International Chocolate Day

September 13 is celebrated around the world Chocolate day or World Chocolate Day. This day is not the only one, the holiday with the same name is celebrated on July 11.

It is believed that this holiday first appeared in France in 1995 and quickly spread beyond its borders. It is loudly celebrated in Germany, Switzerland (here, by the way, chocolate is consumed more than elsewhere) and in other EU countries and the world.

History tells us that the Aztecs were the pioneers in the production of chocolate. They called this product “food of the gods”. In 1519, the Spanish pioneer Hernán Cortés tasted a chocolate drink in Mexico for the first time, and the Aztecs treated him to it as a sign of friendship. That’s how chocolate got to Europe. At the court of the Spanish king, the new delicacy quickly gained popularity. In 1615, chocolate first appeared at the French court.


  • The first chocolate bar was released in 1842 in England, produced by the Cadbury factory.
  • The chocolate of the same manufacturer is considered the most expensive in the world.
  • The researcher Robert Scott took a chocolate bar of this manufacturer with him on his first expedition to the icy Antarctic. In 2001, someone bought it at a London auction for almost $700.

International Chocolate Day
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