International Lace Day

International Lace Day celebrated on the last Saturday of September. The technique of making lace originated many centuries ago. Even in the biblical texts, there are references to lush fabrics, which were used to decorate the clothes of priests. Even on the mummies of Ancient Egypt, there are mesh embroideries.

But lace gained the greatest popularity in the 16th century, during the time of Catherine de’ Medici. It was used wherever possible. Women decorated clothes – dresses and underwear. Lace napkins were placed on the table and the back of the sofa. Cushions and table lamps also had lace trim.

Everyone who wore lace jewelry tried to take care of them, because they emphasized the status of the owner. This type of craft has not lost its relevance even today. The most popular and expensive types of lace now are Flemish and Venetian.

International Lace Day
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