

Military, political, general economic and a number of other factors gave impetus to the UN formation. This happened in 1945. By that time many countries dreamed of an organization that would bring peace to mankind, ensured the calm existence of people and assisted in the states developing. The idea of creating such an international structure was first put forward in 1941.

United Nations Day

After a long and painstaking work, the signing of various declarations on April 25, 1945 was prepared, and on 06/26, 1945 came the moment, when so necessary the UN Charter was signed. For the final entry into force the participating countries’re  to hand over ratified documents. And at last on 10/24 1945 the final document appeared. Since that day, the UN has officially begun its existence.


What does United Nations Day mean? To tell you the truth, it’s up to you to decide whether this holiday is important for you or it’s worth to be forgotten. Of course, officially this memorable date is celebrated widely all around the planet.

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All in all the UN is one of the most influential organizations on the world stage, which solves many global issues. This, in turn, is reflected not only in the political, but also in the economic processes of states. This structure supports peace and security, assists in the development of cooperation between different countries in various fields of activity. It’s the organization that settles conflicts by peaceful tools, stimulates the people of the world for the development and conclusion of friendly relations and directs its activities to the prevention and reducing the existing threats to the general peace dwelling.

A similar organization, called the League of Nations, appeared about 100 years ago. It happened in 1919 just after World War I. Its main task was to maintain peace. However, not all countries entered the League. For example, the US have never been a member of it. Some states that joined the League later withdrew from it, and in many cases the League did not take any serious measures. Although the experience of this community was unsuccessful, it revived the dream of creating a well-known organization. As a result, the UN emerged.


The reply to, what day United Nations Day in 2022 is, sounds rather simple. This memorable event’s celebrated every year on 24 October, beginning from the distant 1948. We also can’t but mention that in 2022 this date will be celebrated for the 70th time. As it’s known well, on October 31, 1947 The UN Assembly Resolution No. A / RES / 168 launched the annual celebration of the event. The necessary fact’s that in 1971, at the 26th session, by resolution No. A / RES / 2782, it was proclaimed this holiday to be the international one.

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As it’s been already mentioned above, this organization involves a great quantity of participants from different corners of the planet. So it wouldn’t be a great surprise if we tell that the memorable day celebration can be organized in a different way.

For example, Denmark and Finland have Flag Day and a great quantity of official events. The citizens of Costa Rica take is as a national holiday, when all institutions are closed and the day turns to be a good reason to stay together with families. On 10/24 the people in the USA look forward to read the President’s report, which is published annually.

Sweden also has a flag day, like its neighbors, which were mentioned above. Due to this official event you will see two flags, waving together on the country flagpoles: national and UN ones.


When is United Nations Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you, so there is no reason for being worried about. However, do you know how to celebrate this special occasion properly?

Events in honor of the holiday are held during the week. On the official level usually there’re many speeches and meetings, organized by top political figures.

As a rule, the UN Day is celebrated by the people of 193 UN member states, as well as by members of this structure and its specialized agencies.

United Nations Day

Of course, there are some contemporary people, who want to keep this holiday at home or in the close company. Unfortunately, there are no any definite traditions or rules for its private celebrations. But, certainly, it isn’t a problem for people, who’re  going to spend this day interestingly. If you have friends of various nationalities, or have once lived abroad, or just adore traveling, it means that you can always organize a thematic party, meeting at home or in the nearest bar or café. Discuss the global problems or just share interesting pieces of information about this destination. You will surely get unforgettable experience.

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International United Nations Day Facts

In their attempts to find the reply to “When is International United Nations Day 2022?” contemporary people usually want to find out something really new and amazing about this matter. That’s why we want to propose our readers a set of interesting pieces of information.

Up to the present moment the UN has already approved 6 main languages for the organization successful activity. They are the most popular on the planet: Spanish and Russian, French, and English, Chinese and Arabic. They are always used for publishing all the main documents and official resolutions, necessary reports and requested in these cases transcripts. And all of them are available for speeches during the meetings of official representatives.

In general the UN budget is calculated and formed on the base of membership funds, given by participating countries. So, for example, in 2000 it was equal to no more than 22% of this state budget. The country is deprived of the voting right, if it has a debt, which is equal or exceeds the contribution sum for the previous 2 full years.

United Nations Headquarters is an international zone. This fact simultaneously means that the territories on which all the UN complexes are located belong not only to the US as the host state, but to all active members of the Organization. Up to the present moment the UN has its flag and its security system that is necessary for the area protection. In addition, we can’t but mention that the community has its own post office and produces widely the products under its own brands. Correspondence with these stamps can be sent only from UN Headquarters or from UN offices in Vienna and Geneva.


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