When is National Tattoo Day in 2022? Do you know it? Well, have you ever heard about the existence of this special occasion among the dates involved into the modern calendar? As a rule, people don’t know about its existence or quite forget about the holiday, when it comes. We find this situation to be an unfair one, so today we are going to introduce this amazing occasion to all our followers. We want to change the situation for better. Would you like to join?


Talking about the matter what day Tattoo Day in 2022 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of this event. As a rule, this direction is in the list of the most requested ones among our followers.

The traditional body decoration is considered to be among the oldest signs of human creativity. The tattoo history was started in the Paleolithic era and initially the pictures on the skin were mostly something like a protection from evil spirits. The people, who lived in those times, believed that a picture would help to save their life and in the case of necessity return them home even from the most severe wars or distant wanderings.

Up to the present moment the scientists haven’t managed to discover the origin of the tattoos. We haven’t known for sure where they came from. However, in accordance with some written evidences, these skin decorations were used more than 60 thousand years ago. The scientists have already found the 6 thousand years old mummies with tattoos.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find out the names of people, who established this special occasion. At the same time we don’t know the reasons of celebrating in on July 17th annually. But we are sure that they are quite romantic ones and were going to change our life for better, making it brighter and more original.

Have you ever heard that the oldest skin pictures were discovered by specialists on the body of the ancient Ötzi mummy (3300-3200 BC). It remained surprisingly in the ice. It was a black cross, made on the left knee inside. At the same time six straight lines were created on the lower back. The parallel lines were on the mummy’s legs and hands. The experienced scientists enlightened the body and discovered joint diseases underneath many of the tattoos. They came to the conclusion that the tattoos were believed to relieve some pain.

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In their turn, archaeologists from different corners of the planet found the tools for tattooing on the territory of Portugal, France and Scandinavia. They are of twelve thousand years old.


What does Tattoo Day mean? Well, it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion or to forget completely about its existence in the modern calendar. You see, in the 21st century people are free to choose.  

All in all, these skin decorations have been popular for millennia. And the attitude towards them in different cultures and at different times has been quite different. Today, although images on the body are considered works of art. Many people associate them with the underground.

By the way, in contemporary days, with the advancement of science and technology, laser surgery is considered the most effective and popular way to remove a tattoo. Laser radiation penetrates the skin and breaks down the tattoo pigments so that they are naturally eliminated by the body’s immune system. Black is the easiest color to remove as it absorbs more laser radiation. Green and yellow tattoos are more difficult to remove.

At the same time we can’t but mention that for those who are going to get a tattoo in the near future, it is worth knowing one nuance. During tattooing, the skin will be pierced with needles approximately 50 to 3000 times per minute, depending on the shape and size of the tattoo. Aren’t you afraid?

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The question “When is International Tattoo Day 2022?” involves a lot of amazing details. For example, not everybody knows the exact definition of these ancient and at the same time rather modern pieces of art. Following the contemporary encyclopedia, it is considered to be a drawing on the skin of a person, applied by introducing dyes to a shallow depth using sharp objects. The image remains on the body until the end of life.

All in all, the word “tattoo” appeared thanks to the famous navigator J. Cook. He “found” it in the Polynesian Islands in the local language.

The art of tattooing has been and remains popular on all continents of the planet. Drawings on the body of ancient people can be seen in antique frescoes. Famous personalities of the modern world: athletes, show business stars compete with each other in the brightness and variety of tattoo images. There are a huge number of fans of this art among young people who, depending on their financial resources, decorate their bodies with “tattoos”.

By the way, George S. Ryger, also known as “The Guy with the Disney Tattoos”, has over one thousand tattoos based on Disney cartoons, including all 101 Dalmatians. He had to get special permission from Disney to get the tattoo, as all images are copyrighted.


When is Tattoo Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. The special occasion has a fixed date of its celebration and in the specialized circle it is held on July 17th annually.

As you perhaps understand, the local authorities do not usually celebrate it. However, it is not a reason for being worried or upset. You may always create an event for yourself as well as for your close surrounding.

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Do you have a picture on your skin? Don’t forget to say thank you to your master then. He or she will be rather pleased to hear good words to his or her address.

In any case you may devote this day to discovering something new. Nowadays there are a lot of films, documentaries, magazine and internet articles about this direction. You can choose something special for yourself. Your choices are endless.

By the way, if you are going to make a tattoo, what about doing it on July 17th? It would be a perfect idea for its celebration. At the present, there are a lot of samples and you may choose something beforehand or ask the specialists for consultation.

National Tattoo Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of Tattoo Day in 2022?” we can’t but mention the amazing details of this special occasion. Here is our list.

  • The most tattooed person on the planet is Gregory Paul McLaren, also known as “Lucky Diamond Rich”. At the first sight it is difficult to believe but his body is 100% covered in tattoos.
  • Recent studies have discovered that adults with skin pictures are more sexually active than the contemporary men and women without any decorations. The same studies also show that adults who have them are more likely to commit crimes.
  • About 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo. Americans also spend more money on tattoos than any other nationality (roughly $ 1.65 billion a year).
  • Following the 2012 survey, there are more tattooed ladies in the US than guys (23% and 19%, respectively). At the same time girls are twice as likely to have tattoos removed than boys.
  • Officially, doctors are sure that HIV can hypothetically be transmitted through needles. However, there is not a single case report of the disease that may be infected through tattooing.


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