When is National Fresh Breath Day in 2022? Do you know the answer to this question? Well, we are almost sure that you have never heard about this holiday existence in the contemporary calendar. Unfortunately, only a few people celebrate it nowadays. The most part of contemporary men and women is like you and is never involved into the process of celebration. But in vain, as the occasion deserves to be popular. Today we are going to represent it to our followers.


Talking about the matter what day Fresh Breath Day in 2022 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of the event. All in all, it is a direction, which is of the greatest demand among our followers.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find any information available about this holiday appearance. The names of the establishers are also unknown. However, no matter the previous reasons were, the people, who decided to do it, did a perfect job. They launched an exceptional tradition to improve the health of the contemporary men and women, who spend the most time of their life inside.


What does Fresh Breath Day mean? Frankly speaking, we can’t even predict whether this occasion means something special for you or not. Nowadays you are free to choose what holidays to celebrate and which ones can be quite forgotten.

But in practice, we spend most of the day indoors. Many of us stay at the open air for only 5 minutes a day. Actually it happens when they leave the house and get into the car. However, the advantages of walking in the fresh air are extremely significant.

First of all, we shouldn’t forget that oxygen has a positive effect on our health and mood.

Secondly, such a gentle physical activity as ordinary walking doesn’t take much energy, but the effect is still noticeable. And finally, every walk brings new emotions! You can wander into amazing places of your hometown that you have never seen before, think about plans for the future or meet interesting people.

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This is why regular outdoor walks are beneficial. Unfortunately they are often restricted by grocery shopping once a month. Meanwhile, scientists and doctors say that every day a person must walk at an average pace of at least five kilometers.

What to do if you can’t find time for a full-fledged walk due to a busy schedule on a working day? First, you should try to walk to work or at least walk part of the way if work is on the other side of the city. You should also spend your lunch breaks actively, walking in the nearby grove and admiring the nature. You can “win back” on the weekend: invite friends or family for a walk, go out of town or to the country. Travel is a good way to get not only the required dose of oxygen, but also a lot of new experiences. It is not at all necessary to spend exorbitant money on luxury resorts – it is enough to go to the neighboring city to change the scenery.


Actually the question “When is International Fresh Breath Day 2022?” involves a lot of details. However, the question, which is current, is how to find some time to walking around. Do you belong to those men and women, who are always busy? – Well, we will give you some recommendations.

If you love animals, then get yourself a walking companion! Among the “dog lovers” there are often very fit and healthy people: after all, they walk and play a lot with their four-legged companions, thus showing physical activity.

If you have sedentary lifestyle and are not used to physical activity, do not strive to go around the whole city in a day. Start with short walks of 15 minutes, gradually increasing the time. Then the walk will bring not only benefits, but also pleasure!

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Use a pedometer to find the load you need. You can buy a “smart” bracelet that reads your physical activity, or download a special application for your smartphone.

If you stay in an unventilated premise for a long time, you breathe the same air again and again. Under this condition the rate of carbon dioxide rises. You may experience dizziness, nausea, headaches, fatigue, or lung disease. Even an air conditioner, contrary to the common stereotype, does not save you from the feeling of stuffiness. How then to make the air in the apartment clean? The only decision is to provide a constant flow of air from the otside. Keeping windows open is not always convenient, and a breather does not only heat the air in winter, but also clean it of dust, pollen and dangerous microorganisms. In addition, it is necessary to mention that we should not forget about regular wet cleaning. Thus in the house or office there is an ideal microclimate.


When is Fresh Breath Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. As a rule, it is not a problem to memorize when the holiday is kept. The occasion has a fixed date, so you are free to be involved any August 6th you would like to do it. 

Of course, there are no any particular traditions, devoted to this holiday celebration. However, usually it is not a serious problem for people with good imagination.

Fresh air is beneficial for health and strengthening of the whole organism as a whole: it improves the functioning of blood vessels, lungs, heart and other organs.

It becomes clear that the impact of fresh air on health is invaluable – for both adults and children. Irritability, overwork, lack of initiative, laziness, nervous breakdowns – all this disappears when we breathe in the “correct” air.

Therefore, try to enjoy your time on August 6th spent walking and get the most out of it. This can be difficult, because sometimes we feel that we should not be distracted from important work on the promenade. But it is very important to take at least five-minute breaks from work and “air out”. This usually helps to regain the same concentration of attention and allows you to work much more efficiently.

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National Fresh Breath Day Facts

Well, you have already had the answer to the question “What is the date of Fresh Breath Day in 2022?” and now we are going to tell you something amazing concerning this special occasion as well as the activity itself.

Surely you have already noticed how, getting out of a stuffy room into the street, you become like a different person. The state of health improves, the sharpness of mind and good mood return, and a surge of strength is felt. It is quite clear why this happens: after all, fresh air is necessary for the brain and every cell of the body. What other benefits does fresh air have? Let’s consider a few points:

  • Digestion is improved. This benefit helps a lot if you want to get in shape and lose weight – of course, provided you are active in the fresh air: walking, jogging or exercise.
  • If you find that a cup of coffee no longer helps to invigorate, do not be surprised. Perhaps it is the lack of air that provokes drowsiness. When you give your brain more fresh air, your body can function more efficiently. Then you will think clearly and act with lightning speed.
  • Under the condition you have problems with blood pressure, fresh air is essential as well. Many doctors advise unhurried walks to normalize blood pressure – especially for hypertensive patients.
  • The immune system is strengthened when you are walking. To protect the body from pathogenic bacteria and viruses, leukocytes require a certain amount of oxygen, which can be found in the fresh air. Therefore, many lovers of long walks, as a rule, are less likely to get colds.


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