International Overdose Awareness Day

Every year on August 31, since 2001, it is celebrated all over the world Overdose Awareness Day.

Importance of implementing International Overdose Awareness Day

Representatives of international organizations engaged in the prevention and support of drug addicts draw the public’s attention to the urgency of this problem. Every year, thousands of people die from drug overdoses. The symbol of the campaign is a silver ribbon.

How is this day celebrated?

Actions are held on this day, where doctors talk about clinical symptoms and methods of providing first aid to overdose victims. A very important issue is the possibility of purchasing Naloxone in pharmacies. These drugs can save lives, but they are almost not available over the counter.

Activists call on representatives of the authorities, pharmaceutical companies and ministries of health to solve this issue in order to be able to save people’s lives. The terrible statistics of the dead should also open the eyes of those who still do not fully understand the deadly threat that drugs carry.

International Overdose Awareness Day
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