Our modern world is developed comparing with previous centuries and it symbolizes about the science and technology improvement. Daily, we can see the progress in any sphere of our life. There are many processes still unclear to humanity and step-by-step we discover them yearly. Majority of global society donโ€™t even think about these situations. However, they make us fully developed and improve our memory. We cope with most of them daily and just donโ€™t pay attention to it. When somebody tells us about them we are surprised. For such situations, many national holidays were created. Today we are discussing when is National Static Electricity Day in 2020.

So, the global observance is held yearly on 9th of January and the main purpose of the day is to introduce the majority to this topic. The day has been celebrated since 2003 and it gains more and more popularity yearly. The originator is still unknown but it will only help us to delve into the historic roots of the festival.

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As the creator remains unknown, there are several legends. The first one is about two scientists from New Orlando who decided to find out the types of electricity and in a couple of years published their work in the local newspaper. It gained much success and many investors came to buy their technology. However, the creators didnโ€™t want to give their offspring to someone else. A month later, an unknown businessman bought their technology for $400.000 and then the holiday became national.

Another legend is about a young student from New Hampshire who was motivated to create something new but he had no financial abilities to bring it to life. Suddenly, a local trader heard about this story and invested a big fund in his work. Thus, the holiday became national.

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So, there are many stories and it depends on you what to believe in. Actually, itโ€™s not so important as the history and understanding the main subject of our topic. Letโ€™s find out some details to better realize what a day World Static Electricity Day in 2020 is.

Static electricity is a set of phenomena associated with the creation, conservation, and relaxation of free electric charge on the surface and in the volume of dielectric and semiconductor substances, and product materials. Charges accumulate on equipment and materials. It is generated in the process of unwinding or winding materials or moving different layers of materials relative to each other. Practice shows the amplitude of the resulting voltage being limited by electrical breakdown occurring in the gap between adjacent materials, surface conductivity, and other factors.


What does National Static Electricity Day mean? Firstly, we should be familiar with such processes as we face with them daily. Understanding of happening is important too, it makes us more educated. So, when is International Static Electricity Day 2020? Turn back to the beginning of the article to refresh your knowledge. You can share your knowledge with friends, relatives, and children. Secondly, the day gathers all of us to communicate and share experience and knowledge that globalize our world. Moreover, we should know the possible hazards of static electricity. The main hazard is a risk of fire. It is not a common problem for all industries, but the likelihood of fire is very high in printing and other enterprises where flammable solvents are used.

In hazardous areas, the most common sources of ignition are ungrounded equipment and mobile conductors. Ungrounded conductive parts of machines are also dangerous.

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The following information provides a brief explanation of the ability of the static discharge to provoke ignition in flammable media.


Having discussed the meaning of the static electricity, we should define two main reasons for an electric shock to better orientate on what is the date of National Static Electricity Day 2020.

  • Induced-charge

If a person is in an electric field and holds onto a charged object, it is possible that his body will be charged.

The charge drains to the ground and hits the person. This happens also in the case when the operator touches charged objects or materials – for the insulating footwear the charge accumulates in the body. When the operator touches metal parts of equipment, the charge can drain and provoke an electric shock.

  • Electroporation provoked by equipment

Such an electric shock is possible, although it occurs much less frequently than the damage caused by the material.

If the winding reel has a significant charge, it happens that the operator’s fingers concentrate the charge to such an extent that it reaches the point of breakdown and discharge occurs. In addition, if a metal ungrounded object is in an electric field, it can be charged by an induced charge.

Static Electricity


Yearly, thousands of people gather in many parts of our world on a science festivals to get more about the processes surrounding us. In 2016, they spent about $750.000 to organize the biggest science event in New York. There, you could see famous models, actors, businessmen, artists, etc. The main tradition is to gather yearly and discuss new inventions and events connected with science topic. Furthermore, the best way to observe is to support N.S.E.D. in social media with a popular hashtag #NSED2020 which will help you find events on this day. Grab your family and friends to develop together. The time will be spent with benefit and pleasure. The atmosphere is light despite the topic is difficult.

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International Static Electricity Day Facts

  • One of the most powerful natural suppliers of electricity is lightning. Our distant ancestors believed that the lightning that struck a particular site was a pointer to the source of water and that it was better to dig a well in this place.
  • Everybody knows that water is a good conductor of electricity – that’s why, for example, you should not swim during a thunderstorm, because you can become a victim of a lightning that has struc the reservoir or the water body.
  • One of the first people who tried to get electricity in 600 BC was the wisest Greek philosopher Thales. Greek women used a spindle made of amber. For the rubbing of the woolen yarn about the spindle, amber came in a special state, in which it first attracted, and then repelled the fine fibers separated from the wool. As you understand, we are talking about static electricity. Thales became the first to try to comprehend this ability of amber to possess a short-term force of attraction. Thales compared this feature with the property of a magnetic piece to attract iron filings.

In conclusion, keep studying and creating something new. Also, donโ€™t forget to check when is Static Electricity Day in 2020, through the calendar.


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