When is International Joke Day in 2022? – Are you sure that you can answer this question immediately and without any hesitations? Well, we think that the most part of our followers is not ready to do it. And it is a real pity. – Why? – Jokes are considered to be an important part of our life. So they deserve to have their own holiday in the calendar, do they? Today we are going to introduce you an amazing occasion. Would you like to join? We are ready to start.


The matter what day Joke Day involves a lot of interesting pieces of information. Among them is a historical background of the event. As a rule, this direction is of the greatest demand among our followers.

Officially the holiday was started in the United States. However, regardless of the origin, it is clear that the jokes have been around for centuries. Here we should mention that the first one belonged to the Greeks, in particular the Palamedes. Those people also invented many other important things.

At the same time Greece also organized the first so-called comedy club. Actually, its goal was to share the funny stories with friends, not perform with them as it is now, but still. In general, we can safely say that a person has been joking since the time of the appearance.


What does Joke Day mean? Well, we are sure that we can answer this question instead of you. We don’t know you personally, so we can’t even predict whether this occasion means something for you or not. Unfortunately, among the modern men and women there are a lot of those, who find the joke unnecessary and unimportant. These people won’t be involved, of course. But what about you?

Anecdotes have been around for quite a long period. For a human being, the necessity to ridicule various situations and events is characteristic. Both men and women love to read jokes, listen to them and even create their own ones.

Some masterpieces are capable of causing a slight grin, while others are laughter to tears. And often a lot depends not on a joke, but on a person’s sense of humor, his or her ability to recognize the essence and mood. Some jokes have a rather hidden meaning and can only make a connoisseur of subtle humor laugh, others are simple and banal. In any case, the benefits of such creations are great. Thanks to them, a person can relax after a hard day’s work, relieve tension and laugh heartily.

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As it has been already mentioned above laughter is a “cure” for many diseases, which has been scientifically proven many times, which is why it should be practiced as often as possible.

Jokes give a person some satisfaction with life. Sometimes with their help it is possible to say something that in a normal situation would be extremely difficult to say. With the help of peculiar allegories and barbs, a person realizes his or her own urges and desires. At the same time, he or she, as if, denies the attitude to the issue and bypasses the obstacles existing in society.


Talking about the question “When is International Joke Day 2022?” we want to represent you some amazing details. This occasion is a special date. All in all, it is the ideal time for everybody to share laugh in general and smiles in particular. In fact, no matter what you prefer to tell or to listen to some jokes, this holiday is just for you to be involved. It is a good reason for smiles, laughing and having a lot of fun. Certainly, you would like to be a part of this event, would you?

Following the specialists’ points of view, there are many health benefits, which can be associated with laughter. First of all, we can’t but mention that laughter is able to bring people closer. Why? – Because it causes healthy physical and emotional changes inside.

At the same time, it is able to protect us from various kinds of stressful effects, reduce some pain, improve our mood, and strengthen the general condition of immune system. There is a belief that nothing works better and faster to bring us into balance.

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Humor also keeps people alert, focused, and grounded. It also connects us with others, instills hope and lightens the burden. Are you getting angry? – Smile and it will help you to forgive the worries much faster?

Have you already heard that laughter is a perfect decision for those who are going to burn calories? – Well, it is also true! – Of course, the theory doesn’t mean that you don’t need the gym any more, but some days you may allow yourself to stay at home and watch your favorite comedy or talk shows instead of training. The experts have already found that you can lose about 40 calories by laughing for not less than 15 minutes daily. Here is a pleasant way to lose approximately 2 kilograms in a year, isn’t it?


When is Joke Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. The holiday has a fixed day, so you are free to join any year you would like to do it. It is held on July 1st annually.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect that the local authorities will organize something special for you. However, don’t worry! – Actually, there are many ideas to celebrate! You can simply tell a few jokes to a coworker or friend who may need a boost. A party with friends, where humor is the main reason for gathering, is fine. Take turns telling anecdotes, humorous poems, or reading humor from an online source.

Another option is to watch an old or new comedy, browse the Internet in search of new and funniest jokes. Upload your comic collection to the social network.

Do you need some inspiration? Try these international jokes:

  • France: “You are a very expensive lawyer! If I give you $ 500, will you answer two questions?

Absolutely! What’s the second question? “

  • Sweden: “The guy calls the local hospital and yells,“ You have to send help! My wife is giving birth!
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The nurse says, “Calm down. Is this her first child?

He replies: “No! This is her husband!

  • Russia: Riding in winter is better because all the potholes are covered with snow.
  • China. Yesterday I was walking along the alley and he said to me: “Seeing all these flags displayed, I am so proud of my country.”

“But Chan, you are Chinese,” I replied, “All these flags are British.”

“No, that’s not true,” he laughed, “just look at these labels!”

International Joke Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Joke Day Day?” contains a lot of amazing pieces of information.

How to develop this valuable quality in yourself? Here is our list of recommendations for you.

  1. Smile yourself

A healthy sense of humor is, first of all, a kind attitude towards oneself and one’s life, the desire and readiness to laugh well, the ability to notice the absurdity in different situations and not take them too seriously.

  • Allow yourself to mistake

It is impossible to control absolutely everything in our life, but a person who treats himself or herself with humor multiplies the chances every day, finding a positive experience both in victories and in own failures.

  • Find your style

Ironic, friendly, absurd, “black” – humor has a lot of shades and varieties. Try to determine which ones are more for your temperament or taste, and do not forget to “practice” them regularly.

  • Observe but do not copy

If you’re not entirely sure of your own sense of humor, watch how others use it – those you think are charismatic and witty people. These observations will help to recognize the “anatomy” of the funny – to determine the laws and techniques that create a comic effect.

  • Get fun

In order for others to like your joke, first of all it should give you pleasure personally. The cheerful laughter of the audience is just a confirmation that you are in control of yourself and the situation, you know how to enjoy life and are ready to share positive feelings with the people around you.


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