International Fishing Day

What is this event?

It is celebrated annually on June 27 International Fishing Day. The holiday was founded at a congress on the regulation and development of industrial fishing, which took place in Italy in July 1984. Both professionals and amateurs celebrate this day all over the world.

The purpose of International Fisheries Day

Necessity of conducting International Fishing Day justified by the solution of several important problems. During the last decades, thanks to technical progress, fishing methods have improved significantly. Sometimes fishing is carried out even by barbaric methods. Due to the activities of poachers, some species of fish are on the verge of extinction. Another problem is the fragmentation of fishing areas, as fish migrate throughout the world’s oceans. Because of this, industrialists lose profits, and the population, which mainly eats fish, is starving.

Unregulated fishing is the reason for the disappearance of fish species

Overfishing can cause the extinction of several commercial species within 50 years. Ago fishing day aims to draw attention to the problem of overfishing.

When will we celebrate International Fishing Day??

Year Date Weekday
2021 June 27 Sunday
2022 June 27 Monday
2023 June 27 Tuesday
2024 June 27 Thursday
2025 June 27 Friday

International Fishing Day
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