Postage Stamp Day (Philately Day)

August 19 is celebrated every year Postage stamp day, which is also called Philately Day. The craze for collecting stamps in the 20th century reached people from different countries. Avid philatelists are ready to pay solid money for a rare copy.

Stamp Day (Philately Day) in history

Celebration for the first time Philately Day took place in the USSR on August 19, 1922. The event was marked by the release of a series of postal charity stamps, which were on sale for one day only, after which the specimen was extinguished with a special postmark. In 1936, the International Philatelic Federation proposed to celebrate Postage stamp day – a special event designed to popularize postal communication, spread postal correspondence and encourage people to collect stamps. It should be noted that the dates of holidays do not coincide in different countries.

Interesting information about brands

  • The first exhibition in the history of philately was organized in 1888 in Antwerp, Belgium, and the first meeting of German philatelists was held in Mainz on August 18, 1889 under the name “German Philatelic Day”.
  • The world public became interested in collecting postage stamps, which led to the emergence of various postal events, stamp emissions in limited quantities, issue of specimens for the purpose of propaganda, social assistance or charity.
  • The term “philately” did not appear immediately. From the French language, the word timbre is translated as postage stamp. That is why the passion for collecting stamps was first called tembrophilia, then – markomania, because most enthusiasts collected specimens not for study, but for accumulation. In 1864, the French collector Georges Herpin proposed the term “philately”which reflects a love for collecting and studying all means of postage – envelopes, stamps, documents, stamps, etc.

Postage Stamp Day (Philately Day)
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