USA Outdoor Food Day

An interesting holiday, which is held annually on August 31 in the USA, is Outdoor dining day.

The last day of summer

This day was not chosen by chance. Despite the warm sunny weather, it is clear that very soon we will have to say goodbye to summer. Over time, the rains and cold will force everyone to leave the summer playgrounds of cafes and green lawns of parks, where it is nice to enjoy your favorite dishes.

In ancient times, people ate outdoors. But gradually they moved to caves, and eating food indoors became the norm of life. Perhaps cooking on a campfire is now an echo of the daily routine of our ancestors. That’s why everything seems tastier in nature.

How to spend this day?

Traditionally, on this day, the tables on the summer playgrounds are occupied, it is difficult to find a free bench in the parks, and the lawns are full of blankets, on which picnickers are happy to enjoy their favorite ice cream, cakes, hamburgers and desserts.

USA Outdoor Food Day
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