International day without internet

What day is it?

It is celebrated on the last Sunday of January International day without internet. Such an event has been celebrated since 2000, when the virtual information network was just gaining such massive popularity. Today, the Internet is a space where people work, study, communicate and have fun. In developed countries, society cannot function for a single day without the Internet.

It was in order for people to remember the world around them that the Day without the Internet was started. The holiday falls on a weekend, so citizens from all over the world have the opportunity to stay at home and communicate with family and friends offline. Go to a cafe, play board games, take a walk in the park or just start a conversation on abstract topics – all this can be done in a whole day. At first it will seem that time passes incredibly slowly, but later the surrounding world will captivate with its colors.

When will we celebrate the International Day without Internet

Year Date Weekday
2021 January 31 Sunday
2022 January 30 Sunday
2023 January 29 Sunday
2024 January 28 Sunday
2025 January 26 Sunday

International day without internet
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