One of the prominent thinkers has one said that all the things which now exist in the world have been dreams in the past. It is really so. All big inventions, creations, trains, planes, telephone, and Internet were not but ideas in mind of their creators. They would stay unreal if a man or a woman did not try to make it in motion.

Are you a dreamer? Do you have any desires or feelings you want to achieve and which are not yet realized? Though, you are a happy person. Everyone should have them and have in plenty. Do believe that anything is possible with the strong will and big efforts? Aspirations and plans bring hope in human lives. Moreover, they organize the living pushing people to live the present and the future at the same time. Celebrate the party of thoughts and reveries is to continue a long and plentiful life. One day in a year is dedicated to this aim. According to this, let us find out when National Dream Day 2022 is and do we really need to possess ambitions?

Dream Day

The meaning of the anniversary

What does National Dream Day mean for Americans?

Human existing begins with aspirations. At the beginning, we are tending to have a good doll or a lovely puppy pet. Growing up, one prefers thinking about a successful career or a big business, the other wants to create a happy family or just to have a good health. You bear full of pictures in your head and it is normal. It is usual to consider them as dreams or plans and do the best for its realization. The feast emphasizes on one fact that everyone has to create his own schedule of plans and never let anybody to discourage and disorder people’ desires. All we want has right to become real and true.

The anniversary commemorates those who are fighting for their feelings, plans, and thoughts. In US calendar this day falls on September 25th. Mark it in your own memos as when is National Dream Day in 2022, as the start of your hopes and intentions, as your new positive way of thinking, as the renewed period of your living.

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The history of the celebration time

Frankly speaking, September 25th contains two homophones holidays. The first one honors men trying to make alive their wishes and another one is the second denomination of the word to dream or to sleep. Both have something in common because while taking a nap, you begin to make visions and designs of the future. The time was created to make people imagine. Someone pretends it is foolish and childish to build the castles in Spain and to think about unreal stuff. They are also right because any imagination will stay invisible if we do not take our time and do something for its producing. What is more, we are often getting bored and disappointed waiting for our goals to become true. We have to possess the soul in patience and let our illusions grow inside of us. It is better to do some acts and wait some time, keep calm and hope the best or stay indifferent and live without aspirations. Your dreams are your freedom, your original lifestyle and your individuality, they make you sure in tomorrow and give sense to the existence. Existence becomes fade without plans and aims.

Americans are not alone in the time celebration. All the globe unites and gives honors to this day of hopes when every desire even the least one deserves to become real. All you need is to work and work on it. It is interesting to underline when is International Dream Day in 2022 in order to raise one’s hopes, to prove the impossible is possible.

The definition of the day off

Being something ephemeral, ideas and thoughts represent a part of human’s imagination. They are few important features which are significative for every of them:

  • The idea has no limits – you may start thinking about for example your own car or house in childhood and you will bear it with you everywhere you go
  • Your plan is infinite at the time – nobody could put you in the straight period of time. If you really want this house or car, or something more important (vehicle and building is the most common wishes), you plan yourself your timetable and do your best to achieve the goal
  • The aspiration has no space or territory restriction – while dreaming, people travel around the world very quickly.
  • The goal marks your strong will, gives the chance to believe in impossible
  • Desires can really materialize if you tend to them and if they will help the good
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Facts and traditions of the holiday

Frankly speaking, the fete of Dream is rather recent. Despite it is the 6th celebration in 2022 (the first holiday was in 2012) it is spread all over the world. More than 70 countries annually take part in events and parties and thousands of citizens know what day is Dream Day. The participants unite to give the illusions the chance to become true and they show their faith in their realization.

Dream Day

Goals differ, tastes differ, thoughts differ. Still, one aim is predominant for everyone – that is to be in good health. Especially for those who are suffering or dying from an incurable illness. Watching them in pain, you begin to appreciate the life and to be grateful for its every moment. The Day of Dreams was created to the renewal of our faith, to give birth to light feelings and to help the poorest and the most miserable. What is more, there is a special World Dream Foundation which organizes big and small parties, conferences, reunions emphasizing on one point – you should never give up and you have to always hold your aspirations. What is the most unusual, the question of supporting and charity erases the boundaries, it gathers footballers and stars, actors and singers, businessmen and farmers. The members of the organization travel around the Globe searching for wishes and desires. They are trying to let them become true. Annually lots of children touched by cancer have a possibility to meet their cult figures, spend some time and take the photos with them. Hundreds of adults are given a chance to perform one of the most hidden will…and believe their life position changes at once. There is nothing better that to make somebody happy and joyful. Sadness and tears go away, the sun begins shining more brightly, the heart is in the heaven – those feelings are submerging and people do not stop smiling and enjoying the living if the last one will end tomorrow.

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Well, it is worth to possess a tiny but an intention, isn’t it? Here are some suggestions how ordinary people can celebrate the time when is the date of Dream Day in 2022:

  • The premier step is to take part in a special concerts or meetings held by The World Foundation.
  • Donate some money or give a hand for the time preparation.
  • Find out what goals and aims fruit in your relatives’ souls. It may be a small toy or a barbecue behind the house. If you are able to promote their birth, do not hesitate any second.

Look for your own dreams. Do you have any? It does not mean the routine obligations and tasks but a pure aspiration. Maybe you always wanted to jump with a parachute or to dive into the ocean. It is the very time to let them enter in your life. You must not imagine something strange and weird. Choose what you need to become a little happier. Do not pay attention to people’ point of view but breathe the smell of your wish and thank God for the life. Stay optimistic, look up and never finish dreaming.


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