When is National Happy Christmas Day in 2024? – Well, we are almost sure that you can answer this question immediately and without any hesitations. Why? – Actually, the answer is quite simple. – You see, this special occasion belongs to the list of the most appreciated ones all around the planet. As a result, everybody seems to know when it comes.


As you perhaps understand talking about the matter what day Happy Christmas Day in 2024 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of this event.

The rising of the first evening star on the night of December 25 marks the birth of the Son of God. Following the legend, little Christ was born in a cave where shepherds hid with animals from the weather. The world learned that the Savior was born from the angels who notified the shepherds.

The Magi, who were sent for the light of a bright star, brought to the Son of God their gifts, represented by incense, gold and myrrh. It was the scene of the birth of Christ that became the essential symbol of the Particular holiday.

The date of the Particular celebration was set another 431 year at the Third Ecumenical Council, which was organized in the city of Ephesus.

One of the main traditions for Catholics is Advent is a period of repentance, which lasts four weeks before the holiday itself. At this time believers participate in the services with a pure heart and receive the Communion. All of them are wearing clergy purple clothes.

In the temples near the altars, a wreath with four candles is set. Every Sunday of Advent, one candle is lit. The round shape of the wreath symbolizes eternity, and its green color is hope.


What does Happy Christmas Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is only up to you to decide whether this special occasion means something particular for you or not. As a rule, this holiday is appreciated both by children and by adults. Why? – As you understand, we all need miracles and we want to believe in fairy tales.

As a rule, the holiday preparations start a long before the holiday. By This day, people usually decorate the house with a Christmas tree, and place nativity scenes in churches and squares. Decorations with figures of the Virgin Mary and the small baby Jesus are also placed in homes and in churches. Children make particular toys in the form of lanterns, various animals and decorate the holiday tree with them.

Entrance doors are necessarily decorated with a wreath of fir branches, which is called Advent. Such wreaths also decorate a fireplace or stove and a festive table.

Also, in the pre-Christmas period, people try to keep the fast, and on the Holy Eve they prepare dinner and go to Mass.

It means that on Catholic Christmas, three services are performed:

  • the first is at midnight, it symbolizes the unity of the Father and the Son.
  • the second – at dawn, during the birth of a new life.
  • the third happens in the afternoon. It conveys the symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ in the hearts of all believers.

In the church, the service begins in total darkness. Initially, the priest with a candle approaches the nativity scene and illuminates the nursery with the newborn baby Jesus, and only after that the light is lit in the temple. It is up to you to participate.


Investigating the question “What is the date of Happy Christmas Day in 2024?” we can’t but give the definition to this special occasion. All in all, this day is considered to be a religious holiday, which has some main and quite recognizable attributes. Here is the list of the most typical things, which are associated all around the planet with this event.

  • Advent wreath of Festive branches. They are used for decorating the front door or dining table. Some candles are usually placed around the wreath. Four candles are also lit every Sunday before Christmas.
  • A special kind of December calendar beginning from 1st to 25th day of the month. Its meaning is to count the days before the holiday. The calendar can be made of cookies, chocolates, a cardboard with tasks and signs.
  • Tasty holiday dish represented by goose with apples and cabbage or baked turkey. In the USA, it is customary to cook and serve turkey with cranberry sauce. However, in England it is usually cooked with gooseberry sauce. In Greece and France, turkey is baked in white wine.
  • Bright red poinsettia is considered to be an ancient symbol of Christmas. It is popularly called a Christmas star.
  • Traditional mistletoe, which is known quite well as a “branch of kisses.”


When is Happy Christmas Day in 2024, calendar will surely remind you and actually it is not a serious problem to memorize it. Why? – You see, the matter is that this special occasion is considered to be a public one, which simultaneously means that you don’t need to go to work this day.

December 25th is considered to be a holiday, which is used usually to spend some time with family members, relatives or friends. An interesting tradition is that on Catholic Christmas you cannot leave a single relative or acquaintance without a gift. Such a custom came from biblical traditions when people brought gifts to little Jesus.

In Europe, where the tradition of celebrating Catholic Christmas is common as well, believers often give symbolic and inexpensive gifts. Children receive gingerbread, sweets and toys. They also give euphorbia in a pot.

In some countries, for example, they believe that Santa puts gifts under the Christmas tree on the night of December 24th to 25th. According to tradition, in the morning, kids find their surprises under the tree or in socks by the fireplace.

This is a family holiday and you are recommended to spend this holiday in the family circle.

Happy Christmas Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of Happy Christmas Day in 2024?” we can’t but mention that this question involves a lot of amazing details. First of all, it is necessary to remind that every country has its own peculiar features of the holiday celebration. And today we are going to tell you about the most typical ones.

So, as it has been mentioned above, different corners of the planet have their own ceremonies for this special occasion. For example, it Scandinavia, mistletoe marks good and peace. Residents of other countries believe that mistletoe protects the house from lightning and scares away evil spirits.

It’s customary for the British to kiss under the mistletoe for Christmas. And the locals find this plant to be rather romantic.

In the Czech Republic, on the holiday Eve, they try to realize their dreams and predict the future using apples. Initially, they cut them across and if they get the right star from the seeds, then next year will be happy.

In Austria, this day the doors are not closed. Local men and women expect that friends or acquaintances can join the festive table.

In Spain, on the merry Christmas night, the local people dress in folk costumes and go along the streets, have a lot of fun, dance merrily and sing various songs. Just before the holiday beginning there is a particular liturgy in the local church, men and women gather near the main entrance to the nearest temple, hold their hands and dance together.

But in the USA, the holiday celebration involves a lot of fun. Every person gives each other gifts, sing festive songs, go to visit.

However, there is something in common. – Kids and youth go from home to home, sing carols and praise Jesus.


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