International Guide Dog Day

Every year on the last Wednesday of April, an unusual event is celebrated – International Guide Dog Day. More than 50 countries of the world participate in various events with the aim of drawing the attention of society to special animals that selflessly help people with disabilities.

For the first time, the systematic training of dogs as companions for people who have lost their sight was introduced in Germany after the First World War.

Guide dog is a specially trained, obedient, educated animal that has acquired certain skills for working with blind people on appropriate courses. Not all breeds of dogs are chosen as handlers. Labradors, German shepherds, Dobermans, boxers, golden retrievers, royal poodles are most often trained.

Not every dog ​​can master the skills of a handler. During classes, almost half of the animals are excluded from educational programs. Guide dog should be not only benevolent and loyal. She should have natural intelligence, intelligence and a good memory. The animal is trained for about 10 months, and then arranged to help the visually impaired.

Interesting information

  • Guide dogs are trained in two stages. First, the future assistant lives in the family for about a year to get used to the environment and people. Then the animal is prepared on courses. Then the dog and its partner undergo a short training together to become real companions for 7-10 years. After that, the driver goes on a well-deserved retirement, and a new assistant is being prepared for the blind person.
  • It is interesting, but drivers do not distinguish colors at traffic lights. But thanks to their natural intelligence, they do not let a person on the road when cars are driving there. Dogs know how to find crosswalks to get a person across safely. Guides clearly know more than 30 teams, understand traffic rules, recognize stairs, benches, doors.
  • In developed countries, drivers are allowed to be in public places. They are not forbidden to accompany a companion in a hospital, store, restaurant, even on an airplane. On International Guide Dog Day, people honor these special, unusual helpers and friends.

International Guide Dog Day
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