International Day of Orthopedic Nurses

On October 30, the world celebrates the day of orthopedic nurses and nurses, which was started in 1990 in the USA. This holiday had a national character until 2001, and later spread to such countries as Hong Kong, Great Britain, Canada and others.

The purpose of this date was to express respect and gratitude to medical workers who have dedicated their lives to orthopedics. Their main responsibilities are the care of patients with injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

The work of orthopedic nurses and nurses requires the possession of special knowledge and skills in order to correctly assess the condition of wounds, apply and remove plaster casts, install an external medical device on damaged joints or limbs, remove sutures, etc. The speed of the patient’s recovery and his return to a full life depends on the literacy of their actions.

International Day of Orthopedic Nurses
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