Today we are going to ask you one amazing question “When is National Beaver Day in 2019?” Are you ready to answer it? – To tell you the truth we would be rather surprised or even amazed to receive the positive reply, because as a rule contemporary people know nothing about this holiday existence. So, please, don’t worry or upset if you are not able either. Just join us and discover this special occasion for yourself.


Discovering the matter what day World Beaver Day in 2019 is, we have to represent our readers a great amount of various facts. As a rule, the questions concerning the historical background are of great demand.

To tell you the truth, we can tell you much. We don’t know the names of the establishes, as well as why we have to hold this holiday on April 7th annually. But we are sure that these people are rather good natured, as they think about small creatures carefully and want to help them to survive. To our mind, this position is rather glorious.



What does Beaver Day mean? Frankly speaking, we are not sure that we can answer this question instead of you. In the modern world you are always free to decide which holidays to celebrate and which ones to forget completely and without any regrets. We can’t predict your attitude to this wild creature.

All in all, it is an important holiday for those people and organizations thanks to which the amount of this wonderful animals that almost disappeared at the beginning of the last century has been restored today and who are now engaged in the protection and restoration of their population. It is noteworthy to mention that in general there are holidays of these kinds: April 7 and October 18. The first refers more to the Canadian beaver, the second – rather to the ordinary (river) one, which naturally lives in Eurasia. However, the beaver is so wonderful in many respects that the two holidays are not a pity for it at all.

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By the way, contemporary environmentalists call this animal a “wildlife engineer” and emphasize that globally, beaver activities can also be useful in providing the harmful change of climate. This is explained by the fact that their dams create the so called creeks and help to keep water, reducing damage from drought. Also bogs supported by them are distinguished by lush vegetation processing carbon dioxide.


The discovery of the question “When is International Beaver Day 2019?” will be incomplete without serious clarifications and explanations. That is why we want to introduce you something special today.

In general, in accordance with the specialists’ points of view, such animals as beaver, muskrat and mink are considered to be very sensitive to changes in the environment. Of course, it is not an easy task to keep our surrounding clean or even virgin. However, it is quite possible to maintain the environment and not to use harmful chemicals in the campus.

In fact the modern treatment facilities do not allow contamination of soil and water. Contemporary people conduct constant monitoring of water quality in reservoirs. Certainly, during the construction of their dams animals sometimes create inconvenience, destroying trees on the embankments, which occasionally have to be replaced. But the value of life in the environment of wildlife and the opportunity to provide healthy and healthy conditions is a priority for us.

Hunting for the beaver is forbidden, and therefore the number of animals has increased recently. However, at the moment the range of the natural habitat is decreasing. The main natural enemies are wolves, brown bears and foxes, but the greatest damage to the population are caused by humans.

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When is Beaver Day in 2019, calendar will surely remind you and as a rule, there is no need to get worried about it. However, you should be rather careful if you want to be involved into the celebration. Why? – You see, the matter is that the dates of this special occasion can be quite different. It depends on the part of the world you are in. For example, in the USA people hold it on the last month in February. However, in Canada the event is fixed and celebrated in spring, on April 7th to be more exact. 

The program of the holiday is usually saturated and has a great amount of various activities. As part of the holiday for schoolchildren may organize an educational quest, during which boys and girls can see the natural habitats of the creatures, participate in photo hunting and listen to stories about the life of animals and the importance of their preserving.

All in all Beaver’s Day is a good occasion to remind people of the amazing animals that live in the region and how much their future fate depends on the eco-behavior and awareness of the locals.

It is also recommended to think about how quickly those species that until recently seemed ordinary to us, disappear, to learn more about their role in the ecosystem of the planet. It is important to demonstrate the possibility of a harmonious coexistence of humans and nature.

Adults are usually attracted to the numerous discussions, as they should explain the kids the importance of the careful attention to the animals. It is necessary to demonstrate the responsibility of the person for the continued existence of beavers.

You can devote this day to these creature discovery: read something, watch film and discuss them in details.

Beaver baby

International Beaver Day Facts

Well, frankly speaking it looks like the answer to the question “What is the date of National Beaver Day in 2019?” would be incomplete without demonstration some amazing pieces of information.

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Today we have decided to make our own collections of facts devoted to these amusing creatures. So, here is our list for you:

  • Beavers are fish. Have you ever heard this ridiculous belief? It belongs to the Catholic monks. However, some specialists suspect that this was done intentionally. Why? – The matter is that that during the fasting period these people wanted to continue to consume the meat. They explained it in a simple way: beavers spend most part of their life under water, so they are fish. It sounds cool, doesn’t it?
  • These animals adore eating. All in all the family needs up to 70 cubic meters of branches for winter.
  • Contrary to humans, these creatures do not need to learn something during the whole life. It is difficult to believe but they usually know how to create dams and dwellings since birth.
  • Beavers do not eat fish.
  • Without breathing it is able to stay under water for 10 to 15 minutes. This ability helps them to overcome the distance of about 700 meters.
  • Small animals continue to live with their parents not less than for two years. By the way, the family usually includes parents as well as broods of the past and the current generations. The family needs the territory of 2.9 square kilometers for its purposes and comfortable living.
  • The representatives are rather heavy. Being among the heaviest rodents on the planet, an adult male is of the weight of a nine eight year old guy.
  • The eyelids of the animals are transparent, which allows them to see underwater without any protection.
  • The biggest dam, which has ever been is about 800 meters in length.
  • A tree with a diameter of 40 centimeters can be cut for about one night.
  • The animals are active in twilight time and night.


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