Hand and heart proposal day

The whole world celebrates February 8 every year Hand and heart proposal day. Although the romantic holiday is not an official day off, and the history of its origin is unknown, it is accompanied by the custom of making a special proposal to your beloved.

Deciding to get certified is sometimes not easy, even for those who are firmly convinced that they have their only and best soulmate. You need to be mentally and emotionally ready for such an important step. It is this day that motivates millions of lovers to express their decision and hopes to a dear person and, having received an answer, make sure of the sincerity of his feelings.

Not only young people can show their heartfelt affection. Even those who, after many years of living together, have managed to keep ardent love and are ready to perform a pleasant deed, Certification day will help make it unforgettable and evoke the brightest emotions in both.

Hand and heart proposal day


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