When is World Health Day in 2020? Do you know the proper answer to this question? As a rule, people donโ€™t even know about its existence, that is why today we are going to introduce you this special occasion.


We find our followers to be rather curious people. That is why we know for sure that the matter like what day National Health Day in 2020 is will be rather interesting for them.

For the very first time celebrations were held on July 22, 1948. But this date was occasional. Since 1950 the date was postponed to April 7. Why did the establishers choose this day in spring? โ€“ It was the moment when the Charter of WHO came into force and 194 countries joined the organization.

Nowadays the holiday is international and is celebrated on the territory of the member countries of the World Health Organization. Usually in November or December, WHO offers a specific theme, under which the whole next year will be held.

At different times the mottoes were quite different:

  • in 2010 – “Urbanization and health”;
  • in 2014 – “Safety on the roads”;
  • the global diabetes problem was raised in 2016;
  • in 2017 the theme of the year it was depression.

Health Day


What does Health Day mean? โ€“ Well, we are not sure that we can give the proper answer to this question instead of you. Why? โ€“ You see, we have never met you in person, that is why we are not able to predict your lifestyle, we know nothing about your habits and the attitude to the events like this.

Initially the holiday was created in order to draw public attention to the actual problem of modernity, represented by perfect physical condition. Despite the fact that it is not an official day off, various events devoted to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle take place throughout the world. Annually the special campaign is held under a certain motto, which reveals one of the most significant problems.

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Up to the present moment more than two hundred countries have joined WHO. For several decades of existence the organization managed to achieve significant results, the most important of which were:

  • the discovery of penicillin;
  • the appearance and spread of insulin and a number of antibiotics;
  • immunization of children is more than 80%;
  • eradication of a most dangerous disease – smallpox;
  • renewal of sanitary measures;
  • the latest developments in the field of hygiene, etc.

On this day, every inhabitant of our planet must remember that human perfect physical condition depends not only on the efforts of doctors. Only an understanding of the need to maintain one’s state in shape, a change in lifestyle and respect for the environment and ecology on our planet will help to overcome even the most difficult problems.


The investigation of the question โ€œWhen is International Health Day 2020?โ€ seems impossible without some additional clarifications and explanations, given from our side.

The holiday has been designed to draw the attention of the authorities to the main problems related to public perfect physical condition. Its main goal is to increase the awareness of citizens and representatives of individual communities about the dangers of various diseases that are considered to be the most common. Information on the vectors of infections and vector-borne diseases helps not only to reduce the extent of their spread, but also to prevent the possibility of any infection.

All in all, it is a universal holiday not only for workers in medicine and the health care system, but for all people who adhere to the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Among the most active participants are those, who care about their perfect physical condition, the welfare of their loved ones and friends.

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The holiday is celebrated by all not indifferent people, for whom the ills and illnesses of others are no less important than their personal ones. That is why the event is celebrated by healthcare workers, medical workers and volunteers who render all possible assistance to all who need it.

The special occasion is one of those global campaigns that allow us to jointly solve the most difficult questions and problems in the field of life and state. With the support of WHO, partnerships are established between organizations around the world. With their help, joint projects and research centers are being created to develop the latest medicines and medical equipment.


When is Health Day in 2020, calendar will give you a careful explanation and clarification. This holiday is celebrated by many people all over the planet that is why they won’t allow you to forget about the special occasion existence in their diaries. Every year in April 7th in the countries, which are considered to be the members of the World Health Organization, locals hold a particular date called the Day of Health. We can’t but mention that the date coincides completely with the date of the organization foundation and its authorityโ€™s establishment.

Various lectures and other educational activities are held in all medical institutions. In some states at the initiative of the local Ministries of Health, the so-called “Health Lessons” as well as charity events are held.

With the participation of medical workers and volunteers, open lectures are organized. Their topics are devoted to the issues of medical care, methods of protection against diseases, preventive conversations, etc.

Mass media also do not stand aside: TV programs and radio are broadcasted by various medical workers and actors. Themed programs and documentaries are shown on television. Business stars record and demonstrate videos about a healthy lifestyle are always popular.

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The holiday is celebrated by large-scale actions promoting a healthy lifestyle. Marathons, races and flash mobs with the participation of professional athletes are often organized. Open-air physical education classes are held in city parks.

couple jogging

National Health Day Facts

The discovery of the question โ€œWhat is the date of World Health Day in 2020?โ€ would be impossible without representation some additional pieces of information.

Here is a list of the most typical recommendations for the preservation of physical and mental state:

  • Healthy sleep

An adult should sleep at least 8 hours a day, children and adolescents – 9-13 hours. In a dream, all organs and systems rest and the body’s resources restore. There is an accumulation of energy for the next day.

  • Healthy Eating

Often, the causes of depressive conditions are somatic diseases, disorders of the digestive system. Regular, balanced nutrition is the guarantee of physical and mental condition.

  • Compliance with the daily routine

Organism – a system of self-organizing and non-observance of the regime can lead to violations in the functioning of those or systems.

  • Healthy lifestyle

Alcoholism, drug addiction and abuse of medicines are considered to be the causes of the development of depression.

  • Time for spending it with family and friends

Joint comings to the cinema, theater, just walks will benefit physical and mental condition. Attention to close people, love and trusting relationships in the family are the guarantee of the well-being of all its members.

  • Physical activity

Running in the park early in the morning is not necessary, you can just walk before going to bed or visit the pool several times a week.

  • Avoidance of stressful situations

Do not take a job that you canโ€™t finish on time, set achievable goals.

  • Finding time for yourself as well as for your hobbies

Favorite books, meetings with friends and positive emotions are the main factors in the prevention of depression.


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