International Seafarer’s Day (Seafarer’s Day)

Every year, June 25 is celebrated around the world Sailor’s Day. The holiday appeared in 2010 as a result of the signing of the corresponding resolution by the member countries of the International Maritime Organization, which is part of the UN.

The purpose of the International Seafarer’s Day

The main goal is to thank seafarers for their contribution to the global economy and civil society, for the risks and personal expenses. Almost everything that is used in everyday life is directly or indirectly related to sea transportation. According to IMO data, ships transport almost 90% of cargo from the entire volume of world trade.

The international holiday further emphasizes the importance of the profession for humanity, because this business is dangerous and has a centuries-old history. Many rules, guidelines and laws established by seafarers of old are still respected by those associated with this profession.

How is the International Seafarer’s Day (Seafarer’s Day) celebrated?

June 25 is a professional holiday just for sailors merchant fleet, military personnel celebrate their day separately. On this day, the UN General Assembly annually examines urgent problems in the field of navigation, discusses and develops effective options for their solution. Today, one of such important problems is piracy. So far, there is no reliable scheme for the protection of ships and their crews while sailing off the coast of Africa.

International Seafarer's Day (Seafarer's Day)
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